31 Oct 2016 - 30 Nov 2017 Subject Indexes

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amdts, amendments; ba, bill agreed to; detail, debated at the detail stage; m, motion; mfd, motion for disallowance; mnrs, ministerial response; mnst, ministerial statement; mnc, motion of no confidence; psm, paper and statement by minister; perexp, personal explanation; prin, debated at the in-principle stage; q, question; qn, question on notice; refcom, reference to committee;



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs, mnst, 339

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander agreement, annual report, mnst, 5439

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body, 1371

Aged-care facilities, 883q

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation, 2983qn, 4512qn

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, 1504

Boomanulla Oval, 612q

Bundian Way, 1175

Children and young people in care, mnst, 3520

Death in custody, 628

Education, 991q, 1869q, 4815q, 5120q

Family group conferencing, 3810qn

Government policy, 1443q, 1698q

Grants, 154q, 4557qn

Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation, 987q, 1445q

Heritage, 5594qn, 5595qn

Housing, 3730q

Mentoring programs, 1864qn

NAIDOC Week, 2511, 2514

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, 1557q, 1687q, 1691q, 1766, 1950m, 2201qn, 2205qn, 2482q, 2985qn, mnst, 3502, 3809qn, 3835qn, 4000m, 4578qn, 5013qn, 5014qn, 5015qn, 5559qn, 5561qn, 5563qn

Out of home care, 484q, 4818q, 4824q

Overcoming disadvantage, 661qn

Performance in education, annual report 2016-17, psm, 4116

Police apprehensions, 5251q

Political engagement, 2265q

Programs, 5003qn

Reconciliation, 2465m

Rehabilitation facility, 3102q, 4627qn

Solids program, 3973q, 4132

Tjillari Justice Aboriginal Corporation, 947

Uluru statement, 4864

Unemployment, 880q, 893, 1009, perexp, 1010

Access Canberra

Assistance to business, 3355q

Birth certificates, 5066qn

Braddon street party, 5245q

Complaints, 4180qn

Data collection, 4171qn, 4534qn

Government transactions, 158q

Inspectors, 3817qn

Mediation providers, 4107q, 5604qn

Online licence renewal, 3635q

Parking, 5539qn

Rental bonds, 1142q, 1246, 1844qn, 1863qn, 5566qn

Service delivery, 998q, 1464q, 1870q, 2172qn, 2176qn, 4111q

Shopfront closure, 3007qn, 4853m

Structural change, 3098q

ACT Ambulance Service

Response times, 802q

Staffing, 705qn, 4611qn, 4612qn

ACT Children and Young People Death Review Committee

Report, 1011

ACT Corrective Services

Staff survey results, 5584qn

Staffing, 714qn

ACT Emergency Services Agency

Equipment, 4331q

Funding, 55q

Helicopters, 4610qn

Legal services, 4160qn

Open day, 4692q

Response times, 487q

Staff survey results, 5584qn

Staffing, 704qn, 707qn, 708qn

Wear Orange Wednesday, 1634

ACT Fire & Rescue

Equipment, 1561q, 1572q

Female applicants, 4160qn

Firefighter numbers, 4159qn

International deployment, 3361q

Recruitment, 1559q

ACT government campaign advertising

Appointment of independent reviewer, 596m

ACT Greens-Labor parliamentary agreement

Agreement 467m, 494

ACT Health

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, 2985qn

Aluminium cladding, 4808q, 5606qn

Annual report corrigenda, 481q, 806q, 1091qn

Assets, mnst, 3497, 3501, 3526

Cystic fibrosis treatment services, 4563qn


Emergency department presentations data, 1343q, 1875q

Integrity, 802q, 886q, 1232q, 1697q, 1869q, 2204q

Management, 473q, 3358q, 3365q

Order to table documents, 894m, 1155m

Submission, 890q, 1233q

System-wide data review, quarterly update, mnst, 1096, mnst, 1880, mnst, 3843, mnst, 5375

Employee assistance program, 2556qn

External contractors, 887q

FOI requests, 5123q, 5608qn

Forums, 2557qn

Grants, 4163qn

Health reporting, mnst, 336, 394, 657qn

Identified risks, 4564qn, 5518qn

Insurance claim, 5404q, 5612qn

Intersex guidelines, 5592qn

Invoices, 4567qn

Medical waste disposal, 4162qn

Notifiable invoices, 3419qn

Opioid treatment review, 2364q, 3737q, 4565qn

Performance reports, 3894q

Policy framework, 2361q, 3362q, 3893q

Reporting accuracy, 373q, 376q, 377q, 380q, 478q, 609q

Senior executive positions, 4514qn

ACT Office for Women

Staffing, 702qn

ACT Planning and Land Authority

Inspectors, 685qn

ACT Playgroups Association

Funding, 1027

ACT Policing

Canberra Police Community Youth Club, project Booyah, 1634

CCTV, 1703q

Civic patrol capacity, 1354q, 1875q

Community engagement, 3978q

Criminal investigations, 5126q

Funding, 4796m

Gun ownership, 4457q, 5605qn

Key priorities, mnst, 756

Media, 3462qn

Missing persons, 3460qn, 5064qn

Neighbourhood Watch, 4161qn

Policies, 5002qn

Recruitment, 891q

School zone speeding statistics, 2177qn

Staffing, 712qn

Surveillance warrants, 2189qn

Tasers, 4161qn, 4164qn

ACT Public Cemeteries Authority

Gungahlin cemetery, 3822qn

ACT public service

Breastfeeding facilities, 3892q

Contractors, 3006qn

Disability employment, 665qn

Executive severance benefits, 4807q, 5608qn

Health policy, 1040qn

Joint council, 3490qn

Payroll services, 3464qn

ACT Revenue Office

Decisions, 4167qn

ACTION bus service

Advertising, 4589qn

Airport, 693qn

Automated announcements, 5525qn

Bicycle racks, 4174qn

Breakdowns, 2584qn

Bus stop locations, 5526qn

Complaints, 5047qn

Deakin, Kingston and Manuka services, 4191, 4193, mnrs, 4917

Disability access, 1398qn, 2155qn, 3825qn

Employee assaults, 5048qn

Fares, 5039qn, 5053qn

Fleet, 1072qn, 2150qn

Flexibus, 3097q, 3247q, 3365

Maintenance, 3821qn, 4145qn

MyWay card, 4586qn

Network, 2167qn

New buses, 2552qn

Nightrider service, 734qn, 1061qn

NXTBUS information service, 5405q, 5611qn

Off-peak services, 4989qn

Online trip planner, 3418qn

Park and ride, 1070qn

Patronage, 390q, 5034qn, 5531qn

Rainbow buses, 4986qn

Rapid bus service, 1064qn, 1065qn

Routes, 3634q, 4178qn, 5091, 5534qn, 5544qn, 5598qn

School services, 1062qn, 3484qn, 5249q, 5610qn

Services, 388q

Staffing, 700qn

Statistics, 3036qn

Sustainability, 157q, 5055qn

Ticketing system, 3416qn, 5528qn

Timetable, 2585qn, 3546q, 4988qn

Traffic incidents, 5041qn


Protest rallies, 4964

Administrative arrangements

Ministerial appointments, 1048qn

Statement by Speaker, 1369

Statistics, 1843qn


Billboards, mnrs, 4917

Aged persons

Respite care, 1037qn

Alderson, Dr K, PSM

Death, 4129

Alexander Maconochie Centre

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Detainees, 3436qn

Health care, 3349q

Addiction treatment, 2480q, 3835qn

Assaults, 804q, 1868q, 3348q, 3353q

Capacity, 716qn

CCTV surveillance, 4105q, 4629qn

Costs, 715qn, 716

Detainee employment, 5061qn, 5062qn, 5064qn

Detainees, 192m, 5000qn

Disability, 2187qn

Domestic violence programs, 2188qn, 2190qn

Elderly detainees, 2188qn

Management, 5298m

Medical staff, 5063qn

Methadone program, 150q, 737q, 3769qn, 3779qn, 4523qn, 4562qn, 4624qn

Security, 147, 738q, 2191qn

Staff safety, 387q


Accommodation, mnst, 2455, 2483q, 2833m, 4150qn, mnst, 4659

Detainees, 518m, 1084qn, 3463qn

Work programs, 4165qn, 4166qn


Cat containment policy, 2594qn, 4153qn


Attacks, 2318m, 2784q, 2800q, 3091q, 4094q, 4330q, 5604qn

Dangerous dogs, 1085qn, 1087qn, 1138q, 1152, 1344q, 1366q, 2680q, 3883q, 4682q, 5093, 5238q, 5609qn

Management, 1200m, mnst, 4047, 5060qn

Mobile slaughter units, 1842qn

Pets and Positive Ageing, 1295



Engagement, 4109q

Events, 272q

Social inclusion, mnst, 2643

Cooyong Street mural, 3298

Funding, 384q, 1854qn, 1862qn, 3454qn, 4468q

Kingston arts precinct, 1350q, 1875q

National arts disability strategy, 5515qn

Pigeonhole Theatre, 2734

Policy, 4599qn, 5509qn

Public artworks, 2192qn, 3453qn

Venues, 1850qn, 5515qn

Wakakirri, 2967


Ainslie shops, 386q, 2478q

Removal, 616q, 1092qn, 4580qn

Treatment policy, 2477q, 3044qn, 3045qn

Valuations, 4679q

Worker safety, 489q, 613q, 1092qn


Report No 4, government response, psm, 2695

Report No 6, government response, psm, 4239

Report No 7, government response, psm, 4237

Australian Beard Day

Event, 3172

Australian National University

Internship program, 4867

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

Proposed relocation, 145q

Australian public service

Impact of relocations, 1223q, 1228q, 1237q, 1243q, 1248q, 1273m, 1573, 3407


Belconnen Community Service, 2062

Town centre, 4044

Better Hearing Australia

ACT Branch, 1298

Big Issue

International vendor week, 648


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 1317, 1908, detail, 1913, ba, 1914, amdts, 1935

Appropriation Bill 2017-2018, prin, 1925, 2125, detail, (ACT Executive) 2647, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 2647, (ACT Local Hospital Network) 2647, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 2649, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2654, 2703, (City Renewal Authority) 2724, (Community Services Directorate) 2941, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 2964, (Education Directorate) 3086, 3107, (Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate) 3110, (Health Directorate) 3134, (Housing ACT) 3154, (Icon Water) 3161, (Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission) 3169, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 3291, 3341, 3371, (Legal Aid Commission) 3383, (Public Trustee and Guardian) 3384, (Superannuation Provision Account) 3384, (Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate) 3385, (Treasurer’s Advance) 3402, ba, 3403

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2017-2018, prin, 1933, 3403, ba, 3404

Building and Construction Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 5384

Casino (Electronic Gaming) Bill 2017, prin, 3319, 4943, detail, 4957, ba, 4961, amdts, 4969

City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Bill 2017, prin, 1303, 1436, 1481, detail, 1718, ba, 1747, amdts, 1772

Commercial Arbitration Bill 2016, prin, 245, 768, ba, 774

Co-operatives National Law (ACT) Bill 2017, prin, 553, 774, ba, 782

Crimes (Criminal Organisation Control) Bill 2017, prin, 4764, 5273

Crimes (Food or Drink Spiking) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3322, 3869, ba, 3883

Crimes (Fortification Removal) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 5385

Crimes (Intimate Image Abuse) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 1937, 2756, detail, 2769, ba, 2771, amdts, 2859

Crimes (Invasion of Privacy) Amendment Bill 2017, expd, 1943, 2313

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 249, 1110, ba, 1122

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 422, 590, ba, 595

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2), prin, 5388

Crimes (Police Powers and Firearms Offence) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4671, 5166, detail, 5173, ba, 5174, amdts, 5194

Domestic Animals (Dangerous Dogs) Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4761, 5221, detail, 5230, 5260, ba, 5273, amdts, 5322, 5353

Domestic Animals (Racing Greyhounds) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4923, 5162, ba, 5165

Education Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4417

Electricity Feed-in (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3713, 4447, detail, 4452, ba, 4455, amdts, 4502

Family and Personal Violence Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 550, 1123, detail, 1319, ba, 1328, amdts, 1394

Firearms Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 1309, 1894, ba, 1901

Firearms and Prohibited Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3705

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 2458, 3071, detail, 3077, ba, 3078

Gaming Machine (Cash Facilities) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 2460, 3078, ba, 3086

Gene Technology Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 1308, 1888, ba, 1894

Government Procurement (Financial Integrity) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3921, 4770, detail, 4776, ba, 4778, amdts, 4869

Holidays (Reconciliation Day) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 2895, 3719, ba, 3729

Inspector of Correctional Services Bill 2017, prin, 4421, 5471, detail, 5479, ba, 5481, amdts, 5501

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (No 3), prin, 246, 366, 415, detail, 418, ba, 422, amdts, 431

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 1311, 1754, detail, 1760, ba, 1761, amdts, 1793

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2), prin, 4067, 4736, ba, 4743

Lakes Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4668

Lands Acquisition Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 2077, 3065, detail, 3071, ba, 3071, amdts, 3175

Legislative Assembly Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3716, 4925, detail, 4928, ba, 4929, amdts, 4967

Liquor Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 963, 1747, detail, 1754, ba, 1754

Monitoring of Places of Detention (Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture) Bill 2017, prin, 3326

Nature Conservation (Minor Public Works) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3707, 4743, ba, 4750

Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3315, 3854, detail, 3866, ba, 3868, amdts, 3919

Planning and Development (Territory Plan Variations) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 1519

Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (No 2), prin, 240, 353, ba, 360

Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 960, 2095, detail, 2110, ba, 2112, amdts, 2140

Racing (Greyhounds) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4920, 5136, refcom, 5136, detail, 5159, ba, 5162, amdts, 5194

Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 1314, 1901, detail, 1908, ba, 1908, amdts, 1935

Reportable Conduct and Information Sharing Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4918, 5481, ba, 5485

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3710, 4248, ba, 4257

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (No 2), prin, 238, 343, ba, 349

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 949, 1681, detail, 1683, ba, 1684, amdts, 1772

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2), prin, 4416

Road Transport Reform (Light Rail) Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 2080, 2249, 2297, detail, 2301, ba, 2302, amdts, 2311

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 248, 361, detail, 365, ba, 366, amdts, 431

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3324, 3526, ba, 3533

Transport Canberra and City Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 243, 349, detail, 352, ba, 353

Tree Protection Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 3312, 4727, detail, 4735, ba, 4735, amdts, 4758

Utilities Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4072, 4257, ba, 4261

Utilities (Streetlight Network) Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 1656, 2092, detail, 2094, ba, 2095, amdts, 2140

Utilities (Technical Regulation) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4070, 4261, ba, 4266

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4064, 4711, ba, 4727

Work Health and Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 5391

Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 4674, 5485, ba, 5487

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

Admission process, 1143q, 1870q

Assaults, 2251q, 2252q, 2271q, 2368q, 3797qn, 3834qn, 5017qn

Boxing instruction, 1143q, 1871q

Complaints, 2683q, 2694q, 4625qn

Detainee transfers, 983q

Detainees, 1686q, 1704q

Health assessments, 5415q, 5611qn

Human Rights Commission referral, 2785q, 2804q, 3836qn

Media restrictions, 1147q

Ministerial response, 2367q

Safety, 2255q, 2354q, 2371q, 3223q, 3493qn

Staff training, 1561q, 1871q, 2627qn

Staffing, 986q, 1008, 1146q, 1150q, 1355q, 1872qn, 1875qn, 2256q, 2271q, 2683q

Blood donation

HIV, 1389


Arts funding, 2692q

Belconnen, 2066

Brindabella electorate, 3408

Community legal centres, 2369q

Community sector, 3783qn

Election promises, 1987q, 2068

Emergency services, 2684q

Employment, 2118q

Funding allocations. 3019qn, 3827qn

Giralang community park, 2064

Health funding, 1990q, 1997q

Justice and community safety portfolio, 1984q, 2686q, 2790q, 2801q

Kambah village, 2065

Lease variation charge, 3807qn

Participatory budgeting, 3177m

Pensioner concessions, 3346q

Policing, 2010q

Public servants, 698qn

Rates, 1982q, 3020qn, 3812qn

Transport and city services portfolio, 1986q

Update, 373q

Woden town centre, 2065

Women, 1985q, 2912q


Bushfire abatement zone, 1607, 1947m, mnst, 3051

Preparedness, 58q, 4182qn, 4574qn


Canberra Business Chamber, funding, 3023qn

Local industry advocate, 4532qn


Achievements and future initiatives, 5197m, 5220

Canberra and Queanbeyan, cycling and walking map, 2156qn

CBR marketing, 3015qn

Community facilities, 4170qn

Events, 876q

Flags and banners, 3017qn

Governance, 2771m, 2804

Heritage festival, 2925q

International engagement, 3904

Population growth, 3207m

Suburban renewal, 2923q

Canberra Airport

Additional airlines, 261q

Firefighters, 4605qn

Canberra Hospital

AECOM risk assessment report, 1708, 2083

Auxiliary, 2623qn

Bed availability, 3092q, 4627qn

Bed occupancy rates, 62q, 162q, 3977q, 4629qn

Bullying, 271q, 740q

Data integrity, 477q, 1091qn

Dermatology services, 2008q, 2630qn

Electrical systems, 1429, 1449q, 1450q, 1454q, 1552q, 1568q, 1706, 1762, 2199qn, 2200qn, 2203q, 2620qn, 3774qn, 3790qn, 4187qn

Emergency codes, 2617qn

Emergency evacuation, 2197qn

Emergency patient discharge, 1568q, 3771qn

Emergency waiting times, 2673q, 2678q, 3239q, 3492qn

Infrastructure, 2273m, 2348m, 2382

Kitchen equipment, 2260q, 3491qn

Medihotel, 4503qn

Patient flow management, 2786q, 4626qn

Procurement, 2360q, 3492qn

Risk assessment report, 2357q, 3096q, 3549q

Safety checks, 2974qn

Security system, 1701q, 2204q

Staffing, 56q

Trauma services, 3451qn

Canberra Institute of Technology

Cybersecurity training, 4106q

Education and employment, 1029

Tuggeranong car park lighting, 3894q

Woden campus, 2181qn

Canberra Liberals

Apology to the CFMEU, 5193

Capital works

Program, 1395qn

Projects, 1069qn

Carloff, Mr W

Death, 647

Carmichael coalmine

Proposed construction and impact on climate change, 293m

Casino Canberra

Development proposal, 4324q, 4332q, 4458q, 5069qn, 5070qn

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children

Aluminium cladding, 2912q, 2919q, 2921q, 2922q, 3357q, 3537q, 3626q, 3734q, 4189qn, 4524qn, 4577qn, 4615qn, 4627qn, 4687q, 5405q, 5585qn, 5586qn

Capacity, 4232q, 5605qn

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, mnst, 2879

Efficiency dividend, 4327q


Charny Carny, 1168

Chief Minister

Election, 4

Leadership, 1919q

Motion of no confidence, mnc, 4373, 4871

Notifiable invoices, 3420qn

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, 2994qn

Communications, 3466qn

Employee assistance program, 1702q, 2524qn, 4188qn

FOI requests, 674qn

Governance, 4221q

Staffing, 1045qn

Workplace bullying, 675qn, 1046qn

Child care

Funding, 1035

Children and young people

Adoption, 631, 724qn

Child placement and care plans, 696qn, 1591, mnst, 2886

Children and Young People Death Review Committee, psm, 1711

Children’s Week, 4499

Disabled parents, 697qn

Domestic adoption process in the ACT, review, government response, 808

Foster care, 729qn, 3102q, 3550q, 3837qn

Government support, 2372q, 2926q

Guiding and scouting, 4039

Notifications, 725qn

Official Visitor (Children and Young People) annual report 2016-17, psm, 4699

Out of home care, 726qn, 3887q

Playgrounds, 2598qn, 3453qn

Privacy provisions, 3975q, 3999q

Programs, 489q

Protection, 3552q, 3797qn

Reportable conduct scheme, 4809q

Residential care, 720qn, 731qn

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, government response, 518q

Trauma recovery centre, 4185qn

Youth justice, 3799qn


Wattle Day citizenship ceremony, 3696

City Renewal Authority

Administrative responsibility, 4529qn

Community engagement, 2175qn

Land acquisitions, psm, 4961, 5019qn

Program, 2915q

Projects, 3458qn

Staffing, 2143qn

City to lake project

Cost-benefit analysis, 5007qn


Infrastructure audit, 3473qn, 3483qn

Clean Up Australia Day

Gungahlin, 823


Assistance package, 1993q, 3423qn

Lease variation charge, 3962q

Regulation, 4829m

Cody, Mrs J

Tribute, 5189

Community services

ACT community, inclusion, 1179m, perexp, 1199

CAP Expo, 1170

Community councils, funding, 2526qn

Community legal centres, funding, 969m

Community sector reform, co-contribution expenditure, mnst, 3849

Conflict Resolution Service, funding, 3639q

Funding, 5118q

Government relationships, 1461q

Grants, 3785qn, 3830qn, 3831qn

Men’s sheds, 3562

Single parents, support, 2495

Volunteers, 1467

Youth Advisory Council, 5017qn

Community Services Directorate

Disability services providers, 54q, 162q

Employee assistance program, 2160qn

Conflict Resolution Service

Mediation services, 1770

Construction industry

Aluminium cladding, mnst, 2876, 4570qn, 4572qn, 4976qn

Building approvals, 5587qn

Licences, 1838qn

Council of Capital City Lord Mayors

ACT relationship, 3628q


Information technology projects, 4146qn


Anti-consorting laws, 3353q, 4228q, 4459q, 4630qn

Antisocial behaviour, 4569qn

Bail system review, 452m

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, notification, 2187qn

Crime rate statistics, 4688q

Criminalisation of a non-consensual sexual image, 3415qn

Dangerous driving in Gordon, 4401

Female incarceration, 1082qn

Fuel theft, 2781q, 2802q, 3837qn

International students, 4678q

Legislation, 5124q

Motorcycle gangs, 598q, 600q, 604q, 2264q, 2365q, 2486q, mnst, 2869, 3224q

Offences while on bail, 993q, 1355q, 1400qn

Parole review, 2120q, 2630q

Property crime prevention strategy 2016-2020, progress report, psm, 5427

Recidivism rates, 2036m

Statistics, 2186qn, 3229q


Cyclepaths, signage, 157q, 278q

Cyclists, infringement notices, 4169qn

Cystic Fibrosis

Santa Speedo Shuffle 2017, 2427

Dainere’s Rainbow

Gala dinner, 2303


Australian peacekeepers, 3572

Veterans, 4118

Deves, Ms J

Death, 2302

Director of Public Prosecutions

Funding, 3227q, 3253m

Resourcing, 4689q, 5116q

Disability services

2010-2020 national disability strategy, psm, 279

Chief Minister’s inclusion awards, 59q

Funding, 3442qn

Government policy, 2795q

Government support, 1006q

Housing, 2181qn

Mobility permits, 2843m, 2849m

National disability insurance scheme, 208, 392q, 4186qn

Official Visitor (Disability Services) annual report 2015-16, psm, 629

Official Visitor (Disability Services) annual report 2016-17, psm, 4700

Social inclusion, 4464q, 5606qn

Special needs transport, 4229q

Staffing, 733qn

Domestic and family violence

Domestic and family violence, 150q, 541, 3577

Government initiatives, 479q, 3351q, 4546qn

Doszpot, Mr S, MLA

Condolence, 5075m

Valedictory, 4195


Party at the shops, 4398


Pill testing, 3699, 3738q, 4190qn, 4567qn, 5451m, 5503qn

Statistics, 1856qn


AAA credit rating, 3539q, 3581m

Business confidence, 497m, 4222q

Cybersecurity industry, 4096q

Defence industry, 2481q

Growth, 45q

Performance, 1446q, 5114q

Space industry, 4680q

Territory finances, 103, 116

Trade, 1689q, 2527qn

Trade missions, 2529qn, 3471qn

Vocational education and training, 3753


ACT training awards, 3741q

Clontarf Foundation, 4865

Connect 10 program, 3231q

Discussion paper, 1139q

Early childhood, 1157, 3233q, 3578

Education and Care Services National Law, psm, 5425

Education and Care Services National Law Amendment Act 2017, psm, 1709

Electronic learning devices, 5248q

Employee assistance program, 2553qn

Future of education, mnst, 548, 2261q

Government investment, 2814m

Koori preschools, 3633q

Mental health training, 5572qn

Ministerial council, 4100q

OECD education report, 2508

Policy, 1241q, 1455q

Shaddock review recommendations, 606q, 3736q

STEM, 2798q, 3631q

Student performance, 5032qn

Students with complex needs, 3666m

Vocational education and training, 1329m, 1451q

Education Directorate

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, 2991qn


ACT wind auction II review, 283

Blackouts, 2006q, 2630qn

Electricity Feed-in (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Act next generation renewable auction review, psm, 2697

Electricity supply, Mitchell, 160q

Load shedding, 2780q, 3486qn

Outages, 380q, 1090qn, 4590qn

Supply, Mitchell, 736q


Income security, 809


Hot water systems, 687qn

Renewable, 1043qn, 1866qn, 1867qn, 3104q, 4373m


ACT greenhouse gas inventory 2015-16, psm, 280

ACT greenhouse gas inventory 2016-2017, psm, 5430

Balloons, 5067qn

Barrer Hill habitat restoration project, 610q

Bettong release program, 667qn

Carbon emissions, 3456qn

Climate change, 570m, 2968

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act, minister’s annual report 2016-17, psm, 5433

Community gardens, 3363q

Container deposit scheme, 2124q

Ecotourism policy, 3274m

Environment Protection Authority, commissioner, 3828qn

Healthy waterways project, 1364q, 3643q

Hydrogen car trial, 5599qn, 5600qn

Little eagle conservation, 4822q

Mugga, Isaacs and Tralee, 5120q

Mulligans Flat nature reserve, 3576

National Environment Protection Council, annual report 2015-2016, psm, 3560

Nature strip guidelines, 4319q

Tree canopy, 4357m

Waste management, 2252q

Water quality, 264q

Water storage, 4558qn

Wood heaters, 4561qn

Woodlands, 1840qn

Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, 3001qn

Employee assistance program, 2554qn

FOI requests, 5113q, 5608qn

Environmental Defenders Office

Funding, 614q


Territory laws, 3408

Voluntary assisted dying, 3695, 4778m, 5317


Community facilities, mnrs, 4191

Federal government

Budget, 1555q

Financial Management Act

Consolidated annual financial statements, psm, 4962, psm, 5132

Consolidated financial report, psm, 2694


National gun amnesty, 4613qn


Local content, 3350q

Participation regulations, 3636q


Terra Madre, 207

The Forage, 1500

Francis, Mr T

Achievements, 2731

Freeman, Mr S

Death in custody, 628

Furnass, Dr S

Death, 821

Gallop, Mr Justice J, AM, QC, RFD

Condolence, 4631m


Casino Canberra, 143q, 739q, 782q, 874q

Community contributions, gaming machine licensees, psm, 5133

Complaints investigation, 5112q

Conflict of interest, 2116q, 5604qn

Gambling harm minimisation, mnst, 2883

Poker machines, 4220q, 4221q

Problem gambling, 1662

GG’s Flowers

Business, 3172

GinNinderra electorate

Ginninderra District Girl Guides, 4867

Maintenance, 3426qn

School fetes, 4755


Advertising expenditure, 4613qn

Community opportunities, 3638q


Park, 2507

Playground graffiti, 3300

Shops, 1497, 2507, 5487

Googong Dam

Access, 2789q, 2802q


Achievements, mnst, 4243, mnst, 4245, mnst, 4404, mnst, 4410, mnst, 4649, mnst, 4654, mnst, 4661

Acquisition arrangements, 4323q

Artworks, 1858qn

Better suburbs statement, 5547qn

Borrowing program, 3731q


Aluminium cladding, psm, 4472

Building materials policy, 2913q, 2915q, 2917q, 2929q, 3980m, 4189qn

Electrical systems, 2163qn, 2563qn, 2615qn

Capital works program, quarterly progress report, psm, 5131

Carers strategy, 3971q

Citizens juries, 3542q, 4104q

Climate change policy status report, psm, 4474

Clubs policy, 1922q, 884q

Commercial lessees, 690qn

Community organisations support, 3100q

Community participation in government service delivery, 4702

Construction and development policy, 268q, 740q, 1089qn

Consultants and contractors, 3891q, 4541qn, 4990qn

Coroner’s report, death of Mr Paul Fennessy, psm, 2929

Economic management, 2254q

Election promises, 43q, 374

Events policy, 1830qn, 2488q, 3474qn, 4158qn, 5059qn

Ex gratia payments, 3791qn, 3883q, 5068qn

Expenditure, 1802qn, 1803qn, 1805qn, 1806qn, 1807qn, 1809qn, 1813qn, 1816qn, 1817qn, 1819qn, 1822qn, 1825qn, 1826qn, 1827qn, 1828qn, 1829qn, 1830qn, 3782qn, 5507qn, 5519qn

Financial integrity and compliance, 4941m

Firearms amnesty, 4821q

Freedom of information requests, 5020qn, 5021qn

Gambling harm minimisation, 3553q, 3641q

Global Goals dialogue, 206

Grants, 1144q, 3468qn

Heritage policy, 2268q, 3043qn, 5593qn

Housing and homelessness summit, 4322q

Hydrogen cars, 5540qn

Inclusiveness policies, 3939m, 3966q

Infrastructure investment, 1137q

Intercity relations, 601q

Land acquisition arrangements, 691qn, 3447qn, 5242q, 5565qn, 5589qn

Land development policies, 3802qn, 4156qn, 5065qn, 5545qn

Liquor licensing policies, 881q

Market research, 3811qn

Media and public relations, 3781qn

Minister for Health and Wellbeing, briefing, 5407q

Ministerial appointments, 1047qn, 1843qn, 1844qn

Ministerial delegations

China and Hong Kong, mnst, 3839

European Union, mnst, 5377

Germany and Spain, mnst, 5105

North America, mnst, 2635

Singapore, mnst, 1645

Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, mnst, 2446

United States, mnst, 4645

Ministerial leave, 2562qn

Ministerial travel, 3266m

Night-life safety measures, 4819q

Notifiable invoices, 3448qn, 3452qn

Office accommodation, 3816qn, 4622qn

Office of LGBTIQ affairs, 784q, 4530qn, 5564qn

Open and consultative democracy, 2284

Open data, 3464qn

Priorities, mnst, 332, mnst, 2239

Procurement, 691qn, 2679q, 3485qn, 4188qn, 4504qn, 4582qn

Programs, 2522q

Project coordination, 2691q

Public holiday policy, 1345q

Rental arrangements, 1797qn, 1798qn, 1799qn, 1801qn

Rental bonds scheme, 5549qn

Safer families policy, 2362q

Screen arts funding, 1362q, 3449qn

Services and policy delivery, 4307m, 4332

Support for veterans, 2269q, 3899q

Taxes and charges, 3444qn

Technology investments, 2676q

Tourism policy, 3094q, 4455q

Urban renewal policy, 3027qn

Working with vulnerable people legislative review, psm, 4476


Removal, 4176qn

Greyhound racing

ACT Greyhound racing industry, 131m, mnst, 3056

Canberra Greyhound Racing Club, 694qn, 1173, 2304

Community values syndicate, 4268, 4496

Cruelty reports, 2490q, 2493q

Government policy, 275q, 391q, 486q, 874q, 1009, 3099q, 4691q

Industry ban, 4965

Inspections, 4820q, 5072qn, 5073qn, 5607qn

Protest rally, 5113q, 5129q

Registrations, 695qn

Regulation, 47q, 720qn, 4754

Transition package, 3548q, 3888q, 4628qn


Celebrate Gungahlin festival, 1636

Power outages, 3029qn

Public school places, 153q, 162q

Sporting facilities, 62q, 390q

Haigh, the Hon B

Death, 5191

Hands Across Canberra

Fundraising, 2510


Anniversary, 545

Harmony Day

Harmony Day 2017, mnst, 760

Harris, Mr B

Death, 424

Harris, Mr S

Scientific discovery, 822

Hartley Lifecare

Fundraising, 2306

Have your say website

Branding, 1498


Abortion, 2625qn

Active lifestyle, 1713

Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs strategy, 2259q, 3043qn

Alzheimer’s ACT memory walk, 3917

Annual reports, 3833qn

Antibiotics, 4519qn

Breast screening, 4042

CALMS, 5504qn

Childhood vaccination, 899m, 902, 914

Code of conduct, 3884q, 3901q, 4628qn

Colonoscopy waiting times, 1043qn, 1242q, 1367q

Costs, 4163qn

Display of nutritional information review report, psm, 3747

Election commitments, 2262q

Expenditure, 2015m, 3771qn

GP qualifications, 4095q

Hoarding, 680qn, 5522qn

Illicit drugs, 5508qn

Influenza, 3770qn

Investment, 148q

National Health Co-op, 3299

Neurofibromatosis, 2423

Nurse-led walk-in centres, 2257q, 4142qn, 5569qn

Paediatric services, 4143qn

Patient care, 4576qn

Phillip community health centre, 1861qn

Policy, 5506qn

Preventative health strategy, 5255q

Private practice fund, 4527qn, 5516qn

Rare cancer funding, 2060

Regional aeromedical services, 3103q

Sleep studies, 673qn

Surgical training, 3450qn

Vaccination policy, 786q

Waiting times, 4526qn, 5506qn

Heart Foundation ACT

Quiz night, 826

Heart Support-Australia

Organisation, 1176

HeartKids Australia

Sweetheart Day, 426


Women’s achievements, 2307, 2424


ACT Heritage Council assessments, 915m

Ginninderra blacksmith’s shop, maintenance, 4140qn

Lake Burley Griffin and surrounds, 5355, 5361


Playground facilities, 2867, mnrs, 4401

Higher education

Economic benefits, 3237q

Hinder, Mr J

Condolence, 1401m

Holy Family Primary School

Additional classrooms, 2509, 2733


Homelessness, 1916q, 2013q, 2358q, 4505qn

Official Visitor (Homelessness Services) annual report 2016-17, psm, 4695

Overnight shelters, 3234q

Horse racing

Single Gaze, 4496


Bed availability, 3771qn

Bullying, 2792q, 4626qn

Discharge policy, 267q

Doctors’ working hours, 4528qn

Emergency departments, 4973qn, 4974qn, 5243q, 5610qn

Neonatal deaths, 1041qn, 1839qn

Overcrowding, 4975qn


Affordability, 1140q, 1372, 3733q, 4184qn, 4839m, 5419q

Affordable housing scheme, 5416q, 5611qn

Alternative housing, 1398qn

Costs, 668qn

Demonstration housing precincts, 2048m, mnst, 5108

Energy efficiency, 3488qn, 3804qn

Government purchases, 2144qn, 2519qn

Housing choices, 5412q

Housing stock, 671qn

Multi-unit complexes, 4621qn, 4623qn

New housing strategy, 2491q

Oaks Estate, 4542qn

Public, 2009q, 2014m

Rateable dwellings, 3023qn

Rates, 4593qn, 4594qn, 4595qn, 4596qn, 4601qn, 4606qn, 5030qn

Rental, 5550qn, 5554qn, 5555qn

Rental bonds loan scheme, 4603qn

Review of housing built by University of Canberra, psm, 2274

Social housing

Reporting, 717qn

Resident figures, 669qn

Suburban Land Agency, affordable housing, 4098q

Supported accommodation, 4997qn

Total facilities management contract, mnst, 3308

Housing ACT

Domestic and family violence, 1076qn

Tenancy agreements, 5545qn, 5546qn


Proposed plastics to fuel facility, 544

Recycling, 1399qn


60th anniversary, 99

Icon Water

Accountability, 2413m

Board remuneration, 2153qn

Shared services, 3467qn, 3782qn

Waste to energy plant, 2782q

Works, 3813qn


Citizenship, 2309

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission

Accommodation, 3470qn

Staffing and costs, 3017qn

Independent legal arbiters

Publication of reports, 2463m

Industrial relations

Penalty rates, 783q, 793q, 799q, 804q, 857, 894, 1348q


Audit, 3024qn

Black Mountain slipway, 3472qn

Pialligo, 2520qn

Planning, 3424qn


Third-party, 5011qn, 5012qn, 5026qn, 5027qn, 5028qn, 5031qn

International Workers Memorial Day

Canberra, 1505

Jeffery, Mr V, OAM

Condolence, 2207m

Jervis Bay

Services, 4177qn

Johnson, Ms C, OAM

Death, 4131

Johnson, Mr J

Death, 2735


Drug and alcohol court, 2919q

Extended Throughcare, mnst, 951

Incitement offence, 3630q

Juvenile justice data collection, 4342m

Recidivism rates, mnst, 3847

Suspended sentences, 5250q

Youth justice update, mnst, 2244

Justice and Community Safety Directorate

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, 2998qn

Employee assistance program, 2159qn

Kambah village

Upgrades, 1497

Keep Australia Beautiful Week

Campaign, 3171

Kellett, Mrs J, OAM

Death, 2426

Kiermaier, Mr M

Retirement, 5423

Kurrajong electorate

Government achievements, 5311

One year on in the Ninth Assembly, 4750

Lake Ginninderra

Clean-up day, 1769

Lake Tuggeranong

Shared paths, 1086qn


Block 24, city, 4219q, 5111q

Central Molonglo development, 5590qn

Community facility zoned land, 1965m

Conservation, 1859qn

Development, 2162qn

Dickson purchase, 4316q, 4318q, 4455q, 5069qn, 5071qn

Rural block 1600, Belconnen, 4677q, 4694q

Section 72, Dickson, 4224q, 4463q, 5070qn, 5071qn

Stromlo Forest Park development, 5590qn

Valuations, 1846qn

Land Development Agency

Acquisitions, 45q, 63q

Conflicts of interest, 689qn, 1075qn

Dickson land acquisition, 1290m

FOI request, 260q, 602q

Green rating, 2604qn

Lease valuations, 3025qn

Molonglo Valley, 1049qn

Mr Spokes bike hire, 4459q, 5071qn

Processes, 163, 1134q, 1368q, 5254q

Purchases, 1397qn

Staffing, 1049qn, 1135q, 2172qn, 2519qn

Westside village, 54q, 736q

Williamsdale Solar Farm, 4463q, 4694q

Latham, Mr C

Tribute, 5184


Absence of the Clerk, 4191

Annual report directions 2017-2018, psm, 2114

Answers to questions on notice

Question 1, 493m, 497

Questions 177 and 312, 2271

Questions 181, 244, 245, 328, 329, 330, 331, 333, 336 and 338, 2272

Question 235, 2271

Question 320, 2403

Questions 358, 361 and 363, 3556m

Questions 368 and 371, 3559, 3581

Question 442, 4235

Questions 604 and 619, 4235, 4470

Question 662, 5427, 5437

Question 667, 4235

Questions 772-776 and 784, 5130

Assistant Speakers, appointment, 22

Chamber acoustics, 2803

Code of conduct, reaffirmation, 2084


2016 ACT Election and Electoral Act, 255, 286, 1659, 5365

Administration and Procedure, 22, 23, 565m, 1658, 1659, 2083, 2084, 2090, 2464, 5393m

Annual and financial reports 2015-2016, 555m, psm, 4115

Annual and financial reports 2016-2017, 4424m

Economic Development and Tourism, 744, 1640, 2898, 4644, 5136m

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs, 287, 1093, 1642, 2090, 2092, 3340, 4446, 4940

End of Life Choices, 5399m, 5445m

Environment and Transport and City Services, 1418, 1642, 2091, 2226, 2503, 3718, 4442, 5437, 5445m, 5467m, 5468m

Estimates 2017-2018, 564m, 589m, 2139, 2229, 2236, 2633, 3404

Health, Ageing and Community Services, 257, 745, 1643, 2505, 3338, mnrs, 5436, 5469, 5470

Independent Integrity Commission, 253, 286, 1095, 1879, 4636

Justice and Community Safety, 212, 290, 625, 746, 1301, 1418, 1660, 1878, 2071, 2238, 2239, mnrs, 5438

Justice and Community Safety (scrutiny role), 330, 547, 744, 1093, 1417, 2238, 2633, 3525, 4195, 4643, 5103

Planning and Urban Renewal, 289, 1301, 1342, 1419, 2085, 2092, 2505, 2898, 3719, 4442, 5104

Privilege, proposed establishment, 2376m, 2377, 5100

Public Accounts, 69, 1094, 1095, 1644, 1879

Standing committees, establishment, 39, 76, 4424m

Continuing resolutions

Continuing resolution 6, declaration of private interests of members, amendment, 5397m

Continuing resolution 10, sub judice, 5239

Corrections, 5481, 5485

Deputy Clerk, Kiermaier, Mr M, retirement, statement by Speaker, 5423

Deputy Speaker, election, 12

Dissent from ruling, 2001

Greens representation, 10


“Bugger off”, 1511

“Corruption”, 4293

“Dodgy”, 1993

“For God’s sake”, 5258

“Grubby”, 2001, 4813

“Hypocrisy”, 4816

“Intrinsic corruption”, 3205

“Muppets”, 110

“Not in our suburb. Bugger off, we’re full”, 1460

“Not quite have the courage”, 421

“Oh, so you have been corrupt forever”, 3200

Unparliamentary language, 2010q

“You are misleading the house”, 4817

“You’re a pack of glass jaws”, 5258

Lapse of notice, assembly business, notice No 1, 3328

Leave, seeking leave after a motion has been moved, 5264

Legislative Assembly anniversary, 1639

Legislative Assembly, sub judice convention, 3190

Matters of public importance

Active lifestyle, 1713

Affordable housing, 1372

Community participation in government service delivery, 4701

Community services—men’s sheds, 3562

Economy—vocational education and training, 3753

Education—early childhood, 1157

Income security, 809

International engagement, 3904

Lunar New Year, 405

Open and consultative democracy, 2284

Public transport, 4479

Road maintenance, 634

Single parents, 2495

Veterans, 4118

Volunteering, 1467

Woden town centre, 1013


All members, leave of absence, 301, 2112

Burch, Ms J, leave of absence, 2237, 2703

Cody, Ms B, leave of absence, 2375, 3747

Doszpot, Mr S, leave of absence, 2737, 2929, 4357

Dunne, Mrs V, leave of absence, 23, 3177, 4643

Fitzharris, Ms M, leave of absence, 2495

Gentleman, Mr M, leave of absence, 2112

Hanson, Mr J, leave of absence, 3106

Inaugural speeches, 23, 77, 82, 87, 301

Jones, Mrs G, leave of absence, 3106, 3560, 3646, 4470

Kikkert, Mrs E, leave of absence, 4195

Lawder, Ms N, leave of absence, 23, 1134

Legal fees, 2117q

Milligan, Mr J, leave of absence 4195

Pettersson, Mr M, leave of absence, 2495, 3843, 3921, 4195

Ramsay, Mr G, leave of absence, 2737

Rattenbury, Mr S, leave of absence, 1134

Re-election, 101

Steel, Mr C, leave of absence, 4643

Stephen-Smith, Ms R, leave of absence, 3223

Swearing in, 2

Travel, 1849qn

Wall, Mr A, leave of absence, 23, 3106

Ministerial arrangements, 43, 143, 260, 982, 1221, 2251, 2779, 2477, 3091, 3223

Ministerial statements

22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22), Marrakech, 236

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs, 339

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander agreement, annual report, 5439

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in care, 3520

Achievements over the past year, 4654

Achievements over the past year, 4410

ACT Health assets, 3497

ACT Health system-wide data review, quarterly update, 1096

ACT Health system-wide data review, quarterly update, 1880

ACT Health system-wide data review, quarterly update, 3843

ACT Health system-wide data review, quarterly update, 5375

ACT Policing key priorities, 756

Active ageing framework, 3508

Alexander Maconochie Centre, accommodation for female detainees, 2455

Alexander Maconochie Centre, accommodation for female detainees, 4659

Alexander Maconochie Centre review, government response, 1650

Aluminium cladding working group, 2876

Blueprint for youth justice, 1430

Building the future, 315

Bushfire abatement zone, 3051

Canberra Hospital, electrical switchboard incident, 1422

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, 2879

Child placement and care plans, 2886

Climate action round table, 1103

Community facility zoned land, public housing, 2242

Community sector reform, co-contribution expenditure, 3849

Cross-portfolio delegation to Singapore and Finland, 2451

Delivering the better Canberra we promised, 4243

Demonstration housing precincts, 5108

Extended Throughcare, 951

Future of education, 548

Gambling harm minimisation, 2883

Government achievements, 4245

Government priorities, 332

Government priorities, spring 2017, 2239

Greyhound racing industry, 3056

Harmony Day, 760

Health reporting, 336

Implementation of the children and young people’s commitment 2015-2025, 1106

International Women’s Day, 746

Management of dogs, 4047

Ministerial delegation to China and Hong Kong, 3839

Ministerial delegation to the European Union , 5377

Ministerial delegation to Germany and Spain, 5105

Ministerial delegation to North America, 2635

Ministerial delegation to Singapore, 1645

Ministerial delegation to Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, 2446

Ministerial delegation to the United States, 4645

Ministerial priorities, 212

Multicultural framework 2015-2020, implementation and outcomes, 3701

National disability insurance scheme, 954

National disability insurance scheme, role of the ACT government, 4056

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, 3502

Office for mental health, establishment, 3517

One year of delivery, 4404

Outlaw motorcycle gangs, 2869

Portfolio achievements over the past year, 4649

Portfolio priorities, 209

Portfolio priorities, 220

Portfolio priorities, 223

Portfolio priorities, 226

Public housing renewal program, 1419

Recidivism rates, 3847

Restoration of the lower Cotter catchment , 1098

Safer families, 2072

Schools for all, 96

Social inclusion in the arts, 2643

Strategic outcomes and priorities, 231

Suburban Land Agency, 3047

Suicide in the ACT, 1884

Total facilities management contract, 3308

Veterans, initiatives and ministerial round table update, 5379

Volunteering in the ACT, 1652

Work health and safety, 3060

Youth justice update, 2244

Notice convening meeting, 1

Order to table, 3747

Orders of the day discharged, 967m, 1319m

Papers, 12, 65, 68, 69, 73, 74, 279, 280, 283, 395, 621, 807, 808, 1011, 1173, 1248, 1369, 1370, 1371, 1416, 1466, 1709, 1710, 1711, 1712, 1762, 1886, 1934, 2013, 2112, 2115, 2116, 2273, 2276, 2297, 2377, 2494, 2633, 2694, 2696, 2701, 3366, 3370, 3107, 3560, 3561, 3699, 3746, 3902, 3903, 4116, 4235, 4238, 4241, 4473, 4695, 4918, 4929, 4961, 4962, 5130-5133, 5135, 5425, 5427, 5436

Personal explanations, 2493, 3247, 4047

Privilege, 2375, 5099

Reaffirmation of code of conduct, 1661, 2464

Sitting pattern

Amendment, 4391

Sitting pattern 2017, 251

Sitting pattern 2018, 4433m

Speaker, election, 3

Standing orders

Amendment, 43, 252

Companion to standing orders, clause 10.74, 4880

Offensive language, 960

Parliamentary language, 2012

Props, 620, 934

Standing order 31, 1348

Standing order 42, 1353

Standing order 46, 1200, 3247

Standing order 47, 3247

Standing order 59, 3539, 3543

Standing order 61, 1348

Standing order 79, 811

Standing order 99A, 2092

Standing order 114, 1238

Standing order 117, 260, 1347, 2800, 3230, 3355, 3543

Standing order 118, 492, 1222, 2679, 3230, 3355, 5129, 5130, 5259

Standing order 118A, 3556, 3559, 3581, 4235m, 5130

Standing order 118C, 3556

Standing order 130, 811

Standing order 178A, 1724

Standing order 182A, 5173

Standing order 213, 3746

Standing order 213A, 4076m

Standing order 246A, 2090

Standing order 277, 2800

Suspension, 1705m, 1880m, 2833m, 3748m, 4393m, 5100m, 5174m

Tabling of government responses, 2167qn, 2170qn, 2171qn, 2580q

Valedictory, 321, 5183, 5185, 5186, 5188, 5308, 5310, 5311, 5313-5315, 5317-5319, 5489, 5491, 5492, 5494, 5495, 5497-5499

Visitors, 12, 39, 82, 87, 474, 784, 878, 986, 1989, 2891, 2916, 3093, 3542, 3664, 3968, 4093, 4316, 4390, 4471, 4680, 4764

Warning, 4813


(No 1-16) Access to cannabis medicines, 19, mnrs, 743

(No 4-16 and 7-16) Belconnen Arts Centre, mnrs, 21

(No 5-16) Page playground facilities, mnrs, 20

(No 6-16) Hackett rezoning, mnrs, 19

(No 8-16) Freedom of speech, mnrs, 20

(No 1-17) Curtin draft master plan, 327, mnrs, 1877

(No 2-17) Traffic control measures for Ginninderra Drive, 327, mnrs, 1415

(Nos 3-17 and 6-17) Gold Creek Village development, mnrs, 2221

(Nos 4-17 and 7-17) Arts funding, 1413, 1414, 1415, mnrs, 2222

(No 5-17) Criminalisation of a non-consensual sexual image, 1507, 1515, mnrs, 2223

(Nos 6-17 and 3-17) Gold Creek Village development, 741

(No 8-17) Public housing in Wright, 1507, mnrs, 2220

(No 9-17) Public housing in Mawson, 1508, mnrs, 2220

(No 10-17) Public housing in Holder, 1508, mnrs, 2220

(No 11-17) Public housing in Chapman, 1508, mnrs, 2220

(No 12-17) Giralang community precinct, 1639, mnrs, 2867

(Nos 13-17 and 16-17) Community facilities, Farrer, 2217, mnrs, 4191

(Nos 14-17 and 17-17) Billboard advertising, 2218, mnrs, 4917

(No 15-17) ACTION bus service petition, 2220, mnrs, 4917

(Nos 18-17 and 27-17) Mount Taylor access, 5091

(Nos 19-17 and 26-17) Bus routes in Tuggeranong, 5091

(No 20-17) Higgins playground facilities, 2867, mnrs, 4401

(No 21-17) Safe schools program, 3303, mnrs, 5093

(No 22-17) ACTION bus service, Deakin, Kingston and Manuka, 4191, 4193

(No 23-17) Dangerous driving in Gordon, 4401, 4403

(No 24-17) Dangerous dogs, 5093

(Nos 28-17 and 29-17) Red Hill natural environment, 5355

(No 30-17) Lake Burley Griffin and surrounds, 5355

(No 31-17) Torrens shops playground, 5356

(No 32-17) Draft variation 344 to the Territory Plan, 5357

Pill testing, out of order petition, 3699


ACT government campaign advertising

That that the motion be agreed to, 598

ACT Greens-Labor parliamentary agreement

That the amendment be agreed to, 496

ACT Policing, funding

That the amendment be agreed to, 4828

Alexander Maconochie Centre

That the amendment be agreed to, 526

Animals, victim compensation

That the amendment be agreed to, 2331

Answer to question on notice No 1

That the motion be agreed to, 493

Appropriation Bill 2017-2018

That this bill be agreed to, 3403

Bail system review

That the amendment be agreed to, 466

Casino (Electronic Gaming) Bill 2017

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 4957

That Mr Ramsay’s amendments to Mr Rattenbury’s proposed amendments be agreed to, 4960

That this bill, as amended, be agreed to, 4961

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children

That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent Ms Lawder moving a motion to require the ACT Government to table documents relating to cladding on the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, 3752

Chief Minister, motion of no confidence

That the motion be agreed to, 4916

Childhood vaccination

That Mr Rattenbury’s amendment to Ms Fitzharris’s proposed amendment be agreed to, 914

City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Bill 2017

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 1496

Climate change mitigation

That the amendment be agreed to, 589

Club sector

That the motion be agreed to, 4839

Community facility zoned land

That Mr Hanson’s amendment to Mr Gentleman’s proposed amendment be agreed to, 1550

That Mr Gentleman’s amendment be agreed to, 1551

That the motion be agreed to, 1551

Community facility zoned land, government transparency

That Mr Wall’s amendment to Ms Berry’s proposed amendment be agreed to, 1982

Community legal centres

That the amendment be agreed to, 982

Crimes (Criminal Organisation Control) Bill 2017

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 5286

Director of Public Prosecutions, funding

That the amendment be agreed to, 3266

Dog management

That the amendment be agreed to, 1220

Domestic Animals (Dangerous Dogs) Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

That proposed new clause 3G be agreed to, 5234

That the amendment be agreed to, 5235

Drugs, pill testing

That the motion be agreed to, 5467

Economic Development and Tourism, Standing Committee, reference

That the motion be agreed to, 5138

Electricity Feed-in (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Amendment Bill 2017

That the amendments be agreed to, 4454

End of Life Choices, Select Committee, appointment

That the amendments be agreed to, 5404

Family and Personal Violence Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

That the amendments be agreed to, 1327

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2017

That clause 13 be agreed to, 3078

Government, building materials policy

That the amendment be agreed to, 3999

Government, inclusiveness policies

That the amendment be greed to, 3962

Government Procurement (Financial Integrity) Amendment Bill 2017

That amendment No 4 be agreed to, 4777

Greyhound racing

That the amendment be agreed to, 142

Inspector of Correctional Services Bill 2017

That the amendment be agreed to, 5480

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

That clause 19 be agreed to, 1761

Juvenile justice data collection

That the amendment be agreed to, 4357

Land Development Agency

That the amendment be agreed to, 174

That the motion be agreed to, 176

Lease variation charge proposed review

That the motion be agreed to, 4441

Liquor Amendment Bill 2017

That clause 82 be agreed to, 1754

Marriage equality

That Mr Coe’s amendment be agreed to, 2941

Mitchell, services

That the amendment be agreed to, 3938


That the amendment be agreed to, 539

Parliamentary triangle, proposed sale of East Block and West Block buildings

That the amendment be agreed to, 4093

That the original question, as amended, be agreed to, 4094

Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charges), Determination 2017 (No 2), motion to disallow

That the motion be agreed to

Population growth

That the amendment be agreed to, 3253

Privilege, Select Committee, proposed establishment

That the question be now put, 2381

Public housing

That the amendment be agreed to, 1272

Racing (Greyhounds) Amendment Bill 2017

That the amendment be agreed to, 5162

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 5158

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

That clauses 10 to 15 be agreed to, 1684

Schools, workplace safety education

That the amendment be agreed to, 2402

Self Help Organisations United Together (SHOUT)

That the amendments be agreed to, 857

Taxation, rates on units

That the amendment be agreed to, 4306

Taxation, rates reform

That Mr Barr’s amendment be agreed to, 3692

Trade unions, relationship with government

That the amendment be agreed to, 3207

Utilities (Technical Regulation) Amendment Bill 2017

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 4266

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2017

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 4727

LGBTIQ community

Government support, 475q, 3225q, 3245q

Lichacz, Mr W

ACT community protection medal, 1631


Fun run, 204

Light rail

Employment, 1081qn, 2517qn

Executive salaries, 605q

High density development, 1684q

Local contracts, 3625q, 3745q, 3746m

Mitchell, 3538q

Progress, 606q

Utilities disruption, 2007q

Liquor Amendment Bill

Reforms, 1566q


Leaflets, 3627q, 5068qn

London terrorist attack

Statement by Speaker, 949

Lunar new year

Importance to Canberrans, 405


Light Up Lyneham, 2506


Retirement, 320

Manuka Oval

Naming rights, 1349q


Equality, 433, 824, 2899m, 3405, 3575

Same-sex marriage

Campaign funds, 5019qn, 5020qn

Law reform, 5286m, 5317

Postal survey, 3914, 4133, 4135, 4494, 4498, 4544qn, 5241q

Rainbow flags, 5018qn

May Day

Picnic, 1763

UnionsACT May Day awards, 1763


Male privilege, 4041

Menslink, 652, 4136

Tuggeranong men’s shed, 2733

Mental health

Brian Hennessy House, 4977qn, 4978qn

Child and adolescent services, 3420qn

Data submission, 479q, 610q, 889q, 1006q, 1010q, 1090qn, 1172

Mental Health Week, 4395

Office for mental health, establishment, mnst, 3517, 3629q, 3742q

Patient readmission, 4563qn

Raphael review, 4467q, 4695q

R U OK? campaign, 3743q, 3762, 3767

Services, 4179qn

Staffing, 2487q, 4625qn

Suicide, 4972qn

Training, 5573qn

Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability

Estimates availability, 1999q, 2006q

Minister for Disability, Children and Youth

Motion of censure, mc, 2429

MiniSter for Health AND WELLBEING

Drug treatment briefing, 2362q

Incoming minister briefing, 473q, 595

Ministerial briefing, 2793q, 3493qn

Minister for Planning and Land Management

Travel costs, 1082qn

Ministerial offices

Communications processes, 654

Missing Persons Week

Activities, 2425


Services, 3923m

Molonglo valley

Services, 878q

Mon National Day

70th anniversary, 825

Mother’s Day Classic

Fundraising run, 1762

Motor vehicles

Insurance and registration, 678qn, 1050qn

Motor vehicle inspection station, relocation, 3005qn

Multicultural affairs

Back to your roots writing competition, 4753

Cultural acceptance, 1391

Diversity and acceptance, 618q, 1297

Diwali Mela festival, 204

Events, 4755

Government policy, 1150q, 3430qn

Harmony Day, 1032

International Mother Language Day, 3597m

Latin American Cultural Centre, 3694

Multicultural advisory council, 5251q

Multicultural events, 2970

Multicultural framework 2015-2020, implementation and outcomes, mnst, 3701

Rotuman community, 5313

Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, 5601qn

Municipal services

Community infrastructure, vandalism, 3788qn

Delivery 4017m

Dickson, 5408q

Expenditure, 5042qn

Fix my street, 3787qn, 4233q, 5056qn, 5411q, 5611qn

Footpaths, 4598qn

Maintenance of public land, 5567qn

Micro parks, 2538q, 4690q

Mowing, 683qn, 1795qn

Private gardens, 4181qn

Road repairs, 5123q

Street lights, 2521qn, 4140qn

Street sweeping, 3038qn, 3480qn, 4535qn, 5046qn

Murray, Mr L

Death, 2513

Musidlak, Mr B

Death, 3912

Namadgi National Park

Yankee Hat, 1501

National disability insurance scheme

Accreditation, 4186qn

Disability and therapy services, 392q

Implementation, 954

Innovation expo, 208

Mental health services, 3968q

Role of the ACT government, 4056

Transition, 5543qn

National Multicultural Festival

Planning update, 275q, 3897q

Stall allocation, 3003qn

Women’s safety, 474q, 492

National Nurse Practitioners Day

Recognition, 429

Niu Oceania cultural centre

Activities, 3297

Nobel Peace Prize

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, 4270

Oaks Estate

Crime statistics, 1838qn

Heritage, 651, 1834qn


Leadership, 8

Owen, Mr M

Achievements, 1630

OzHarvest Canberra

Food distribution, 2857

Palliative Care ACT

Fundraising, 2734

Palm Sunday rally

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network rally, 1502


Enforcement, 4542qn

Parliamentary triangle

Proposed sale of East Block and West Block buildings, 4078m

Pegasus Riding for the Disabled

Open day, 1768, 1770

Pillay, Mr K

Work experience, 5190


Answers to questions on notice, 3817qn

Belconnen, 686qn

Braddon, 735qn

Bushfire prone areas, 4149qn, 4151qn

Canberra Airport pedestrian access, 5008qn

Canberra Greyhound Racing Club application, 3965q, 4114q

Casey, 3785qn

Community engagement, 3241q

Community facility zoned land, 1522, 1691q, 1705q, 2182qn, 4582qn

Coombs shops, 2479q, 3044qn

Curtin master plan, 328, 375q, 381q, 492, 4617qn

Dangerous substance storage, 3964q

Demonstration precincts, 1078qn

Development applications, 3827qn, 5008qn, 5597qn

Dickson, 3485qn

Downer shops, 3779qn

Entertainment precincts, 3440qn, 3445qn

Federal Golf Club, 2485q, 3094q, 3965q, 4466q

Future urban areas, 3448qn

Giralang, 1077qn, 5044qn

Greenway lighting, 4618qn

Guidelines, 4239qn

Gungahlin, 1171, 5583qn

Haig Park, 3485qn

Kingston foreshore, 4099q, 4114q, 4581qn

Kippax master plan, 4619qn

Land release program, 3735q

Lease variation, 3777qn, 3806qn, 4433m, 4620qn, 4805q, 4979qn

Master plans, 1079qn, 4616qn

Northbourne Avenue redevelopment, 1066qn

Phillip, 1553q

Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charges) Determination 2017 (No 2), motion to disallow, mfd, 5174

Planning, Weetangera, 3772qn, 3775qn

Public housing, 1457q, 1705q

Red Hill, 4275m, 5355

Reviews, 4616qn

Round table, 1136q

Street names, 5009qn

Territory Plan

Draft variation 344, 5357

Planning and Development Act 2007, variation No 348, psm, 4698

Technical amendment TA2016-17, 263q, 1089qn

Variations, 2605qn

Tharwa, 2268q, 4112q

Transport, 3446qn, 4543qn

Waste facility, 1225q, 1366q, 4521qn

West Greenway, 274q, 797q, 806, 820q, 894

Woden, 795q, 1001q, 2790q, 5308


Book launch, 99

Posselt, Mr S

Climate change, 946

Public Advocate

Abuse complaints, 4684q

Public housing

Animal control, 4683q

Asbestos, 489q

Business activities, 2179qn

Chapman, 1692q, 2203q, 2204q, 3890q, 3901q, 5578qn

Community consultation, 3043qn

Community facility zoned land, mnst, 2242

Displaced clients, 4102q

Fire risk locations, 789q, 1860qn, 1862qn

Holder, 1226q, 1361q, 1463q, 1705q, 1874q, 3969q, 3980q, 4099q, 5068qn

Maintenance, 2797q, 2803q, 3246q

Mawson, 1230q, 3970q

Ministerial consultation, 1558q

Northbourne Avenue corridor, 787q, 1004q

Oaks Estate, 1833qn, 2176qn

Phillip, 1359q, 4187qn

Procurement, 2597qn

Redevelopment, 2158qn, 2548qn

Relocations, 792q, 1221q, 1249m, 1358q, 1368q, 1874q, 2178qn, 2606qn

Renewal program, 2690q, 2803q, 3739q, 4685q, 5408q

Security modifications, 4996qn

Site density, 1562q

Social benefits, 1351q, 1564q

Weston Creek, 1348q

Wright, 1222q, 1459q, 3738q, 5578qn

Racing industry

Memorandum of understanding, 876q

Real estate agents

Panel, 2164qn


Mount Taylor access, 3615m, 5091

Red Cross

Food drive, 653

Red Nose Canberra

Fundraising event, 4269, 4271


Rally, 542

Resettlement, 3328m, 4751

World Refugee Day, 2511

Renewable energy

Review, 3359q, 4190qn

Richardson, Ms F

Death, 3405


Accident black spots, 1688q, 5569qn, 5600qn

Barton Highway roundabout, 3028qn

Cycle lanes, 1038qn, 4175qn

Erindale, 2687q, 2803q

Gartside Street, 5581qn

Horse Park Drive, 3033qn

Kuringa Drive, 3428qn, 5556qn

Licence plate recognition cameras, 3829qn

Maintenance, 634

Nature strips, 4173qn

Pedestrian crossings, 5529qn

Projects, 1693q, 3411qn, 4985qn, 4986qn

Safety, 622, 1073qn, 2478q, 2479q

Speed and red light cameras, 3473qn, 5542qn

Street improvement plan, 4536qn

Tillyard Drive, 3428qn

Traffic, 3793qn, 5247q

William Slim Drive, 3243q, 5558qn


Funding, 693qn

Rural fire services

Staff training, 2189qn

Staffing, 706qn

Volunteers, 713qn, 4605qn

Ryan, Mr P

Death, 1629

Rymer, Mr D

Death, 3693


2017 school year, 378q

Ainslie School fete, 3915

Aluminium cladding, 4810q

Bullying, 2613qn

Burgmann Anglican School fair, 1390

Community organisations, 4141qn

Computers, 1074qn

Cross-border funding, 2979qn

Enrolments, 2607qn

Franklin Early Childhood School, 2576qn

Fraser Primary School fete, 1168

Gungahlin, 1846qn, 3789qn, 5117q

Hawker School fete, 1168

Illicit substances, 2614qn

Infrastructure, 49q, 4226q

International students, 2608qn

Maintenance, 386q

Namadgi School Fete, 99

National Walk Safely to School Day, 1637

New South Wales students, 5520qn

Non-attendance, 2976qn

Preparatory programs for preschool children, 5421q

Preschools, 679qn, 3971q

Public schools, 1918q

Reporting, 665qn

Safe schools program, 2618qn, 3406, mnrs, 5093

Safety, 2681q

Schools for all, quarterly and annual reports, 1370, psm, 3366

School funding, 1554q, 4103q

School psychologists, 5116q

Six Degrees Cafe, 1770

Sports facilities, 4609qn

Student photography festival, 2310

Student wellbeing, 1994q

Violence, 2613qn

Volunteering in schools, 4043

Workplace safety education, 2385m


National Science Week, 2856

Self Help Organisations United Together (SHOUT)

Government support, 838m, 984q, 995q, 997q, 1000q, 1235q


Active ageing framework, mnst, 3508

Advisory council on ageing, 1030

Contributions, 1034

Elder abuse, 695qn

Health round table, 696qn

Pets and Positive Ageing, 1295

Rates impact, 3535q, 3729q, 3802qn

Seniors Week, 1500

Sex industry

Registered operators, 4620qn

Share the Dignity

Charity work, 2732

Small business

Kingston shops, 3764

Smart Seeds

Program, 3173


Social inclusion, 176

Soroptimist International

International Women’s Day event, 1027

South Korea

Sejong self-governing city, 1388


ACT Brumbies, 945, 1030, 1174

Advertising, 5591qn

Community participation, 1234q

Cricket Australia, 266q

Diving, 2973qn

Gender equality, 2404m

Go-karting, 2969

Government initiatives, 607q, 4461q

Ground hire fees, 659qn

Ground maintenance, 1863qn, 1864qn, 5603qn

Infrastructure, 1700q

Melrose football precinct, 992q

Monaro football club, 1764

Mpowerdome, 526m, 798q

Participation, 3976q

Reclink Community Cup, 3915

Rugby League World Cup sponsorship, 3814qn

Stromlo Forest Park, 3474qn, 3026qn

TNA Turns Pink charity event, 2855

Tuggeranong Vikings awards, 827

Women’s participation, 2121q, 4963

Sri LankaN-Australian relations

70th anniversary, 1632

Stockade training centre

Funding, 4591qn

Suburban Land Agency

Community engagement, 2175qn

Establishment, mnst, 3047

Land acquisitions, psm, 4471, 5033qn

Responsibility, 4172qn

Staffing, 2143qn

Valuations, 5253q, 5610qn

Sussex Inlet RSL Club

Tiles, 426


Fundraising event, 205


Clubs, 1695q

Impact of reform, 4326q

Land tax, 4596qn

Rates, 3677m, 3824qn, 4297m

Reform, 3534q, 3823qn

Vacant property tax measures, 829


Licences, 2591qn


Ovarian cancer, 543

Teannaki, tHE Hon T

Death, 64

Technical Aid to the Disabled ACT (TADACT)

Charity, 1031

Tim the Yowie Man

YouTube series, 4397


Shops playground, 5356


Canberra Lonely Planet ranking 4317q

Direct international flights, 3885q

Future strategy, 5406q

Major events strategy, 3646m

Ministerial delegations to China and Hong Kong, mnst, 3839

Recreational cycling tourism, 4930m

Signage costs, 677qn

Trade unions

Anti-Chinese campaign, 4811q

CFMEU, 4320q

Government contracting, 265q, 3360q

Memorandum of understanding, 2122q, 3472qn

Relationship with government, 1914q, 3190m, 4224q

Workplace health and safety funding, 156q, 277q

Tradesmen’s union clubs

Police investigation, 891q, 1399qn


Active travel, 1356q, 5045qn

Anti-smoking measures, 4813q, 5598qn

Canberra to Sydney rail service, 3544q

Communications strategy, 3041qn

Connectivity, 3228q


Bicycle storage, 3801qn, 5524qn

Bike-sharing scheme, 4806q

Bike stop program, 4584qn

Electric bike trial, 2151qn

Electric buses, 2688q

Electric cars, 2577qn

Fare evasion, 4175qn

Flexible bus service, 3039qn, 3459qn

Heavy Vehicle National Amendment Regulation 2017, psm, 3902

Infrastructure, 3456qn

Integrated network, 2737m, 4327q

Light rail, 51q, 481q, 1448q, 1560q, 1570q, 2154qn, 2155qn, 2539qn, 2787q, 2783q, 3035qn, 3440qn, 3479qn, 3481qn, 3822qn, 3824qn, 4230q, 4517qn, 4535qn, 4615qn, 4971qn, 5010qn, 5038qn, 5039qn, 5040qn, 5041qn, 5043qn, 5047qn, 5048qn, 5049qn, 5050qn, 5051qn, 5410q

Mitchell services, 5054qn

Number plate slogan, 1059qn

On-demand transport review, 3244q

Park-and-ride facilities, 5052qn, 5053qn

Passenger information system, 3040qn, 4173qn, 5593qn

Place manager program, 684qn

Planning, 4148qn, 4182qn, 4518qn

Public, 885q, 1396qn, 4479

Ride-share services, 2588qn, 3477qn

Roadside drug testing, 3543q

Ticketing system, 269q, 3031qn

Traffic management, 328, 3819qn, 4515qn

Woden bus interchange, 1858qn

Transport and Municipal Services Directorate

Staffing, 1068qn

Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, 2996qn

Advertising, 684qn

Capital works program, 3826qn

Consultants, 2546qn


Assistance program, 2551qn

Stress, 4588qn

FOI requests, 682qn

Molonglo Valley, 1063qn

Same-sex marriage postal survey, 4538qn

Transport Canberra, 1796qn, 2544qn


Assessments, 2581qn

Replacement, 2596qn


Cemetery facilities, 617q

University of Canberra

Annual report, 3308

Medical radiation science laboratory, 427


Importance in ACT community, 4118

Initiatives and ministerial round table update, 5379


Bins, 3032qn

Container deposit scheme, 4147qn, 4156qn, 5034qn

Dumping and collecting, 4520qn

Fyshwick energy plant, 3800qn

Green bins, 1148q, 2157qn, 5121q, 5246q, 5582qn, 5609qn

Household waste management, 1620

Hume, waste to energy plant, 3896q

Management, 147q

Public bins, 3778qn

Recycling, 2675q, 4597qn

Recycling facility

Government shareholder status, 3235q, 3545q

Remediation 4155qn

Smart bins, 4587qn

Waste to energy plant, 3736q, 3746q


ACT and Region Catchment Management Coordination Group, annual report 2016-17, psm, 4697

Dam safety reviews, 4591qn

Weston Creek

Dog park, 3034qn

Westside village

Costs, 676qn, 1848qn, 3435qn, 3786qn

Windsor, Mr G

Skydiving, 650

Woden town centre

Renewal, 988q, 1013


Canberra Liberals policies, 4134

Equality, 926m

Gender pay gap, 3574

Government policy, 2331m

Health services, 1920q, 2355q

International Women’s Day, 888q

Plan Australia #GirlsTakeover, 4267, 4493, 4497

Safety, 4522qn

Soroptimist International, International Women’s Day event, 1027

Sport and recreation, 647

Unequal pay, 790q

Women in parliament, 4272

Women’s plan, 692qn

Work health and safety

Annual statement, mnst, 3060

Commissioner, 688qn

World War I

Battle of Beersheba, 100th anniversary, 4756

Yerrabi electorate

Events, 3766

School fetes, 1632

Yom Ha Shoah

Holocaust remembrance, 1635