Page 811 - Week 03 - Tuesday, 21 March 2017

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Mr Wall: On a further point of order, then, Madam Speaker, while you are in the chair—

MADAM SPEAKER: Are you dissenting?

Mr Wall: No, Madam Speaker; this is a subsequent point of order. I draw your attention to standing order 130, which relates to the anticipation of further Assembly business. I also draw your attention to the proposed MPI on the notice paper, namely, order of the day No 3—

MADAM SPEAKER: Private members’ business, you are referring to?

Mr Wall: Yes, private members’ business item No 3 listed by Mr Pettersson, which makes specific reference to employees working on weekends. I also draw your attention to section 15.9 of the companion to the standing orders, specifically dot point 4—

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Wall, I did consider all these points, particularly standing order 130, with regard to the matter tomorrow. Again I say I have ruled it in order. I would use this as an exercise to remind both whips and the manager of government business that members should be very mindful of the companion and the standing orders on these matters. I would say, as you are debating this MPI, you should be very conscious of the motion that is on the paper for tomorrow. I am ruling it in order, Mr Wall.

Mr Wall: Madam Speaker, I take a point of order referring to standing order 79, with reference also to part 15.8.4 of the companion to standing orders, as to whether this MPI is in order, given that there is also an inquiry currently before the education, employment and youth affairs committee examining insecure employment in the ACT.

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Wall, in regard to that, if any question or any motion or anything discussed here cut across any of the inquiries of the committee or of any committee, we would have limited discussion.

Mrs Dunne: On the point of order, Madam Speaker, there have been a number of precedents where issues have been ruled out of order because the matter has been within the remit of a committee. When a matter is within the remit of a committee, it cannot be discussed in the Assembly. There is much precedent both here and elsewhere on that matter.

MADAM SPEAKER: Thank you, Mrs Dunne. I do not think I can labour the point any more. I have ruled this to be in order and it will proceed. On the matter of committees, I have recently written to chairs of committees because another committee had a discussion, through the annual reports hearings, on an active issue for the admin and procedure committee. I think we all need to take a bit of a chill pill, settle down, and understand that this MPI is in order. That is my ruling. It will proceed. All of us need to be mindful of how we craft our words and, once there is a question over this, be mindful of how we conduct the debate.

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