Page 4967 - Week 13 - Wednesday, 28 November 2018

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look at the best and most innovative teaching and community school models that could exist in the ACT to support our students to be even better, to provide environments for our teachers that are even better, to provide supports to our students and to have really strong partnerships with community support organisations, with sports groups, with businesses, with employers and with mental health organisations for psychological and other welfare supports. Those are the kinds of things that make up a strong school community and those are the sorts of things that the government is investigating as part of this strategy, to ensure that our schools are—

Mr Coe: Madam Speaker, I raise a point of order. Mrs Kikkert’s question was specifically about whether school communities, as a defined term in the report, will have more of a say about curriculum subjects and associated activities. I ask that the minister be directly relevant.

MADAM SPEAKER: Could you go to those points, Minister.

MS BERRY: Madam Speaker, I must have misunderstood the question. I assumed that the question was about some schools being different to our public schools that exist right now in the ACT. I tried to clarify at the start of my answer that that is not the case. It is about investigating models existing already in our school systems, and other models that might not exist already, to build strong partnerships and build strong school communities.

MS LEE: Minister, again aside from external users who are going to be using the school facilities or buildings, what are the features of what you propose as a community school for the ACT and what decisions will the community be able to take for those schools?

MS BERRY: This is about building strong partnerships with lots of different organisations across the ACT community. I am not sure what is so confusing about that. Those relationships already exist in some of our schools.

Opposition members interjecting—

MS BERRY: I do not think it is very funny. I think it is a very important thing for our schools to be strong community partners and not just places of education; places where everybody can come together and contribute to the best possible outcomes for our students and for our teaching staff and for all our staff in our schools, particularly for volunteers and for our parents and citizens associations to be engaged in how we can strengthen our school communities to be even more inclusive and supportive, and to focus on that principle of equity to ensure that those children in our community who do not have the same chances as everyone else get the same opportunities to lift and broaden their horizons through those strong supports.


MS ORR: My question is to the Minister for the Arts and Cultural Events. Minister, I note that you have made a number of announcements on the arts in recent months

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