Page 3230 - Week 09 - Wednesday, 23 August 2017

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Ms Fitzharris: Point of order, Madam Speaker. I think that under standing order 117(a) questions shall be brief.

MADAM SPEAKER: It is worth noting, whilst those opposite often refer the executive to standing order 118, that it would be useful for those asking the questions to be very mindful of standing order 117 as well, because often times the question takes longer than—

Mr Barr: In the House of Representatives you get 30 seconds and Bob Katter gets 45 seconds.

Mrs Jones: Maybe you should change the rules, Mr Barr.

Mr Barr: Alright; we will. Done!

MADAM SPEAKER: Often times the question takes longer than—

Mrs Jones: But we have wasted a fair bit of time now and I am ready to finish the question if—

MADAM SPEAKER: I will also make the point, whilst you are having a good joke, that often times with your questions you are on your feet for longer than the minister has to answer your question when you interject and take points of order.

MRS JONES: Thank you, Madam Speaker. These increases in crime are well above the increase in Canberra’s population. What are some of the specific crimes this data has categorised as “other” crimes?

Mr Hanson interjecting—

MADAM SPEAKER: You are not amusing, Mr Hanson. I call the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.

MR GENTLEMAN: I suppose domestic violence would be associated with those “other” crimes. That goes into the general violence counts as well. But it is important to note that whilst these crime trends are increasing, police are increasing their presence and their workload. In my conversations with ACT Policing, it is my intention to have police officers out on the beat much more than they are at the moment.

That is why we are investing in this budget in ACT Policing resources for them to do a study on their future needs for the ACT. We have invested quite significantly into that. When they come back with their future plan, we will be able to see how they will be able to better address these crime trends.

MRS JONES: Minister, how does the government intend to reduce the level of assault, robbery, motor vehicle theft and other offences, given that the government has maintained funding of ACT Policing at a rate far below inflation and the population growth of Canberra over the past five years?

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