Page 2272 - Week 07 - Tuesday, 1 August 2017

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MADAM ACTING SPEAKER: Minister, that is not an explanation as to why it is late. I understand from what Mr Coe said that the expiry date was some time ago. Would you like to give an explanation as to why it is late?

MS BERRY: Can I clarify which question it was?

Mr Coe: Franklin enrolments.

MS BERRY: Yes, I signed that question on notice just before I came down today. We had a number of questions on notice. We tried to get them all to the ministers on time, and this one lapsed. I apologise for that, but it is signed and on its way.

Questions 181, 244, 245, 328, 329, 330, 331, 333, 336 and 338

MR COE: For the Minister for Transport and City Services there are a whole host of them: numbers 181, 244, 245, 328, 329, 330, 331, 333, 336 and 338.

MS FITZHARRIS: Like Ms Berry, I also sought advice on this, prior to coming down to question time, when I saw the notice paper this morning. Those are delayed. Some of those have been as the result of further follow-up from me to the directorate before providing a full answer to the member. I think all of them are from Mr Coe.

I note earlier discussions around the estimates inquiry and Mr Wall’s assertion about a lack of transparency. The specific reason I wrote to Mr Wall after both emailing him and offering in person to return for a full day of the estimates inquiry on the call-back day, was to acknowledge that my office and my directorates had received extensive questions which we were aiming to reply to in the appropriate time frames. I indicated to him that I was very aware of the time frames and the time pressures on the estimates committee in order to finalise its report for tabling in the Assembly today, as it did. Members opposite should take a moment to reflect on the extensive, repetitive questions that were asked by members opposite. I apologise for any delay, but we have gone out of our way to provide full answers to all members opposite, in the interests of transparency for the Assembly and for the community.

I signed off a number of the questions this morning, and Mr Coe should receive those in his office shortly. I understand there are five I have not yet signed, and I have asked for those to be expedited. I expect them to be delivered to his office by tomorrow.

MR COE: I note the comments from the minister about the health portfolio. All the ones I am talking about relate to Transport Canberra and City Services. Some of them were lodged on or around 9 June, several weeks before questions went in for estimates. The reason for the 30-day allowance is so that there is ample time for the answering of these questions. I note that she has not given an answer as to why the questions for Transport Canberra and City Services have been delayed.

MADAM ACTING SPEAKER: I remind members of the provision of standing order 118A—that is, a member can seek at the conclusion of question time, after 30 days of not having received an answer, an explanation. The minister may give an

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