Page 4806 - Week 13 - Wednesday, 1 November 2017

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MR GENTLEMAN: I thank Mr Coe for the question. I can certainly ask the directorate to look into how much information we can provide on that matter and provide that information to the Assembly as soon as possible. I am not sure if we will be able to do it by the end of today.

MR COE: Have these two clubs paid to vary their leases? If so, how much did each club pay and what was the percentage of the waiver? If you do not happen to have that information on you, will you also take that on notice as well.

MR GENTLEMAN: I will take the detail of that on notice and provide the information to the Assembly.

MR PARTON: Minister, when did each club apply for and receive, if applicable, lease variations or deconcessionalisation of their leases? Again, I understand it might be a take on notice scenario.

MR GENTLEMAN: Yes, certainly; I do not have the details of that to hand but I will take it on notice and provide what information I can back to the Assembly.

Transport—bike-sharing scheme

MS LE COUTEUR: My question is to the Minister for Transport and City Services. It relates to the announcement that dockless bike schemes are expected to start operating in Canberra soon. Has the government given consideration to establishing a docked bike-sharing scheme like Melbourne’s blue bikes or Brisbane’s CityCycle?

MS FITZHARRIS: I thank Ms Le Couteur for the question. Her question probably came in part from an article in the Canberra Times very recently about bike share coming to Canberra. I have stated and the government’s intention is to look very closely at the type of bike share scheme that could be established here in Canberra. Not long after my return from a trip to North America, where we saw numerous bike share schemes in operation, we started the process here of exploring what kind of bike share scheme could work for Canberra.

We have done a lot of analysis of schemes around the country and around the world about what types of bike share schemes are working and what specific types of schemes work under specific criteria. We also undertook quite extensive community consultation asking Canberrans (1) if they were interested in a bike share scheme for Canberra and (2) if they were, whether they would use it and where they would use it—where they would go to and from. We have gathered some very useful information about that.

Our intention was to effectively test the market to see what sorts of operators would be interested in establishing in Canberra. We have principally looked at docked bike share schemes like the one Ms Le Couteur mentioned, which are in operation around the country. But more recently we have seen dockless bike share. The government has not sought expressions of interest from any bike share operator but we have been

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