Page 5026 - Week 13 - Thursday, 2 November 2017

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(6) There are currently no recruitment processes underway .Recruitment to handle FOI functions is undertaken on an as needs basis.

(7) Not applicable.

(Question No 729)

Mr Coe asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 22 September 2017 (redirected to the Acting Treasurer):

(1) Can the Treasurer provide an explanation why (a) claimants under the current compulsory third party (CTP) insurance scheme, (b) personal injury lawyers, (c) CTP insurance company employees and (d) public servants who deal in personal injury compensation, have been excluded from sitting on the citizens’ jury reforming the CTP insurance scheme:

(2) How many people did the Government estimate would register to be part of the jury out of the 6 000 households included in the mail out.

(3) Was there a minimum number of registrations required for the citizens’ jury to go ahead; if so, what was the minimum number.

(4) Given that The Canberra Times reported on 22 August 2017 that the company running the jury, DemocracyCo, required a minimum of 300 registrations, when did DemocracyCo inform the Government of that requirement

(5) When did the Government realise they would not meet this minimum requirement.

(6) Is the Government considering a further mail out or other recruiting measures to boost registration; if so, what form will the recruiting measures take, and will the same exclusions apply as per the original mail out.

(7) Is the Government considering extending the consultation process to capture more views in light of the small number of registrations; if so, what date will the consultation process be extended to.

(8) How will the citizens’ jury be selected from the limited pool available.

(9) Will the debate process and oral evidence be captured as part of a live stream, or otherwise uploaded by the Government.

(10) What entities, organisations, or people have been approached or requested to provide evidence to the citizens’ jury.

(11) What entities, organisations, or people have been invited to be part of the Stakeholder Reference Group.

(12) Are there aspects of the CTP model or scheme that the citizens’ jury is not being asked to comment on or propose changes to; if so, can the Treasurer identify the aspects and why the citizens’ jury cannot comment or propose changes; if not, why not.

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