Page 4322 - Week 11 - Thursday, 25 October 2018

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3 (a) I have been advised by my directorate that the information sought is not in an easily retrievable form, and that to collect and assemble the information sought solely for the purpose of answering the question would require a considerable diversion of resources.

(b) See above.

(c) 191 dogs were returned (including dogs returned under control order or a dangerous dog licence).

(d) 22 dogs. (In the 2018 calendar year to 2 September, 154 dogs had been seized in relation to attack incidents and 78 have been declared dangerous, or released on control orders, or euthanised).

Domestic animal services—staffing
(Question No 1586)

Ms Lawder asked the Minister for Transport and City Services, upon notice, on 3 August 2018 (redirected to the Minister for City Services):

(1) In relation to the Minister’s answer to question on notice No 1492, relating to Domestic Animal Services (DAS), of the 36 positions listed in the Licensing and Compliance Organisational structure as at June 2018 which positions by position number were the two positions created with new funding allocated in this year’s budget.

(2) Where did the funding for the (a) additional Senior Ranger (Education and Victim support) position and (b) two additional Ranger (Ops support) positions come from, and in both cases, were they pre-existing positions that were relocated from elsewhere; if so, where were they relocated from.

(3) Where did the funding for the third additional DAS Ranger position come from, and was it a pre-existing position that was relocated from elsewhere; if so, where was it relocated from, assuming that the new funding was used for two additional DAS Rangers.

(4) If there was no new funding for more than two additional positions in DAS why and how are there now eight new positions.

(5) Were there any vacant positions prior to filling the new positions in DAS after October 2017.

(6) Can the Minister provide the duty statements and indicate which duty statements apply to which position number/s for the following roles in DAS; (a) Ranger in Charge, (b) Senior Ranger, (c) Senior Ranger Education and Victim Support, (d) DAS Ranger, (e) Ranger Animal Behaviour, (f) Kennel Master and (g) Ranger Ops Support.

(7) What are the duty statements for the following roles in the Investigations Unit; (a) Ranger in Charge, (b) Senior Ranger Investigations.

Mr Steel: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

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