Page 3990 - Week 10 - Thursday, 20 September 2018

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Crescent as vehicles enter the group centre. The installation locations were selected based on the following factors:

proximity within the group centre;

intersection layout (avoiding turn lanes);

access locations;

existing lighting infrastructure;

pedestrian desire lines; and

location of speed signs and required offset.

The locations of the speed cushions installed on McBryde Crescent between the intersections of Ricardo Street (east) and Comrie Streets were based on the factors listed above and were identified as a feasible installation location given the existing road environment.

Collisions prior to Speed Cushion Installation

A review of collision data between 2011 and 2017 identified 16 collisions at the intersection of McBryde Crescent and Comrie Street and eight collisions at the intersection of McBryde Crescent and Ricardo Street (east).

Of the above collisions, nine of the collisions at the intersection with Comrie Street and three collisions at the intersections with Ricardo Street (east) were in the directions of travel where speed cushion locations have been installed.

Collisions post Speed Cushion Installation

Since the installation of the speed cushions there has been no reported collisions on McBryde Crescent at either the Comrie Street or the Ricardo Street (east) intersections.

(2) A copy of the risk assessment is provided at Attachment B.

(3) No. The original proposal was to install a roundabout at the intersection of Sternberg Crescent and Ashley Drive.

(Copies of the attachments are available at the Chamber Support Office).

(Question No 1606)

Ms Lawder asked the Minister for Transport and City Services, upon notice, on 3 August 2018 (redirected to the Minister for City Services):

(1) Can the Minister provide the policy and processes regarding road surface standards that are used in the ACT in general and Sternberg Crescent in particular where removal of white plastic stripes leave roads gouged, producing an increasing number of fragments to be thrown up at vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

(2) How does this compare to comparable policies and processes from other jurisdictions that the ACT has consulted or examined.

(3) Have inferior road surfaces such as Sternberg Crescent have been professionally assessed as (a) safe to drive on in all conditions, (b) do not and will not cause (i) risks

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