13 Feb 2018 - 29 Nov 2018 Subject Indexes

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amdts, amendments; ba, bill agreed to; detail, debated at the detail stage; mnrs, ministerial response; mnst, ministerial statement; mnc, motion of no confidence; psm, paper and statement by minister; perexp, personal explanation; prin, debated at the in-principle stage; qn, question on notice; refcom, reference to committee;



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement 2015-2018, annual report 2018, mnst, 5053

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement 2019-28, 4286q

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body report, psm, 69, 2650

Australian frontier wars, 1621

Boomanulla Oval, 1477qn, 2788qn, 3295q, 4790qn

Child protection, 723q, 3309q

Cultural activity support, 831q

Cultural integrity in schools, mnst, 706

Cultural plan, 5336qn

Education, annual report 2017-18, psm, 5109

Evonne Goolagong Foundation, 2028

Family services, 2961q

Health services, 1801q

NAIDOC Week, 4961q

National apology to the stolen generations, 10-year anniversary, mnst, 23

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, 43q, 164q, 957q, 1115qn, 1264q, 4786qn

Our Booris, Our Way

Interim report, psm, 3699

Review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children involved with child protection, mnst, 923


Apprehensions, 342qn

Engagement, 4555q

Programs, 3241qn, 3242qn

Project Booyah, 1320

Reconciliation Day, 497q, 3240qn, 1385q, 1500qn

Reconciliation Week, 2235, 3964

Winnunga Nimmityjah, 30th birthday, 2240

Women, achievements, 2431

Access Canberra

Call centre, 2284qn

Certificates, 4747qn

Complaints, 5294qn, 5295qn

Construction measures, 2530q

Drivers licences, 5333qn

Numberplates, 4746qn

Review of shopfront services, psm, 2227

Service delivery, 1914qn, 3220qn, 3615qn

Service enhancements, 1376q

Staffing, 3436q

Working with vulnerable people applications, 1496qn

ACT Ambulance Service

Ambulance demand and crewing, mnst, 4810

Cardiac treatment, 3931q

Charges, 4398qn

Crews, 1473qn, 1862qn, 2318qn, 2740qn, 3611qn, 3998qn

Data, 3481m

Fees, 2320qn, 2321qn, 2322qn, 2324qn, 2325qn

Government support, 162q

Overdose statistics, 5243qn

Private ambulances, 2323qn

Recruitment, 2323qn

Resourcing, 130m

Response times, 2322qn

Staffing, 311qn, 467m, 659qn, 660qn

Volunteers, 2323qn

ACT Architects Board

Complaint, 1942qn

ACT Beekeepers

Field Day, 1408

ACT Emergency Services Agency

Interstate assistance, 406q

Open day, 4495

Workplace culture, 1166q

ACT Fire & Rescue

Equipment, 2326qn

ACT Health

Accreditation update, mnst, 1971

Audit report, 1001qn

Audits, 5222qn

Budget, 4370qn

CALD training, 2275qn

Catering expenditure, 4845q, 5366qn

Chief Health Officer’s report 2018, psm, 2415

Communications, 4367qn, 4371qn, 5211qn

Conferences and seminars, 1413qn

Consultants, 2244qn, 5212qn, 5214qn

Cultural diversity, 4783qn, 4784qn, 5339qn, 5340qn, 5341qn, 5342qn

Cultural training, 4778qn

Cystic fibrosis treatment services, 3179qn

Data review, 1263q, 2262qn, 3548q

Director of Medical Imaging, 4331qn, 5301qn, 5303qn

Disciplinary action, 4389qn

Elective surgery, 4465q, 5248qn, 5249qn, 5365qn

Executive salaries, 2964q, 5247qn, 5248qn, 5307qn, 5308qn

Former director-general, 1260q

Freedom of information requests, 1469qn

Functions, 5220qn, 5229qn, 5232qn

Governance, 1574q, 2007q, 3749m, perexp, 3769, 5309qn

Graphic design services, 5256qn

Hospital capacity, 152q, 1116qn

Infrastructure upgrade, 4369qn, 4385qn

Interpreters, 5322qn

Interstate recruitment, 4751qn, 4753qn

Invoices, 1002qn, 1413qn

Joint replacements, 4467q, 4468q, 5364qn

Leadership, 3787q

Management committee, 5306qn

Ministerial briefings, 5305qn

Non-ACT patients, 4469q

Office for mental health, 1378q

Opioid treatment guidelines, 618q, 621q

Organisational changes, 5305qn, 5326qn, 5327qn, 5329qn, 5330qn


Documents, 5238qn, 5239qn

Framework, 5325qn

Proposed organisational changes, 1163q, 1173q, 1256q, 1259q, 1263q, 1677q, 1679q, 2003q, 2010q, 2081q, 2084q, 2209q, 2342qn, 2408q, 3180qn, 3182qn, 3183qn, 3541q, 4020qn, 4770qn

Public interest disclosure, 4552q, 4669q

Quarterly reporting, 5251qn

Records, 3921q

Redundancies, 5328qn, 5329qn

Restructure costs, 5328qn

Review, 4337qn

SPIRE project, 827q, 2249qn, 4464q, 4666q, 5364qn

Staff agreements, 4755qn

Staff remuneration, 4754qn, 4755qn, 4761qn, 4763qn, 5287qn, 5289qn

Staff survey, 4725qn

Staffing, 2736qn, 4757qn, 4759qn, 4765qn, 5241qn, 5242qn, 5327qn, 5328qn

System-wide data review

Outcomes, mnst, 3260

Quarterly update, mnst, 572, mnst, 1748

Treatment delays, 155q

Update on ACT Health transition and Australian Council on Healthcare Standards accreditation, mnst, 3251

Workplace attraction strategy, 615q

Workplace culture, 1575q, 2206q, 3679q, 3682q, 3685q, 3686q, 3689q, 3690q, 3693q, 3694q, 4082q, 4086q, 4180q, 4418qn, mnst, 4059, 4774qn, 5251qn, 5252qn, 5361qn

ACT Judicial Council

Complaints, 5270qn, 5271qn

ACT Policing

Annual report 2016-2017, corrigendum, psm, 2095

Body cameras, 4364qn

Controlled operations annual report 2016-2017, corrigendum, psm, 3939

Criminal gangs, 3078q

Cycling infringements, 3208qn

Dangerous driving in Gordon, mnrs, 8

Firearms Consultative Committee, 2689qn

Gun ownership, 3238qn, 3611qn

Motorcycle gangs, 5289qn, 5290qn, 5292qn

Neighbourhood Watch, 3207qn

Overtime, 2327qn

Recruitment, 1860qn, 2326qn

Resourcing, 1373q

Staffing, 1862qn

Wall to Wall fundraising ride, 3971

ACT public service

Contractors, 3221qn, 3222qn, 3223qn, 3224qn, 3225qn, 3226qn, 3227qn, 3228qn, 3229qn, 3230qn, 3231qn

Disability employment, 4404qn

Overpayment, 1480qn

Public interest disclosure, 2555m

ACT Revenue Office

Operations, 1493qn, 1502qn

Staffing, 1488qn

ACTION bus service

Breakdowns, 1442qn

Bus routes in Tuggeranong, mnrs, 692

Bus shelters, 319qn

Carbon neutral vehicles, 264q

Consultation, 2851q, 3299q

Costs, 1912qn

Deakin, Kingston and Manuka, mnrs, 7

Disability access, 1105qn

Drivers, 3214qn

Fares, 1101qn

Fleet, 1100qn

Free services, 1446qn, 3593qn

Government investment, mnst, 3493

MyWay card, 4729qn

Network, 1444qn, 2682, 2799m, 3594qn, 4084q, 4173q, 5094q

Patronage, 3212qn, 3218qn, 4341qn, 4347qn, 4350qn, 4359qn

Patronage data, 1955qn

Performance, 1439qn, 2292qn

Pets, 1962qn, 1253q

Repairs, 1910qn

Route changes, 184m

Routes, 2282qn, 2335qn

School services, 1275m, 2284qn, 4097q, 4048, 4051, 4650q, 5093q, 5344qn, 5362qn

Staffing, 1102qn, 1438qn, 1895qn

Sunday ACTION timetable, 2345, 2349, mnrs, 4605

Timetable, 1165q, 2944m, 2975, 5314qn

Xpresso services, 2395q, 3247qn, 3595qn

Aged care

Proposed Kingston nursing home, mnrs, 2347


Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology, 3796q

Local primary producers, 4676

Alexander Maconochie Centre

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees, 2786qn

Accredited training, 1382q

Detainee payments, 1013qn

Detainees, 4734qn

Drugs, 276q, 1117qn, 4735qn

Duress alarms, 4970q

Email policy, 1013qn

Governance, 477m

Health services, 3245qn

Housing, 3244qn

Interstate transfers, 4735qn

Mail policy, 46q

Moss review, mnst, 355, mnst, 4229

Motorcycle gang activities, 1375q

Programs, 3239qn, 3240qn

Review, 2781qn, 2783qn

Review of opioid replacement program, psm, 3556

Visitor feedback, 1016qn

Visitor policy, 1014qn

Allan, Mr B

Tribute, 3575


Cat containment, 5262qn, 5263qn

Dangerous dogs, mnrs, 10, 1696m, 1791q, 1807q, 2854q, 3489, 4098q, 4172q, 4332qn, 4335qn

Dog attack, 4392qn, 5315qn, 5317qn, 5318qn

Dogs, 5314qn, 5315qn

Domestic animal services, rangers, 1023qn

Off-leash areas, 4961q

Pet ownership, 3919q

Poultry industry code, 1026qn


First speech, 3024, 3026, 3029


Art not apart festival, 2260qn

Canberra Repertory Society, 3966

Consultants, 5227qn, 5254qn, 5255qn

Funding, 1582q, 2858q, 4967q

Minister’s creative council, 3542q

Ministerial briefings, 4383qn, 5228qn, 5310qn, 5311qn

Multicultural theatre, 5345qn

Music engagement program, 279q

Venues, 3179qn


Asbestos-related works across Canberra, mnst, 2813

Block remediation, 4330qn

Management issues, 1045qn

Property sales, 1097qn

Attorney-General, Minister for Regulatory Services, Minister for the Arts and Community Events and Minister for Veterans and Seniors

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 243


Report No 3 of 2018, government response, psm, 2228

Report No 5 of 2018, government response, psm, 2422

Report No 8 of 2018, government response, psm, 3934

Report No 9 of 2018, mnrs, psm, 5110

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Funding levels, 2995m

Australian Labor Party

Conference, 3295q, 3301q

Preselection, 2528q, 2628q, 2629q

Australian National University

Bullying, 1406

Australian public service

Impact of relocations, 440, 1815

Australian Space Agency

Location, 2506m, 2536

Baker, Dr J AO, OBE

Condolence, 345m


Animal Diseases Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2159, 2664, ba, 2671

Anti-corruption and Integrity Commission Bill 2018, prin, 2031

Appropriation Bill 2017-2018 (No 2), prin, 256, 1343, ba, 1351

Appropriation Bill 2018-2019, prin, 2013, 2210, refcom, 2223m, detail, (ACT Local Hospital Network) 2818, (Health Directorate) 2836, 2866, (Education Directorate) 2869, (Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate) 2881, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2900, 3102, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 3126, 3273, (Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate) 3287, 3315, (Community Services Directorate) 3334, (Superannuation Provision Account) 3355, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3356, (Housing ACT) 3360, (City Renewal Authority) 3369, 3521, (Legal Aid Commission (ACT) 3521, (Icon Water Limited) 3521, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 3522, (ACT Executive) 3524, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 3528, (Public Trustee and Guardian) 3531, (Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission) 3531, (Treasurer’s Advance) 3531, ba, 3532

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2017-2018 (No 2), prin, 258, 1351, ba, 1351

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2018-2019, prin, 2021, 2210, 2817, 2866, 3101, 3273, 3315, 3521, 3532, ba, 3534

Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988, section 65, refcom, 3907m

Betting Operations Tax Bill 2018, prin, 2585, 3656, detail, 3662, 3721, statement by Speaker, 3716, ba, 3721, amdts, 3737

Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 5079

Building and Construction Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 367, ba, 371

Canberra Institute of Technology Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 5066

Casino and Other Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1762, 1996, ba, 2003

Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1765, 2381, ba, 2385

City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4455, 5122, ba, 5124

Civil Law (Wrongs) (Child Abuse Claims Against Unincorporated Bodies) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3046, 3953, ba, 3957

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Principal Target) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3049, 3722, ba, 3728

Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 5076

Controlled Sports Bill 2018, prin, 5062

Courts and Other Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 574, 752, ba, 759

Courts and Other Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 (No 2), prin, 2586, 3957, ba, 3962

Crimes (Consent) Amendment Bill 2018, expd, 445, prin, 1209

Crimes (Fortification Removal) Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 371, ba, 380

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2), prin, 380, 430, detail, 433, ba, 439, amdts, 444

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3898, 4075, ba, 4082

Crimes (Restorative Justice) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3504, 3669, ba, 3679

Disability Services Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4456, 4899, ba, 4902

Discrimination Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4612, 4878, detail, 4889, ba, 4896, amdts, 4917

Domestic Animals (Dangerous Dogs) Amendment Bill 2018, expd, 4593, prin, 4950

Domestic Animals (Dangerous Dogs) Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, expd, 3741, prin, 4127

Domestic Animals Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 926, 1145, ba, 1155

Drugs of Dependence (Personal Cannabis Use) Bill 2018, expd, 3746

Drugs of Dependence (Personal Cannabis Use) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4938

Education (Child Safety in Schools) Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 5059

Electoral Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 5068

Emergencies Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4241, 4896, ba, 4899

Firearms and Prohibited Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 30, detail, 37, ba, 38, amdts, 102

Fuels Rationing Bill 2018, prin, 5070

Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4619, 4833, 4860, detail, 4869, ba, 4870, amdts, 4915

Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting) Bill 2018, prin, 2471, in-principle debate, statement by Speaker, 2578, prin, 4181 detail, 4691, ba, 4705, amdts, 4712

Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2588, refcom, 2592m, 2610, 2626, 2817, prin, 4260, detail, 4277, ba, 4278, amdts, 4312

Health (Improving Abortion Access) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 780, 3836, detail, 3854, ba, 3855, amdts, 3860

Integrity Commission (ACT Policing) Amendment Bill 2018, expd, psm, 4832

Integrity Commission Bill 2018, expd, refcom, 2365m, prin, 4826, 5124, detail, 5143, ba, 5183, amdts, 5200

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 927, 1155, ba, 1162

Lakes Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 585, detail, 593, ba, 594, amdts, 647

Land Tax Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1338, 1559, ba, 1565

Land Tax (Community Housing Exemption) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3739, ruling by Speaker, 4039

Lands Acquisition (Reporting Requirements) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 108

Magistrates Court (Retirement Age of Magistrates) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1625

Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1754, 2194, ba, 2200

Monitoring of Places of Detention (Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture) Bill 2017, prin, 267, ba, 270

Motor Accident Injuries Bill 2018, expd, 3891, refcom, 3891m

Ombudsman Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1752, 2181, ba, 2194

Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charge Deferred Payment Scheme) Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 258, 1598, ba, 1605

Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1339, 1610, ba, 1351, 1617

Prostitution Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2165, 2385, detail, 2440, ba, 2445, amdts, 2466

Public Sector Workers Compensation Fund Bill 2018, prin, 4245, 4876, ba, 4878

Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3507, 3664, ba, 3669

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1760, 1985, ba, 1996

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018 (No 2), prin, 4617

Retirement Villages Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 5073

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2), prin, 95, ba, 96

Road Transport Reform (Light Rail) Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 930, 1825, amdts, 1840, ba, 1830

Royal Commission Criminal Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 4238, 4870, ba, 4876

Senior Practitioner Bill 2018, prin, 2615, detail, 2626, ba, 2626, amdts, 2687

Sentencing Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3900, 4687, ba, 4691

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 3896, 4459, ba, 4464

Stock Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2163, 2171, 2672, ba, 2677

Veterinary Practice Bill 2018, prin, 1757, 3560, detail, 3566, ba, 3573, amdts, 3582

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 1143, 1605, ba, 1610

Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 2169, 2445, ba, 2462

Work Health and Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, prin, 594, ba, 598

Workplace Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, prin, 260, 759, detail, 767, ba, 770, amdts, 778

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

Assault allegations, 1685q, 1807q

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, 5348qn, 5349qn

Foetal health, 1720m

Headline indicators, reports, psm, 4673

Staffing, 1380q, 1383q, 1963qn, 2336qn


Electorate, 4121


Assistance for veterans and seniors, 2967q

Brindabella electorate, 3573, 3575, 3579

Budget 2017-18, update, 41q

Budget review 2017-18, psm, 61

Canberra Institute of Technology, 2092q, 2795qn

Childcare funding, 2078q

City services, 3683q

Community input, 3538q

Deficit, 2842q

Disability services, 2090q

Domestic and family violence, 4410qn

Education, 2082q, 2853q

Employment, 2202q

Government investment, 153q, 2079q, 3465m

Health funding, 2200q, 2796qn

Housing and homelessness, 3440q

Infrastructure, 2207q, 2796qn

Lease variation charge, 4406qn

Light rail, 2086q

Pensioner concessions, 2969q, 2970q, 4037qn

Playgrounds, 1042qn

Rates, 3577

Support for emergency services, 2965q


Code compliance, 2635q, 2639q, 3992qn, 4332qn

Quality, 3688q

Quality improvement, mnst, 4226

Bush, Ms L

Tribute, 3370


Bushfire season 2018-19, mnst, 3266

Controlled burns, 2741qn, 3996qn

Fire towers, 4750qn

Preparedness, 3305q, 4851q

Prescribed burns, 4983m

Warnings, 1480qn


Belconnen showcase, 4603

Commercial rates, 4740qn, 5326qn

Commercial rental, 4739qn

Development, 770

Forbes Asia, 30 under 30, 1324

Fyshwick, 3234qn

Local Industry Advocate, 56q, 1115qn

Red tape reduction, 3928q

Calvary Hospital

Alleged bullying, 1577q

Overdose statistics, 5237qn

Plumbing, 5092q


Community Association, 3029


ACT Australian of the Year, 4492

Flags and banners, 1044qn

Mammal emblem for the ACT, 5119m

Overdose statistics, 5244qn

Place name guidelines, 4996m

Population projection, 4959q

Sister city relationships, 4476q

Canberra Hospital

Accident and emergency procedures, 3312q, 4038qn

Accreditation, 831q, 1107qn, 1582q, 1679q, 2344qn

Adult mental health unit, 1796q

Alert levels, 1005qn

Asbestos, 500q, 4842q, 4855q, 4969q

Bed occupancy rates, 1417qn, 1418qn, 2249qn

Building works, 2243qn

Chief Medical Officer, 4465q

Cleaning, 4826q

Drinking water, 1845qn

Electrical systems, 5240qn

Emergency waiting times, 4175q, 4177q, 4178q, 4281q, 5363qn

Equipment, 3980qn

HEPA filter maintenance, 4846q

Infrastructure, 829q

Operating theatres, 5257qn

Overdose statistics, 5236qn

Patient flow management, 312qn

Patient safety, 153q, 1116qn

Pharmacy service, 4365qn, 4475q, 4658q, 5366qn

Plumbing issues, 4473q, 5354qn, 5355qn, 5364qn

Radiology department, 2403q, 2404q, 2407q, 2844q, 2845q, 2847q, 3007m, 3629qn, 4036qn, 4085q, 4100q, 4282q, 4318qn, 4772qn, Radiology department, 4850q, 5216qn, 5217qn, 5250qn, 5251qn, 5257qn, 5363qn

Safety, 2529q, 2535q


Offsite analysis, 3790q

Offsite contract, 4657q, 4791qn

Shooting, 3975qn

Canberra Institute of Technology

Annual report 2017, psm, 1388

Freedom of information request, psm, 734

Heart health program, 2679, 3976qn

Tuggeranong car park lighting, 662qn, 663qn

Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Artistic program, 3028

Canberra Theatre Centre

Courtyard studio usage, 2267qn


ACT carers strategy, mnst, 4072

Support services, 3074q

Carmichael, Mr L

Tribute, 3371

Casino Canberra

Development proposal, 1684q

Catholic Church

Response to slavery, 307

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children

Complaints, 1568q, 1570q, 1571q

Maintenance, 4839q, 4842q, 5366qn

Paediatric medical ward, 5226qn

Plumbing issues, 4470q, 5365qn

Upgrade program, 2963q, mnst, 3039, 3074q, 4769qn, 5331qn, 5332qn


Group centre recycling bins, 2804, mnrs, 4049

Chief Engineer

Asia trade mission, 2532q

Censure, mc, 671

Communications strategy, 717q

Proposed appointment, 2137m

Relations with the media, 665

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Workplace bullying, 1091qn


Administration, 4400qn

Hands Across Canberra, 3535q, 3536q, 3538q

Child care

Centres, 1472qn

Children and young people

A step up for our kids, out of home care strategy update, mnst, 1332, mnst, 4067

Abuse, 5346qn, 5347qn

Achievements, 1837

ACT Children and Young People Death Review Committee

Annual report, psm, 2096

Report, psm, 3093

ACT children and young people’s commitment 2015-2025, mnst, 737

Adoptions, 1171q, 1269q, 4327qn

Care and protection, 399q

Child sexual abuse, 784m

Children’s rights, 4299

Disabled parents, 5264qn, 5265qn

Foster care, 1027qn, 3970

National Child Protection Week, 3970

National Children’s Week, 4602

Official Visitor (Children and Young People), annual report 2017-18, psm, 4482

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Government response, 400q

Recommendations, 4168q

Redress scheme, 959q, 2410q

Citizens juries

Process, 1170q

City Renewal Authority

Budget, 3577

Grants, 1180q

Promotional materials, 1495qn, 1896qn

Quarterly land acquisition report, psm, 61

Statement of intent, psm, 410

Targets, 4166q


Community contributions, 3084q, 3421q, 3427q, 3430q, 3434q, 3435q, 3438q, 3439q, 3634, 3635

Data collection, 1034qn

Diversification fund, 3425q

Proposed diversification support fund, 4167q

Taxation, 2920m


Insurance, 4279q

Community sector

Government support, 607q

Community Services

Belconnen Community Service, 4216

Community facilities in Page, 1121, mnrs, 2348

Mothers’ groups, 1430qn

Outreach programs, 1460qn

Project funding, 4401qn

Yogie awards, 1320

Community Services Directorate

Data collection, 4779qn

Freedom of information, psm, 1588, psm, 3935

Multicultural affairs, 3621qn

Construction INDUSTRY

Penalties, 2269qn

Regulation, 862m

Regulatory reforms, update, psm, 2224

Council for the Australian Federation

ACT relationship, 393q


ACT Supreme Court, coat of arms, 4971q

Building works, 2081q, 2795qn

Construction project update, mnst, 4445

Heritage value, 4391qn


ACT Crime Stoppers hotline, 1860qn

Antisocial behaviour, 2253qn

Gangs, 949q

Gungahlin, 1863qn

Infringement notices, 3606qn

Motorcycle gangs, 272q, 403q, 720q, 1510qn, 2641q, 2644q, 2647q, 3629qn, 3792q, 4288q, 5270qn, 5290qn

Offences while on bail, 5098q

Robbery, 270q, 495q, 1510qn, 3428q

Statistics, 1169q

Victim welfare, 394q, 509q, 606q

Yerrabi, 3082q

Director of Public Prosecutions

Staff, 1031qn

Strategic review, psm, 2225

Disability services

ACT government role, 4406qn

CALD support, 2272qn

Disability recommendations, mnst, 1138

Funding, 3233qn

Government support, 4727qn

Grants, 1578q, 4401qn

Official Visitor (Disability Services), annual report 2017-18, psm, 4480

Domestic and family violence

ACT prevention of violence against women and children strategy 2011-17, second implementation plan, mnst, 1328

CALD community, 3620qn

Digital technology, 4648q

Family safety hub, 2645q, 4014qn, 4843q

Government initiatives, 323qn, 1878qn, 4008qn

Refuge funding, 4736qn

Report, 4198m

Services, 4546q

White Ribbon, reproductive rights, 4217

Domestic animal services

Dogs, 1253q, 1961qn, 3588qn, 3589qn, 3591qn, 3592qn, 3981qn, 3982qn, 3983qn, 4321qn, 5319qn

Fees, 5315qn, 5316qn

Management and staff resources, psm, 3091

Rangers, 2085q

Staffing, 3984qn, 4322qn

Veterinary services, 3593qn


Call centre, 4030qn

Staffing, 4030qn

Support visits, 4031qn


Pill testing, 1264q, 1409, 1778m, 1811, 3681q


Credit rating, 4290q

Economic growth, 447m

Growth, 1569q

Performance, 2398q, 3784q, 4840q

Skilled migration, 3920q, 4418qn


Community schools, 4958q, 4966q

Complaints, 5274qn

Cultural integrity program, 1478qn

Digital assessment tools, 3549q

Disability funding, 2966q, 3555

Disruptive students, 4964q

Early childhood, 1203, 2303qn

Early childhood strategy, 2405q

Early learning, 3369

Education and Care Services National Further Amendment Regulations 2017, psm, 64


Policy, 5105q

Projections, 159q, 277q, 726q, 1012qn, 1116qn, 1511qn

Future of education, mnst, 352

Future strategy, 1576q, mnst, 3032, 3076q, 3311q

Gifted and talented students, 1799q, 1936qn, 5276qn, 5277qn

Government investment, 2113m

Homestay program, 333qn

International students, 1852qn, 3869

Learning support, 5279qn

Literacy and numeracy, 4649q

Music education, funding, 3773m

Music H course, funding, 5042


Results, 833q, 4095q

Survey, 1176q

Testing, 4325qn

National Education and Care Services Freedom of Information and Privacy Commissioners and Ombudsman annual report 2016-17, psm, 66

Occupational violence, 4089q, 4090q

Professional development, 5284qn

Reading proficiency, 160q

School crossing supervisor program, 1051qn

School device rollout, 44q

Skills development, 2005q

St Bede’s Primary School, 901

Staff welfare, 4092q

Staffing, 5280qn, 5281qn, 5283qn

Teacher Quality Institute, 604q

Tenure, 5271qn

Valuing teachers, 4108

Vocational, 2309qn

Education Directorate

Communications, 4336qn

Staff, 2732qn

Staffing, 5276qn


Electronic voting systems, 4402qn


Tribute, 3968

Emergency services

Assaults, 4733qn

Communications, 1672q, 2343qn, 3624qn

Employment of women, 836q

Fines, 4734qn

Government support, 2012q

Minimum crewing, 5099q

Recruitment, 2525q

Staff wellbeing, 1371q


Freedom of speech in the workplace, 4484

Inquiry into the extent, nature and consequence of insecure work in the ACT, mnst, 3887


Battery storage, 396q

Concessions, 317qn

Consumption, 2296qn

Efficiency, 1708m, 2564m, 4015qn, 4778qn

Emission reduction and renewable energy, 1355m

Feed-in tariff cost, 2295qn, 2299qn

Gas, 1020qn

Generation capacity, 2297qn

Household consumption, 2294qn, 2298qn

National energy guarantee, 2516q, 2598m, 2610, 2849q

Policy, 1805q

Regulation, 1958qn

Renewable, 1239m, 1428qn

Solar, 1863qn

Wholesale electricity purchase, 2300qn


Aquatic and riparian strategy, 507q

Balloons, 5266qn

Bees, 1589

CALD information, 2274qn

Carbon emissions, 1873qn

Climate change, 2680, 4215, 4904

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act, minister’s annual report 2017-18, psm, 5113

Elm leaf beetle, 1010qn, 1448qn

Ginninderra Creek, flood mitigation, 1892qn

Golden sun moth habitat, 1468qn

Gungahlin strategic assessment, psm, 630, psm, 2231

Implementation status report on ACT government’s climate change policy, government response, psm, 632

Lake Burley Griffin, 3073q, 3630qn

Molonglo nature reserve, 1017qn

Molonglo Valley strategic assessment

Audit, psm, 2233

Independent audit, government response, psm, 4292

Mugga, Isaacs and Tralee, 341qn

Nature strip guidelines, 340qn

Ngunnawal trail, 4394qn

Peacocks, 3552q

Pesticides, 660qn, 1032qn


Bag ban, 2684, 4024qn

Plastic Free July, 2681

Plastic waste reduction, mnst, 5056

Single-use plastics, 3705, 4562m

Straws, 3927q, 3933q, 4419qn

Unfantastic plastic, review of the ACT plastic shopping bag ban, psm, 3940

Recycling bins, 4007qn

Superb parrot habitat, 662qn

Tree canopy coverage, mnst, 4235

Trees, protection, 1448qn

Upper Stranger Pond, 4290q

Weed management, 338qn

Weed trees, 1022qn

World Environment Day, 2237

Zero emission vehicle and climate action summits, mnst, 4447

Fahey, Mr S

Tribute, 2906

Federal government

Budget, 1685q, 1735

Facial recognition scheme, 1791q

Financial disputes, 1907qn

Territory rights, 2680, 2681, 2684, 2685, 2686, 2846q, 3027, 3029, 3944


Financial Management Act, consolidated financial report, psm, 64

Financial Management Act

2018-19 capital works program, progress report, psm, 4855

Consolidated annual financial statements 2017-2018, psm, 4669

Consolidated financial report, psm, 2023, psm, 2860, psm, 4854


Neighbourhood Watch, 3733, 3857


Financial management, 2632q

Freeman, Mr S

Findings of death, psm, 3556

Gallagher, Ms K

Tribute, 1738, 1740, 1837


Harm minimisation measures, 4559q


Gambling harm minimisation, mnst, 1133

Gaming, consumer privacy, 1180q, 1268q

Poker machines, 2515q, 2534q

Problem gambling assistance fund, 4407qn

Garran Primary School

Science fair, 3578


Gender in legislation and policy, 85


Conservation, 4664q

Environmental impact statement, 4548q, 4550q, 4561q, 5365qn


Shops, 2463


Administrative arrangements, 3783q

Agencies, cultural capability, 2278qn

Cabinet meetings, 1790q, 2793qn

Capital works program, quarterly progress report, psm, 408, 3555

Carers strategy, 2694qn

Celebration of International Day of People with Disability, 4471q

Centre of data excellence, 2286qn

Citizens juries, impartiality, 496q

City and gateway strategy, 725q

Clubs policy, 3924q, 4418qn

Commercial lessees, 1066qn, 1420qn, 2250qn, 2251qn, 2252qn

Communications, 1497qn, 1925qn, 1927qn, 1933qn

Community organisations support, 2411q, 3194qn

Concession programs, 2697qn, 2699qn

Contingent workforce scheme, 1952qn

Contracting, 1953qn, 2292qn, 3237qn, 3238qn

Contractors, 3613qn, 3614qn

Creative services panel, 1498qn

Cybersecurity funding, 1498qn

Delivering an inclusive, progressive and connected Canberra, mnst, 4057

Demographic projections, 1946qn

Directorate integrity, 3138qn, 3140qn, 3141qn, 3142qn, 3145qn, 3146qn, 3147qn, 3149qn, 3150qn, 3151qn, 3152qn, 3153qn, 3154qn, 3155qn, 3157qn, 3158qn, 3159qn, 3160qn, 3161qn, 3162qn, 3163qn, 3164qn, 3165qn, 3167qn, 3168qn, 3170qn, 3172qn, 3174qn

Directorate staffing, 2759qn, 2760qn, 2762qn, 2763qn, 2765qn, 2766qn, 2769qn, 2770qn, 2771qn, 2772qn, 2773qn, 2774qn, 2776qn, 2778qn, 2779qn, 4411qn, 4724qn, 5218qn, 5219qn

Disability services, 953q, 3423q

Emergency relief and financial support services program, 2519q

Employee assistance scheme, 4412qn


Incentives, 5269qn, 5270qn

Policy, 3296q

Ethical contracting, 164q

Ethical procurement and employment practices, 509m

Ex gratia payments, 398q, 1118qn

Expenditure, 1049qn

Facilities booking system, 4001qn

Fees and charges, 1902qn

Firearms amnesty, 3998qn

Free wi-fi, 4022qn

Freedom of information requests, 1929qn, 1932qn, 2328qn, 2743qn, 2744qn, 2745qn, 2746qn, 2747qn, 2748qn, 2749qn, 2750qn, 2751qn, 2752qn, 2753qn, 2754qn, 2755qn, 2756qn, 2757qn, 2758qn, 2759qn

Fyshwick land sale, 506q, 1119qn

Girls take over parliament, 1324

Heritage grants, 1260q

Income support, 4953m

Indemnity, 5255qn

Initiatives, 1645m

Integrity commission, 3543q

International engagement policy, 962q

Investment, 276q

Japan trade delegation, mnst, 4807

Land acquisition arrangements, 342qn, 4016qn

Land sales, 958q, 5304qn

Language services policy, psm, 4483


Arrangements, 3991qn

Variation revenue, 4029qn

Meetings, 3981qn, 4773qn

Men’s sheds, 1067qn, 1424qn, 2311qn

Ministerial delegation to New Zealand, mnst, 3878

Ministerial delegation to the USA and American Planning Association study tour, mnst, 2376

Ministerial delegation to Washington DC, mnst, 916

Ministerial delegation to Wellington, mnst, 1127

Ministerial trade delegation to South-East Asia, mnst, 2808

Music grants, 1847qn, 5332qn

Notifiable invoices, 1469qn, 2257qn, 2728qn, 3585qn

Office for LGBTIQ affairs, outcomes, 2640q

Our Canberra newsletter, publication data, 2288qn, 2289qn

Payments, 2698qn, 2699qn

Priorities, mnst, 77, mnst, 2367, 4086q, 5106q

Procurement policies, 1491qn, 1906qn, 4976q, 5367qn

Rates, 4740qn

Reducing gambling harm, mnst, 3498

Reshuffle, 3294q

Respect, equity and diversity training, 4782qn

Revenue collection transformation program, 2700qn

Revenue from greyhound racing, 1225m

Rural assistance, 2856q

Safer families policy, mnst, 1967

Seniors Week, 837q

Services, 1905qn

Sister city agreement, 1918qn

Space industry policy, 3695q, 4178q

Sporting infrastructure, 3922q

Subordinate legislation, psm, 4670

Support for Common Ground, 1943qn

Swimming pool safety, 5103q

Taxes and charges, 1902qn, 1908qn

Tenders, 1487qn, 1490qn

Tourism policy, 1094qn

Vehicle fleet, 2330qn, 2690qn, 2737qn, 3137qn

Veterans employment strategy, 504q

Visa applications, 3624qn

Waste to energy policy, 4661q

Will bank service, 1957qn

Youth engagement, 417

Greyhound racing

Community Values, 3733

Cruelty reports, 1407

Draft code of practice, 1256q, 1961qn, 1962qn

Government policy, 998, 1797q

Greyhound industry transition, mnst, 4606

Transition package, 2200q, 2796qn


Construction activities, business impact assessment, psm, 3936

Light rail impact, 4654q

Park, 3735


Community Association, 4602

Tuckerbox, 2905

Hamblin Wang, Ms S

Tribute, 2464

Harding, Mr M

Tribute, 1198

Harmony Day

Celebration, 774, 897, 898


Abortion, 4837q, 5262qn, 5367qn

Adult mental health unit, 1117qn, 2636q

Alert system, 2255qn

Anti-smoking measures, 1048qn

Australian Medical Association ACT, 1836

Blood donations, 1299m, 3373

Breast screening, 4282q, 5364qn

Breastmilk bank, 4502m

Budget, 1002qn

Bulk billing, 3790q, 4098q

Bullying, 2490m

CALD support, 2273qn


Chemotherapy, 3246qn

Patients, 956q, 1512qn, 2341qn

Research, 4651q

Treatment, 1923qn

Childhood flu vaccination program, 961q

Communications, 1846qn

Consultants, 5249qn

Contraception, 714q, 1511qn

Eating disorder healthcare services, 2345, 2349, mnrs, 4223, 4224

Elective surgery, 39q, 4176q

Gungahlin, nurse-led walk-in centre, 3080q, 4848q

Health Care Consumers Association, 4912

Health system, 634

Hydrotherapy, 4847q, 4856q

Investment and planning, 143m, 168

Medical research, 4721qn

Medical staff, 290q

Melanoma, 4706

Meningococcal immunisation program, 501q

Methadone overdose statistics, 1416qn

Ministerial briefings, 4381qn, 5250qn

Ministerial priorities, 46q

Multicultural health policy unit, 2734qn

Neurofibromatosis, 3968

NeuroMoves, 899

Nurse-led walk-in centres, 40q, 721q, 3791q

Ophthalmology services, 5223qn, 5224qn

Outreach programs, 1458qn

Palliative care, 4775qn

Queen Elizabeth II Family Centre, 5265qn, 5266qn

Report on government services, 47q

Representative Aboriginal organisations, 3191qn

Reproductive health products and advice, access, 2908m

Sexual health, 98

Staff safety, 4838q

Waiting times, 314qn

Withdrawal of codeine-based medicines, 1004qn

Workplace culture, 4837q


Heritage protection, 1186

Lake Burley Griffin and surrounds, mnrs, 692

Manuka pool honour roll, 1202

Hindmarsh, Mr J

Tribute, 771


Abandoned belongings, 1456qn

Data, mnst, 920

Funding, 1584q, 1740


Funding, 1378q

Policy, 166q

Homelessness services, 1036qn

Orange Sky Laundry, 98


Bullying, 2209q

Discharge policy, 1581q


Departments, 2008q

Incidents, 4002qn

Waiting times, 4722qn

Governance, 1627m

Meals, 5303qn

Nurse to patient ratios, 4377qn

Ronald McDonald House fundraising ball, 1622

Sentinel events, 4388qn

Staff safety, 3973qn, 4317qn

Waiting times, 1565q, 1566q, 2084q, 2343qn, 2794qn


ACT housing choices collaboration hub, mnst, 3883

ACT housing strategy, mnst, 4425

Affordability, 391q, 492q, 881m, 1257q, 2526q, 3313q, 3788q, 3918q, 4420qn, 4546q, 4662q, 4663q

Community, 4659q

Developing a new housing strategy, psm, 733

Equitable access, 2333qn

First home owners, 2728qn

Government sales, 2523q

Government support, 3986qn

Grants, 4026qn

Homelessness, 51q

Housing choices, 727q, 1680q, 2637q

Land tax, 1107qn

Land title searches, 2266qn

Multi-unit complexes, 1039qn

New housing strategy, 4464q, 4466q

Official Visitor (Homelessness Services), annual report 2017-18, psm, 4478

Rates, 1106qn, 1109qn, 1110qn, 1111qn, 1450qn, 1456qn, 3600qn

Rental, 4739qn

Rental bond scheme, 319qn

Residential property approvals, 4665q

Residential tenancy legislation reviews, 320qn

Social housing

Incentives, 2476m

Response to resolution of the Assembly, psm, 4101, psm, 4102

Strata regulation, 5267qn

Utility pricing, 1113qn

Icon Water

Contracts with ActewAGL, order to table, 3510m, 3905m

Meter reading, 1093qn

Water prices, 1474qn

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission

Reports, psm, 1808

Industrial relations

Apprenticeships and traineeships, mnst, 2151

Work safety, 1793q

Workers’ rights, 4223, 4224, mnrs, 4797

Workplace safety performance, mnst, 3269


Third party, 1948qn, 1949qn, 1951qn


Nobel peace ride, 3909m

Internet services

National broadband network, local deployment, 657qn


Accessibility, 3082q

Blueprint for youth justice in the ACT 2012-22, progress report, psm, 967

Detention exit community outreach (DECO) program, mnst, 1129

Magistrates, 1174q

Resourcing, 1374q, 2093q

Restorative, 612q

Suspended sentences, 343qn

World Day of Social Justice, 442

Justice and Community Safety Directorate

Workplace culture, 1175q


Tribute, 4122

Krikonis, Mr S

Tribute, 2241

La Salle, Dr J

Tribute, 2241


Block 6, Dickson, 1947qn

Block 23 city, 2312qn

Block 27 Lyneham, 2271qn

Block 30 Dickson, 2293qn

Dickson land swap, 2394q, 2396q, 2514q, 2518q, 2795qn

Dickson purchase, 713q, 714q, 716q, 717q, 820q, 821q, 948q, 951q, 1162q, 1252q, 1511qn, 1959qn, 1961qn, 2077q, 2343qn

Indigenous land use agreements, 4751qn

Molonglo stage 3, 2632q, 2647q, 3944

Rent scheme, 2727qn

Rural property acquisition, 4791qn, 825q, 2399q, 2400q, 2522q, 2629q, 2647q, 4037qn

Sales, 2203q, 2797qn

Section 72, Dickson, 2691q

Sections 74 and 76 Watson, 3422q

Tax, 2701qn, 2711qn, 2721qn, 2725qn, 2726qn, 3628qn

Title system modernisation program, 2312qn

Valuations, 3073q, 3631qn

Winslade purchase, 823q, 1512qn

Land Development Agency

2016-2017 annual report, corrigendum, psm, 1809

Latham, Mr C

Tribute, 1733


Absence of Clerk, 665

Answers to questions on notice

Costs, 1566q, 1836, 1935qn, 3186qn, 3585qn

Question No 1632, 3798, 3933

Question No 1915, 5108m

Appointment of Deputy Clerk and Serjeant-at-Arms, 7

Assistant Speaker, revocation and nomination, 3636

Cloud storage of Assembly documents, 4646m


2016 ACT Election and Electoral Act, mnrs, 1182

Administration and Procedure, 264m, 367, 408, 571, 625, 1365, 1748m, 2536m, 2626m, 3515m, 3520, 3804m, refcom, 3907m, 4258m, refcom, 4623m, 4805, 4806m, 5081m, 5090, 5116

Economic Development and Tourism, 698m, 699m, 702, 1365, 2363, 4051m, mnrs, 4105, refcom, 4634m, 4806

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs, 366, 583, 700m, 1368, 1548m, 1551, 2178, 2363, 3908, 3963m

End of Life Choices in the ACT, 1823, 1824, 2594m, 2597, 4807m

Environment and Transport and City Services, 303m, 414, 583, 584, 914m, 965m, 1327m, 2179, 2180, 2361, 2611, 2612, 2613, 2614, refcom, 2799m, 3521, 4046, 4799m, 5090m, mnrs, 5117m

Estimates 2018-2019, 263m, 933, 963, 964m, 2350, mnrs, 2806, 3534

Health, Ageing and Community Services, 265m, 2174m, 2180, 2364, 3637, 4800m, 4806, 4942m, 5089m

Independent Integrity Commission, mnrs, 732

Independent Integrity Commission 2018, 2035m, 2077, 4497, 4623, 4826m

Integrity Commission, 5184m, 5191m

Justice and Community Safety, 367, 576m, 698, 839m, 914m, 985, 1587m, 1588, 2806, refcom, 3891m, 4423m, 4500, 4596, 4629

Justice and Community Safety (scrutiny role), 11, 365, 698, 1125, 1587, 1965, 2361, 2805, 3637, refcom, 4117m, 4423, 4798

Membership, 3803, 3904

Planning and Urban Renewal, 12, 266, 303m, 365, 626, 700m, 984, 1966, mnrs, 2096, 2806, mnrs, 2861, 4259, 4260

Privileges 2018, 903m, 934, 986, 987m, 1314m, 1351, 1399, 1824m, 2357

Privileges 2018 (No 2), 1770m

Public Accounts, 227m, 257m, 258m, 701m, 1126m, mnrs, 1328, mnrs, 1351, 1743m, 2364, 3638, 3873, 4425, 5081m

Standing, 3559m, 3917, 4647m, refcom, 4247m

Conflict of interest, standing order 156 and continuing resolution 5, statement by Speaker, 2471

Continuing resolution 5AA, 5183m

Declaration of member’s interests, statement by member, 2490


“Crap”, 562

“Dud”, 600

Muppet Show”, 57

“Nasty piece of work”, 3551

“That is a lie and you know it”, 3381

“You are a joke”, 3680

Unparliamentary, statement by Speaker, 625, 3384

Withdrawal, 57

Matter of privilege, statement by Speaker, 779

Matters of public importance

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, achievements, 2431

Australian public service, impact of relocations, 1814

Children’s rights, 4299

Choice in education, 2651

Environment, bees, 1588

Freedom from religious discrimination, 294

Freedom of speech in the workplace, 4484

Gender in legislation and policy, 85

Health system, 634

Heritage protection, 1186

Libraries, 972

Local primary producers, 4676

Office for mental health, multicultural dimensions, 1390

Single-use plastic, 3705

Territory rights, 3944

Valuing teachers, 4108

Women’s and girls’ sport, 741

Youth engagement, 417


Burch, Miss C, inaugural speech, 2

Casual vacancy, 1

Doszpot, Mr S MLA, death, 1

Leave of absence

All members, 2181m, 4807m

Barr, Mr A, 598, 3869, 3873

Burch, Miss C, 963

Cody, Ms B, 5081

Cheyne, Ms T, 4039

Dunne, Mrs V, 697

Fitzharris, Ms M, 345, 1162, 2506

Hanson, Mr J, 2506, 4502

Jones, Mrs G, 839, 3704

Milligan, Mr J, 3315, 3386, 3798, 4039

Orr, Ms S, 3555

Pettersson, Mr M, 293

Ramsay, Mr G, 7, 4039

Wall, Mr A, 2866

Legal fees, 4363qn

Named, 2972

Travel, 652qn, 1427qn

Ministerial arrangements, 39, 948, 1369, 2514, 2627, 3918, 4082

Ministerial statements

A step up for our kids, out of home care strategy update, 1332, 4067

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement 2015-2018, annual report 2018, 5053

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural integrity in schools, 706

ACT carers strategy, 4072

ACT children and young people’s commitment 2015-2025, 737

ACT Health, accreditation update, 1971

ACT Health, system-wide data review, outcomes, 3260

ACT Health, system-wide data review, quarterly update, 572, 1748

ACT Health, transition and Australian Council on Healthcare Standards accreditation update, 3251

ACT Health, workplace culture, 4059

ACT housing choices collaboration hub, 3883

ACT housing strategy, 4425

ACT prevention of violence against women and children strategy 2011-17, second implementation plan, 1328

ACT volunteering statement action plan 2018-2021, 2155

ACTION bus services, 3493

Active ageing framework 2015-2018, 4814

Alexander Maconochie Centre, Moss review implementation, 355

Ambulance demand and crewing, 4810

Apprenticeships and traineeships, 2151

Asbestos-related works across Canberra, 2813

Better suburbs 2030, 3639

Building quality improvement, 4226

Bushfire season 2018-19, 3266

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children , 3039

Courts construction project update, 4445

Delivering an inclusive, progressive and connected Canberra , 4057

Detention exit community outreach (DECO) program, 1129

Disability recommendations, 1138

Future of education, 352, 3032

Gambling harm minimisation, 1133

Government priorities 2018, 77

Government priorities, spring 2018, 2367

Graduated licensing scheme reforms, 5046

Greyhound industry transition, 4606

Homelessness data, 920

Inquiry into the extent, nature and consequence of insecure work in the ACT, 3887

International Women’s Day, 709

Japan trade delegation, 4807

Mental health services, 5048

Ministerial delegation to New Zealand, 81

Ministerial delegation to New Zealand, 3878

Ministerial delegation to the USA and American Planning Association study tour, 2376

Ministerial delegation to Washington DC, 916

Ministerial delegation to Wellington, 1127

Ministerial trade delegation to South-East Asia, 2808

Moss review , 4229

Mount Taylor, access and safety, 4824

Multicultural affairs framework 2015-2020, 4818

National apology to the stolen generations, 10-year anniversary, 23

Office for mental health, proposed model and functions, 1553

Our Booris, Our Way, review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children involved with child protection , 923

Plastic waste reduction, 5056

Portfolio priorities 2018, 16

Portfolio priorities 2018, 19

Portfolio priorities 2018, 235

Portfolio priorities 2018, 243

Portfolio priorities 2018, 246

Portfolio priorities 2018, 251

Reducing gambling harm, 3498

Reforms to the on-demand transport industry in the ACT, 3649

Review of work safety compliance, 4453

Safer families, 1967

Streetlight contract, 4609

Tree canopy coverage , 4235

Waramanga playground, government response, 2370

Workplace safety performance, 3269

Zero emission vehicle and climate action summits, 4447


Code of conduct, 505q

Ministerial arrangements, 389, 598

Ministerial leave, 653qn

Orders of the day

Discharge, 4257m

Discharge, Crimes (Invasion of Privacy) Amendment Bill 2017, 1627

Postponement, 30

Papers, 408, 413, 626, 60, 67, 71, 294, 731, 735, 820, 839, 965, 971, 1185, 1387, 1585, 1811, 2023, 2024, 2095, 2223, 2225, 2234, 2413, 2414, 2422, 2424, 2648, 2650, 2860, 2861, 2865, 3091, 3315, 3559, 3697, 3704, 3798, 3940, 3943, 4101, 4104, 4106, 4181, 4292, 4478, 4480, 4669, 4670, order to table, 4668m, 4797, 4853, 4854, 4856, 4858, 4859, 5113, 5116

Parliamentary privilege, 5185m

Personal explanations, 548, 549, 622, 624, 2994, 3090, 3315, 3554, 4067

Points of order, 40, 44, 54, 57, 151, 156, 160, 162, 232, 272, 273, 278, 281, 283, 390, 399, 402, 486, 491, 495, 550, 568, 599, 600, 601, 610, 611, 617, 618, 718, 724, 769, 824, 828, 830, 835, 905, 912, 949, 952, 959, 1164, 1170, 1257, 1260, 1261, 1319, 1353, 1384, 1576, 1578, 1663, 1664, 1665, 1675, 1686, 1746, 1795, 2010, 2089, 2093, 2203, 2207, 2373, 2457, 2475, 2523, 2528, 2598, 2845, 2953, 2955, 2960, 2972, 2984, 2985, 3003, 3084, 3085, 3087, 3257, 3294, 3300, 3301, 3302, 3304, 3378, 3381, 3384, 3426, 3427, 3435, 3439, 3516, 3517, 3519, 3535, 3544, 3545, 3546, 3552, 3554, 3687, 3691, 3721, 3746, 3786, 3793, 3858, 3920, 3924, 3927, 4084, 4092, 4093, 4130, 4171, 4173, 4279, 4288, 4468, 4469, 4470, 4543, 4544, 4549, 4554, 4555, 4655, 4660, 4846, 4949, 4959, 4965, 4967, 4971, 4972, 5098, 5105

Privilege, alleged breach, statement by Speaker, 1313

Question taken on notice, statement by member, 1181, 1208

Questions ruled out of order, 3296, 3298, 3302

Remonstrance, 3799

Rulings from the chair, 3006, 3431

Sitting pattern 2019, 3509m

Speaker’s ruling, 3663

Standing orders

Review, 272

Standing order 30, amendment, 1767m

Standing order 42, 272

Standing order 46, 548, 549, 622, 624, 635

Standing order 47, 2994

Standing order 52, 3746

Standing order 55, 906

Standing order 117, 273, 907, 949

Standing order 117(b), 618

Standing order 117(c)(iii), 390

Standing order 136, 665, statement by Speaker, 3748

Standing order 200, 852, 3663

Standing order 201A, 3718

Standing order 275, 625

Standing order 277, 903, 987

Suspension, 1342m, 1966m, 2817m, 3721, 4041m, 4622m, 4644m, 4691m, 4793m, 4807m, 5080m, 5124m

Statement by member, 3091

Statement by Speaker, 665, 993, 3031, 3375

Valedictory, 4902, 4904, 4905, 4907, 4908, 4910, 4913, 5030, 5031, 5032, 5033, 5035, 5037, 5038, 5191, 5193, 5194, 5196, 5197, 5198

Visitors, 7, 1166, 1229, 1364, 1573, 1736, 1833, 2005, 2031, 2660, 2843, 3031, 3644, 3918, 4039, 4280

Warnings, 607, 610, 1362, 1806, 2955, 3692, 4093, 4558


(Nos 18-17 and 27-17) Mount Taylor access, mnrs, 103

(Nos 19-17 and 26-17) ACTION buses, bus routes in Tuggeranong, mnrs, 692

(No 22-17) ACTION bus service, Deakin, Kingston and Manuka, mnrs, 7

(No 23-17) Dangerous driving in Gordon, mnrs, 8

(No 24-17) Dangerous dogs, mnrs, 10

(No 25-17) Safe and inclusive schools initiative, 1541, 1546, mnrs, 2346

(Nos 28-17 and 29-17) Red Hill natural environment, mnrs, 11

(No 30-17) Lake Burley Griffin and surrounds, mnrs, 692

(No 31-17) Torrens shops playground, mnrs, 694

(No 32-17) Draft variation 344 to the Territory Plan, mnrs, 350

(Nos 1-18 and 5-18) Downer community centre, 569, mnrs, 1545

(No 2-18) Bridge paths, 1542, mnrs, 2907

(No 3-18) Car park closure in O'Malley, 103, mnrs, 1543

(No 4-18) Greenway playground shade, 350, mnrs, 1121

(No 6-18) Mitchell light rail stop, 691, 695, mnrs, 3031

(No 7-18) Eating disorder healthcare services, 2345, 2349, mnrs, 4223

(No 8-18) Sunday ACTION timetable, 2345, 2349, mnrs, 4605

(No 9-18) Proposed Kingston nursing home, 1542, mnrs, 2347

(No 10-18) Community facilities in Page, 1121, 1122, mnrs, 2348

(No 11-18) Tuggeranong town centre, 2803, mnrs, 4048

(Nos 12-18 and 20-18) Phillip precinct code, 4047, 4050

(No 14-18) Fenced play spaces, 3633

(No 15-18) Clubs, community contributions scheme, 3634

(No 16-18) Charnwood group centre recycling bins, 2804, mnrs, 4049

(No 17-18) School bus services, 4048, 4051

(Nos 18-18 and 24-18), Music H course funding, 5042

(No 19-18) International students, 3869

(No 21-18) Workers' rights, 4223, 4224, mnrs, 4797

(No 23-18) Drone delivery trial, 5041

Out of order petitions

ACTION bus service, bus route 7, 3249

ACTION bus service, bus route 54, refcom, 2799m

Strata residences, methodology for determining rates and land tax, refcom, 227m


ACT Ambulance Service, resourcing

That Mrs Jones's amendment to Mr Gentleman's amendment be agreed to, 142

ACT Ambulance Service, staffing,

That the motion be agreed to, 477

ACT Health, governance

That the amendment be agreed to, 3773

ACTION bus service, route changes

That the amendment be agreed to, 205

ACTION bus service, timetable changes

That the amendment be agreed to, 2995

Alexander Maconochie Centre, governance

That the motion be agreed to, 489

Ambulance data

That the amendment be agreed to, 3489

Animals, dangerous dogs

That the amendment be agreed to, 1707

Answer to question on notice, question No 1915

That the motion be agreed to, 5109

Appropriation Bill 2018‐2019

That the bill be agreed to, 3532


That the amendment be agreed to, 3481

Bushfires, prescribed burns

That Mrs Jones's amendment to Mr Gentleman's proposed amendment, as amended, be agreed to, 4996

Canberra Hospital, radiology department

That the motion be agreed to, 3024

Chief Minister, motion of censure

That the amendment be agreed to, 691

Community clubs, taxation

That the amendment be agreed to, 2943

Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union

That the motion be agreed to, 3386

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (No 2)

That clause, 7, as amended, be agreed to, 439

Discrimination Amendment Bill 2018

That the amendments be agreed to, 4896

Drugs, pill testing

That the motion be agreed to, 1814

End of Life Choices in the ACT

That the motion be agreed to, 2598

Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 4869

Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Amendment Bill 2018

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 4277

Government, revenue from greyhound racing

That the amendment be agreed to, 1239

Green waste collection

That the amendment be agreed to, 563

Health, Ageing and Community Services, Standing Committee, proposed reference

That the motion be agreed to, 4950

Health (Improving Abortion Access) Amendment Bill 2018

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 3853

Health system, bullying

That the amendment be agreed to, 2505

Hospitals, governance

That the amendment be agreed to, 1645

Integrity Commission Bill 2018

That the amendment be agreed to (No 3), 5147

That the amendment be agreed to (No 5), 5149

That the amendment be agreed to (No 9), 5151

That the amendment be agreed to (No 14), 5155

That the amendment be agreed to (No 17), 5159

That the amendment be agreed to (No 40), 5168

That the amendment be agreed to (No 45), 5171

That the amendment be agreed to (No 64), 5173

That the amendment be agreed to (No 68), 5175

That the amendment be agreed to (No 72), 5176

Land Tax Amendment Bill 2018

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 1565

Legislative Assembly, standing orders

That Mr Hanson be suspended from the service of the Assembly, 2972

That the motion be agreed to, 4046

That the motion be agreed to, 4797

Minister for Health and Wellbeing

That the motion be agreed to, 1541

Minister for Health and Wellbeing, censure

That the motion be agreed to, 4938

Motor Accident Injuries Bill 2018, exposure draft, referral to the Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety

That the amendment be agreed to, 3895

Municipal services, street sweeping

That the amendment be agreed to, 2113

Music education, funding

That the amendment be agreed to, 3803

Namadgi National Park, feral horses

That the motion be agreed to, 3818

Privileges 2018 (No 2)

That the motion be agreed to, 1777

Public housing supply

That the amendment be agreed to, 1299

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 1995

Road safety, Belconnen

That the amendment be agreed to, 548

School underperformance, proposed inquiry

That the amendment be agreed to, 3835

Schools, workplace safety

That the amendment be agreed to, 4148

Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018

That the debate be adjourned, 2461

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 2462

Workplace Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

That clause 4 be agreed to, 770

That the amendment be agreed to, 770

Youth, P‐plate driver restrictions

That Mr Rattenbury's amendment, as amended, be agreed to, 3445

That Mr Steel's amendment to Mr Rattenbury's proposed amendment be agreed to, 3444


Importance, 972

Light rail

Business impacts, 5356qn, 5358qn

Business link program, 2331qn

Contracts, 1433qn

Costs, 4340qn

Disability access, 2088q, 2340qn

Drivers, 4653q, 5366qn

Employment, 953q

Gungahlin, 598q, 997, 4905

Infrastructure damage, 395q, 490q, 1118qn, 1446qn

Local employment, 1514qn

Mitchell, 502q, 691, 2088q, 2090q, 3031

Operations, 2408q

Payments, 1444qn

Safety, 1179q, 2848q, 2974q

Staffing, 1432qn

Stage 1, 1254q, 1445qn, 1682q, 1831, 2058m, 4473q, 4476q, 5313qn

Stage 2, 1435qn, 1672q

Stopping distances, 5312qn

Tree planting, 2301qn

Workplace safety, 492q

WorkSafe ACT notices, 397q, 489q, 620q


Trashmob, 2580, 2581

Lunar new year

Chinese community, 99

Korean community, 564


Light Up Lyneham, 3029

Lyneham Commons, 2904


Same-sex marriage, public artworks, 328qn, 655qn

Mental health

Acute care capacity, 404q, 1117qn, 2264qn

Adult mental health unit, 286q, 2259qn

Appropriation Bill 2018-2019, 2901

Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre

Closure, 1003qn

Review, 2256qn

Bullying, 3930q, 5362qn

Dementia Australia ACT, 1206

Duress alarms, 5103q

Efficiency targets, 2961q, 3090q

Functions, 5244qn, 5245qn

Fundraising event, 776

Mental Health Month, 4123

Ministerial briefings, 4379qn, 5252qn, 5253qn, 5309qn, 5310qn

Multicultural communities, 773

Nurse to patient ratios, 4378qn

Occupational violence, 4284q, 4553q

Office for mental health, 205m

Multicultural dimensions, 1390

Proposed model and functions, mnst, 1553

Policy documents, 5246qn, 5247qn

Psychiatric services, 3185qn

R U OK? Day, 3855

Services, 4520m, mnst, 5048

Staff safety, 5100q

Staffing, 288q, 4382qn

Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability, Minister for Justice, Consumer Affairs and Road Safety, Minister for Corrections and Minister for Mental Health

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 246

Minister for Community Services and Social Inclusion, Minister for Disability, Children and Youth, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 251

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development, Minister for Housing and Suburban Development, Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Minister for Women and Minister for Sport and Recreation

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 16

Minister for Health and Wellbeing

Censure, 4919m

Government confidence, 2855q

Meetings, 3235qn, 3236qn, 3626qn

Motion of no confidence, mnc, 1515, 1537

Proposed censure, 4793m

Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Minister for Transport and City Services and Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 235

Minister for Planning and Land Management

Europe delegation, 609q

Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Minister for Planning and Land Management and Minister for Urban Renewal

Portfolio priorities 2018, mnst, 19

Molonglo Valley

Recreation facilities, 718q

Shopping facilities, 3075q, 4037qn

Motor vehicles

Registration, 1040qn, 5352qn

Multicultural affairs

ACT Telangana Association, 4599

African Australian awards night, 4220

Australia Colombia Friendship Association, 2579

Australian Anglo-Indian Association ball, 2239

Australian Federation of Korean Communities, 2902, 2903

Back to your roots writing competition, 1200

Community language grants program, 1876qn

Community languages, 1459qn

Durga Puja, 4599

Framework 2015-2020, mnst, 4818

Honorary ambassador program, 5324qn

India, Republic Day, 439

International Mother Language Day, 566

Languages policy, 5319qn, 5320qn

Miss Africa Canberra, 4708

Mother languages, 499q, 621q


Acceptance and community cohesion, 3547q

Framework, 2545m

Policy framework, 728q

Ramadan, 2026

Samoan Independence Day, 2148

Summit, 5095q

Translators and interpreters, 3620qn

Municipal services

Amaroo, 1073qn

Belconnen, 1074qn

Better suburbs 2030, mnst, 3639

Bike parking, 5092q

Bonner, 1075qn

Car park closure in O’Malley, 103

Crace, 1077qn

Delivery 2037m

Dickson, 343qn, 344qn

Drinking water stations, 4324qn, 4768qn

Evatt, 1078qn

Fenced play spaces, 3633, 3634

Fitness circuits, 4777qn

Fix my street, 1071qn, 5300qn

Flood maps, 3601qn

Forde, 1078qn

Franklin, 1079qn

Giralang, 1080qn, 3432q

Gungahlin, 1081qn

Hall, 1082qn, 5334qn, 5335qn

Harrison, 1082qn

Henry Rolland Park, 3994qn

Jacka, 1083qn

Kaleen, 1084qn

Lawson, 1085qn

Libraries, 3209qn

Local shopping precincts, 3445m, 3627qn, 4361qn

McKellar, 1086qn

Mitchell, 1086qn

Moncrieff, 1087qn

Mowing, 1046qn, 1910qn, 1913qn

Nature strips, 1043qn

Ngunnawal, 1088qn

Nicholls, 1089qn

Palmerston, 1090qn

Parks, 1024qn

Path upgrades, 3189qn

Playgrounds, 1042qn, 1421qn, 1423qn

Public libraries, 1426qn

Rangers, 4323qn

Shopping trolleys, 3175qn

Signage, 951q, 1960qn

Street sweeping, 1859qn, 2098m

Streetlights, 3086q, 3176qn, 4334qn, 4335qn, mnst, 4609

Throsby, 1090qn

Torrens car park, 1841qn

Tree vandalism, 1039qn

Tuggeranong town centre upgrade, 614q

NAMADGI National Park

Feral horses, 3804m

Field trip 4596

NATIONAL Arboretum Canberra

Events, 4021qn

National disability insurance scheme

Transition, 315qn

Worker screening policy, 1058qn

National Multicultural Festival

Consultation, 55q, 1509qn

Costs, 4033qn

Government support, 3087q

Participation, 1841qn

Preparations, 280q

Service of alcohol, 100, 161q, 283q, 1463qn, 1794q, 3544q, 4035qn

National Youth Week

Youth achievements, 1177q

Neighbour Day

Celebration, 899

New Zealand

Ministerial delegation to New Zealand, mnst, 81

OFFICE of Multicultural Affairs

Staffing, 4034qn


Fines, 5353qn

Infringements, 1866

Palmerston, 5335qn

Spaces, 1859qn


Southern memorial, 2078q


Tribute, 3732


Affordable housing, 151q

Call-in powers

Block 6 section 79, Giralang, psm, 2648

Block 15 section 15, Griffith, psm, 2421

Electricity supply, psm, 4856

Campbell, 5260qn

Civic, 392q

Community facility zoning, 3213qn

COTA men’s shed, 1057qn


Master plan, 43q, 1572q

Shops, 2843q

Development applications, 2628q, 3213qn, 4029qn

Easements, 1916qn

Entertainment precincts, 1370q

Flood maps, 4033qn

Fyshwick, 3079q, 3235qn, 4037qn

Giralang, 1620, 3600qn

Grants to supermarkets, 1449qn

Gungahlin, 1738

Housing choices, 149q, 285q

Kambah, 4283q

Land use, 1798q, 2792qn, 3232qn

Lease variations, 340qn, 341qn

Light rail, 2742qn

Narrabundah, 5253qn, 5254qn

Manuka Oval, 1029qn, 1031qn

Moncrieff, 2785qn

Murrumbidgee Country Club, 4006qn

Oaks Estate, 4028qn

O’Malley, 957q, 1270q, 1513qn

Phillip precinct code, 4047, 4050

Recycling facility, 490q, 1011qn, 1119qn

Red Hill natural environment, mnrs, 11

Roads, 4336qn

Territory Plan, 2004q, 2794qn

Urban environment, 305

Urban renewal precincts, 110m, 651qn

West Basin, 3608qn

Woden, 1201, 3307q, 3308q, 3536q, 4038qn, 4339qn

Yarralumla, 3077q, 3135qn, 4038qn

Zoning and lease conditions, 1056qn

Planning and Development Act 2007

Variation No 329 to the Territory Plan, psm, 2861

Variation No 344 to the Territory Plan, psm, 2863

Variation No 352 to the Territory Plan, psm, 67

Variation No 356 to the Territory Plan, psm, 3939


Tribute, 4311

Public housing

Braddon, 52q, 292q

Chapman, 602q, 605q, 611q, 4975q

Community program, 1834, 1893qn

Complaints, 2315qn, 5287qn, 5288qn

Relocations, 3201qn

Renewal program, 405q, 1037qn, 2630q, 3202qn, 4544q, 4548q, 5354qn

Supply, 1289m

Racing Industry

Thoroughbred racing, 2462

Radiation Protection Act 2006

Review, psm, 5112


Mount Taylor access, mnrs, 103

National Trust heritage walks, Mt Stromlo, 224


Container deposit scheme, 150q, 1266q

Demolition material, 2265qn


Community support program, 938m


Freedom from religious discrimination, 295


Democratic rights of citizens of the ACT, 3052m, 3095


Accident black spots, 1465qn, 1466qn, 1467qn, 1883qn, 1884qn, 1885qn, 1886qn, 3188qn, 4741qn

Ashley Drive, 955q, 1512qn, 1674q, 2340qn, 2343qn, 2792qn, 3995qn

Barton Highway roundabout, 325qn

Belconnen, 534m

Bridge paths, 1542

Civic cycle loop, 1944qn

Coppins Crossing, 1064qn

Cycle lanes, 5320qn

Duplication costs, 3606qn

Footpaths, 5321qn

Ginninderra Drive, 4327qn

Graduated licensing scheme reforms, mnst, 5046

Gundaroo Drive, 2852q, 4278q, 5337qn, 5338qn

Gungahlin, 3551q

Intersection upgrades site plan, 2271qn

Magrath Crescent, 5325qn, 5326qn

Mirrabei Drive, 3602qn

Monaro Highway, 3602qn

Mount Taylor, access and safety, mnst, 4824

National Capital Plan, 3999qn

Planning, 331q, 338qn, 1464qn

Projects, 3215qn

Resurfacing, 1007qn, 3604qn, 3990qn, 4550q

Road safety, report card 2018, psm, 628

Roundabouts, 5333qn, 5334qn

Safer cycling reforms, evaluation, psm, 4295

Safety, 1001qn, 3138qn, 4005qn, 5351qn

School crossing supervisor program, 291q

Speed limits, 1019qn, 3604qn

Sulwood Drive, 3988qn, 4007qn

Tillyard and Ginninderra drives, 3137qn

Traffic management, 49q, 343qn, 1844qn, 1887qn, 1889qn, 1890qn, 1891qn, 3211qn, 3607qn, 3989qn, 4972q, 5368qn

Yarralumla, 615q


Weston Creek, 3856

Royal Canberra Show

Disability parking, 1471qn

Rural fire services

Funding, 2319qn, 3610qn

Molonglo, 1802q, 2793qn

Radio network, 314qn

Vehicles, 4748qn


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, 1868qn, 1872qn

Advertising and sponsorship, 318qn

Asbestos, 3782q, 3783q, 3786q, 3933q, 4165q, 4766qn, 4767qn

CCTV trial, 1426qn

Community organisations, 3205qn

Composite model, 53q, 1114qn

Computers, 4094q

Cybersafety, 335qn, 1945qn

English as an additional language, 4372qn, 4374qn, 4375qn

Freedom from discrimination, 4148m

Harrison School, asbestos, 3653, 3728

Hawker Primary School fete, 1323

Infrastructure projects, 1167q

Injuries, 5105q

International Women’s Day, 603q

Language education, 5013m

Librarians, 2308qn

Libraries, 2307qn, 2310qn

Mobile phones, 53q

New South Wales students, 1054qn, 1055qn, 1062qn

Physical education, 4390qn

Playgrounds, 2957q

Safe and inclusive schools initiative, 1541, 2304qn, mnrs, 2346

Safety, 5278qn

Sexual harassment programs, 4026qn

Social media, 1857qn

Swimming, 4003qn

Taylor, 2149

Teacher numbers, 2304qn

Transportable classrooms, 1052qn, 1068qn, 1070qn

Trees, 3190qn

Underperformance, proposed inquiry, 3818m

Uniforms, 4004qn

Violence, 5258qn, 5259qn, 5267qn, 5268qn

Visits, 1205, 1618, 1736, 2236, 2677, 4118

Weston preschool, 1683q

Workplace safety, 4132m

WorkSafe investigation, 4170q

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

Casual vacancy, 1671q, 2143m, 3246qn


Active ageing framework 2015-2018, mnst, 4814

Council on the Ageing ACT, 4218

Proposed Kingston nursing home, 1542

Rates impact, 4409qn

Rebate changes, 156q

Seniors Week, 994

Tuggeranong 55 Plus Club, 1833


Apollo 11 mission, 50th anniversary, 1213m, 1389


ACT Boccia, 4493

Athletics facilities, 4338qn

Australian Walking Festival, 2333qn

Community participation, 3623qn

Cricket, 287q

Diving, 1475qn, 3925q

Fencing, 2789qn

Gala day, 3967

Go-karting, 619q

Government support, 4976q

Ground maintenance, 1865qn, 2790qn, 4788qn

Gungahlin Jets, 1830, 4598

Gungahlin, sporting facilities, 612q

Indoor sports feasibility study, 4785qn

International fixtures, 1792q

Invictus Games, 4492

Narrabundah ballpark, 1379q

National Capital Rally, 2027

Night-time events, 5097q

Ovals, 316qn, 5219qn

Powerboat permits, 1072qn

Reclink Community Cup, 2900, 3733

Squash, 1838

Vikings Club Group, 441

St Vincent de Paul

Doorknock appeal, 97

Suburban Land Agency

Land acquisitions, quarterly report, psm, 1387, 2414

Promotional materials, 1481qn, 1482qn

Purchases, 389q

Quarterly land acquisition report, psm, 293

Revenue target, 4289q

Rural subleases, 824q, 1960qn

Statement of intent, psm, 409

Sukumaran, Mr M

Art exhibition, 1322


Bushfire, 996


City centre marketing and improvements levy, 1937qn, 1938

Commercial property rates, 4542q, 4577m, 5365qn

Energy industry levy, 1954qn

Impact of reform, 834q

Increases, 2955q

Payroll tax waivers, 401q, 1098qn

Rates, 1941qn, 4647q, 5263qn, 5338qn

Reform, 2952q

Stamp duty, 1948qn

Unit rating system, 1369q, 1370q, 1372q, 2959q

Utilities network facilities tax, 1948qn, 1954qn, 2315qn

Waivers, 5339qn


Government assistance, 4557q

Licences, 4554q


Drone delivery systems, proposed inquiry, 4634m

Drone delivery trial, 5041


Bridge, 4537m


Bugging activities, 3858


Playground, mnrs, 694


Cycling, 304

Economic impact, 1265q

Event funding, 1059qn, 1061qn


Flights, 58q

Visitors, 2973q

Recreational vehicle tourism, 4586m

Statistics, 715q

Trade unions

Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, 617q, 2397q

Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union, 3375m, 3918q

Influence on government, 1675q, 1676q, 3297q, 3307q

Memorandum of understanding, 494q


Bike racks, 1050qn

Connectivity, 1667m, 1687

Electric cars, 2318qn, 3136qn

Light rail, 316qn, 327qn, 331qn, 1062qn, 1099, 1895qn, 1896qn

MyWay agents, 4559q, 5313qn, 5314qn

Park-and-ride facilities, 4326qn

Parking, 2791qn

Provisional drivers licence review, 1043qn

Rail safety national law regulation, psm, 964

Reforms to the on-demand transport industry in the ACT, mnst, 3649

Social inclusion, 3599qn

Taxis, licences, 3795q

Ticketing, 3930q

Transport Canberra and City Services

Employee assistance scheme, 1436qn, 1437qn

Freedom of information requests, 1436qn, psm, 1810

Staffing, 3177qn


Damage penalties, 1940qn

Troy, Professor P

Tribute, 2582


Government services, 220

Mpowerdome, 4285q

Streetlights, 4417qn

Town centre, 1959qn, 2803, mnrs, 4048

University of Canberra Hospital

Infrastructure, 3586qn

Services, 2401q


Anzac Day, 1411, 1734

Legacy, 3372

Veterans ministers round table, 4492

Woden Valley RSL Sub-branch, 4707


ACT volunteering statement action plan 2018-2021, mnst, 2155



Facilities, 839m

Government response, mnst, 2370


Bulk collection, 4964q

Food waste, 1832

Fyshwick, waste to energy plant, 324qn

Green bins, 157q, 2957q, 3925q

Green waste collection, 550m

Illegal dumping, 3599qn, 3609qn

Management, 1006qn

Plastic waste reduction, 3387m

Recycling, 820q, 1007qn, 1876qn, 1960qn, 4973q

Smart bins, 1867qn

Strategy, 1800q, 2306qn


ACT and Region Catchment Management Coordination Group, annual report 2017-18, psm, 3698

Cape Town water shortage, 565

Lake Burley Griffin, 658qn

Westside village

Costs, 1903qn, 1904qn, 1915qn


Girls take over parliament program, 4120, 4219, 4705

Government support, 822q, 1677q, 2204q, 4009qn, 4012qn

Health services, 826q

International Day of the Girl Child, 4501

International Women’s Day, mnst, 709, 993

Office for women, 4011qn

Robogals, 4494

Self-defence, 775

Sport, 223

Support services, 803m

Women’s and girls’ sport, 741

Women’s march, 221

Women’s sport, 4183m

Women’s reproductive rights, 2581

Work safety

Government priorities, 4655q

Holiday season activity, 5101q

Review of work safety compliance, mnst, 4453

Young workers, 1803


Electorate, 3963, 4309, 4902


P-plate driver restrictions, 3405m

Social participation, 2633q

Youth Dance Festival, 4709

Youth employment

Workplace obligations, 308