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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Suburban Land Agency (Ministerial statement)

Bushfire abatement zone (Ministerial statement)

Greyhound racing industry (Ministerial statement)

Work health and safety—annual statement (Ministerial statement)

Lands Acquisition Amendment Bill 2017

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2017

Gaming Machine (Cash Facilities) Amendment Bill 2017

Appropriation Bill 2017-2018

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Animals—dog attack compensation

Canberra Hospital—bed availability


Questions without notice:

Planning—Federal Golf Club

Government—tourism policy

Canberra Hospital—risk assessment

ACTION bus service—flexibus

Access Canberra—structural change

Greyhound racing—government policy

Government—community organisations support

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—rehabilitation facility

Children and young people—foster care

Health—regional aeromedical services


Leave of absence


Appropriation Bill 2017-2018


Keep Australia Beautiful Week

GG’s Flowers

Australian Beard Day

Smart Seeds

Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Lands Acquisition Amendment Bill 2017

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Leave of absence

Participatory budgeting

Legislative Assembly—sub judice convention (Statement by Speaker)

Trade unions—relationship with government

Population growth

Ministerial arrangements

Leave of absence

Questions without notice:

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—staff safety

Crime—motorcycle gangs

LGBTIQ community—government support

Director of Public Prosecutions—funding



Education—connect 10 program

Education—early childhood development

Homelessness—overnight shelters

Waste recycling facility—government shareholder status

Higher education—economic benefits

Canberra Hospital—emergency waiting times

Planning—community engagement

Roads—William Slim Drive

Transport—on-demand transport review

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

LGBTIQ community—government support

Personal explanation

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Public housing—maintenance

ACTION bus service—flexibus

Personal explanation

Population growth

Director of Public Prosecutions—funding

Ministerial travel

Ecotourism policy

Executive business—precedence

Appropriation Bill 2017-2018


Niu Oceania cultural centre

Cooyong Street mural

National Health Co-op

Giralang playground—anti-Semitic graffiti

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Petition: Safe schools program—petition 21-17

University of Canberra—annual report

Total facilities management contract (Ministerial statement)

Tree Protection Amendment Bill 2017

Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2017

Casino (Electronic Gaming) Bill 2017

Crimes (Food or Drink Spiking) Amendment Bill 2017

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2017

Monitoring of Places of Detention (Optional Protocol to the Convention
Against Torture) Bill 2017

Assembly business—notice No 1 (Lapse of notice)

Executive business—precedence

Refugees and asylum seekers—resettlement

Health, Ageing and Community Services—Standing Committee

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Appropriation Bill 2017-2018

Questions without notice:

Budget—pensioner concessions

Alexander Maconochie Centre—assaults

Alexander Maconochie Centre—Indigenous health care

Floriade—local content

Domestic and family violence—government initiatives

Alexander Maconochie Centre—assaults

Crime—anti-consorting laws

Access Canberra—assistance to business

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—aluminium cladding

ACT Health—data management

Renewable energy—review

Trade unions—government contracting

ACT Fire & Rescue—international deployment

ACT Health—policy framework

Environment—community gardens

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

ACT Health—data management

ACTION bus service—flexibus


Schools for all—quarterly report


Appropriation Bill 2017-2018

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2017-2018

Estimates 2017-2018—Select Committee

Estimates 2017-2018—Select Committee


Ms Fiona Richardson

Marriage equality

Safe schools program

Australian public service—impact of relocations

Assisted dying

Budget—Brindabella electorate

Answers to questions:

Roads—projects (Question No 181)

Criminalisation of a non-consensual sexual image (Question No 267)

ACTION bus service—ticketing system (Question No 337)

ACTION bus service—online trip planner (Question No 338)

ACT Health—notifiable invoices (Question No 339)

Chief Minister—notifiable invoices (Question No 340)

Mental health—child and adolescent services (Question No 341)

Clubs—assistance package (Question No 342)

Infrastructure—planning (Question No 343)

Ginninderra electorate—maintenance (Question No 344)

Roads—Tillyard Drive (Question No 345)

Roads—Kuringa Drive (Question No 346)

Multicultural affairs—government policy (Question No 347)

Westside village—costs (Question No 348)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander detainees (Question No 349)

Transport—light rail (Question No 350)

Planning—entertainment precincts (Question No 351)

Disability services—funding (Question No 352)

Government—taxes and charges (Question No 353)

Planning—entertainment precincts (Question No 354)

Planning—transport (Question No 355)

Government—land purchases (Question No 356)

Planning—future urban areas (Question No 357)

Government—notifiable invoices (Question No 359)

Government—screen arts funding (Question No 360)

Health—surgical training (Question No 364)

Canberra Hospital—trauma services (Question No 365)

Government—notifiable invoices (Question No 366)

Children and young people—playgrounds (Question No 367)

Art—public (Question No 369)

Arts—funding (Question No 372)

Environment—carbon emissions (Question No 374)

Transport—infrastructure (Question No 376)

Transport—infrastructure (Question No 377)

City Renewal Agency—projects (Question No 378)

Transport—flexible bus service (Question No 379)

ACT Policing—missing persons (Question No 382)

ACT Policing—media (Question No 383)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—women detainees (Question No 384)

ACT public service—payroll services (Question No 415)

Government—open data (Question No 416)

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate—communications (Question No 417)

Icon Water—shared services (Question No 418)

Government—grants (Question No 419)

Community councils—funding (Question No 423)

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission—accommodation (Question No 424)

Economy—trade missions (Question No 425)

Trade unions—memorandum of understanding (Question No 426)

Infrastructure—Black Mountain slipway (Question No 427)

Roads—speed cameras (Question No 429)

Civic—infrastructure audit (Question No 431)

Government—events policy (Question No 433)

Sport—Stromlo Forest Park (Question No 434)

Transport—ride-share services (Question No 436)

Transport—light rail (Question No 437)

City services—street sweeping (Question No 438)

Transport—light rail (Question No 441)

Civic—infrastructure audit (Question No 443)

ACTION bus service—school bus breakdown
procedures (Question No 444)

Planning—Haig Park (Question No 452)

Planning—Dickson (Question No 453)

Government—procurement (Question No 456)

Electricity—load shedding (Question No 460)

Housing—energy efficiency (Question No 462)

ACT public service—joint council (Question No 475)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Canberra Hospital—kitchen equipment

Canberra Hospital—procurement

Canberra Hospital—emergency waiting times

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—staffing

Minister for Health and Wellbeing—ministerial briefing

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—staff safety