Page 5220 - Week 14 - Wednesday, 29 November 2017

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Earlier this year I was also at UC for the launch of the Mill House social enterprise accelerator. Mill House aims to grow a high quality pipeline of investible social ventures in the ACT and region for corporate and individual social impact investors. As with starting any business, there is an element of risk in social entrepreneurship. What Mill House offers is an intensive form of education and mentorship. It works with people to improve their business idea to minimise the risk for investors in the future. Mill House is also collaborating to deliver Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business support, including in partnership with our local ACT Australian of the Year nominee, Dion Devow. I commend him for the incredible work that he has done on Indigenous business development in the ACT.

Mr Pettersson’s motion also mentions the upcoming opening of the University of Canberra public hospital. I want to touch on an aspect of this in relation to research at the University of Canberra. UCPH is bringing together expertise that will enable the University of Canberra to grow its research capability in areas where it already has strengths in the health system, another string to the University of Canberra’s ever-growing bow of research capabilities and strength. I commend the motion moved by Mr Pettersson that celebrates Canberra’s success, as we all should in this place.

MR PETTERSSON (Yerrabi) (11.25), in reply: I want to thank all members for their contributions today, both positive and negative. I find it very telling that those opposite cannot acknowledge any positive developments in our city this year. It is incredible: not a single thing. It must be a strange life being unable to acknowledge any achievement or positive from those that you may disagree with.

Mr Gentleman interjecting—

MR PETTERSSON: It is a different kind of bubble. Thank you, Mick.

I want to thank my colleagues who similarly share my excitement for the year to come. This year has been an incredible year, and I have no doubt that next year will be even better. Some of the text in the motion, 3(b), was mentioned in the debate. I would like to read that just for clarification, to make sure that everyone is talking about the same thing. It says:

… calls on this Assembly to, where appropriate … inform itself of positive economic data and other indicators to avoid inadvertently and incorrectly risking investment and confidence in our city’s performance.

I think that is pretty important. But more important than that is this particular point: the Canberra Liberals could not acknowledge a single achievement this year. I find that strange, because if you listen to them outside of this chamber they like to talk about all of the things that they do.

If you ask Mr Hanson, he is very proud of his work legislating on intimate photo abuse. He is very proud of that, and he worked hard for it. But it is very interesting that none of his colleagues would talk about it. None of his colleagues would mention it. I have a suspicion that maybe those opposite do not like to talk about Mr Hanson.

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