Page 158 - Week 01 - Wednesday, 14 December 2016

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pram. During the 2015-16 estimates hearings, Roads ACT Director, Mr Tony Gill, outlined the importance of promoting good and acceptable behaviour on shared paths and improving behavioural sign posting across the shared path network. The committee recommended that the government consider installing behavioural signposts around Lake Tuggeranong and Emu Inlet, as well as line markings for the benefit of pedestrians and cyclists. The government agreed with this recommendation. Minister, could you advise the Assembly if these works have been undertaken? If so, what is the status of these works?

MS FITZHARRIS: Thank you, Mr Doszpot, for the question. I certainly sympathise with the family who lost their pet and would take the opportunity to encourage everyone on all our paths and all our roads to be considerate. I certainly remember that, Mr Doszpot. I was a member of that committee that made that recommendation. My understanding is that there is work underway to improve signage across a number of paths. I do not know the status of any particular improved signage around Lake Tuggeranong but I will take that on notice and come back to the Assembly.

MR DOSZPOT: Minister, it would be good to know how many signs were installed, and where, but what powers does a ranger have to control behaviour on shared paths, and how often does a ranger patrol shared paths?

MS FITZHARRIS: I thank Mr Doszpot for a supplementary question. I will take that on notice but, again, to the extent that we could all do with being a bit more considerate just a bit more of the time, it would prevent incidents like this on our roads, on our footpaths and on our cycle paths. I will take the specifics of the question and come back to the Assembly.

MRS KIKKERT: Minister, what are you and your department doing about shared paths to ensure that a terrible situation does not happen again?

MS FITZHARRIS: Certainly, our path network, our shared paths and our on-road and off-road cycle paths will be a priority for me in this term. They are part of building an integrated transport system. They are part of keeping us active and healthy. The Labor Party made a number of commitments to improving shared paths, footpaths, both in terms of maintenance and upgrades and in terms of building new footpaths. We invest in footpaths every year. We invest in their maintenance and we invest in their upgrade. One showcase election commitment that Labor made was to build the Belconnen bikeway, which will provide a showcase in Canberra for off-road segregated cycle lanes. This will mean that cyclists in and around the Belconnen town centre, pedestrians in and around the Belconnen town centre and traffic in and around the town centre will be segregated. This will provide a real opportunity not only to increase walking and cycling and make it more comfortable, but also to make it safer in the Belconnen town centre.

Access Canberra—government transactions

MS CHEYNE: My question is to the Minister for Regulatory Services. Can the minister please outline to the Assembly how the government is improving people’s transactions with government?

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