Page 4555 - Week 12 - Wednesday, 31 October 2018

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MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Wall! Enough, Mr Wall.

Mr Gentleman: Point of order, Madam Speaker.

MADAM SPEAKER: Stop the clock, thanks.

Mr Gentleman: The opposition continue to interject even after your instruction. It is difficult to hear the minister answer. I would ask that you ask them to stop interjecting.

MADAM SPEAKER: Gentlemen on my left, Mr Wall in particular: can the minister answer in a level of silence. Thank you. Minister, please continue.

MR RAMSAY: Thank you, Madam Speaker. The government has learnt significantly in relation to the changes that have been taking place, and we have been connecting with the key taxi plate organisations as well. We can refer people—and we have—to the support that is available through Woden Community Service. If there are any inquiries they would like to make, I put on record that the phone number for them to contact is 6282 2644.

MISS C BURCH: Minister, what will be the financial impact of reducing the market rate for plate leasing to $5,000 a year on people who have mortgaged their homes to buy perpetual taxi plate licences and who are relying on leasing income to make those mortgage payments?

MR RAMSAY: We have continued to link with the organisation. There has been a range of views expressed. What we will continue to do, as we roll out the reforms that we committed to in 2015, and that we have evaluated on the basis of very clear evidence, is to make sure that there is appropriate counselling support for people who are involved.

Mr Wall: How many lives?

Ms Berry: Madam Speaker, that interjection from Mr Wall was completely inappropriate, suggesting that Mr Ramsay has had any effect on people’s lives with regard to—

Opposition members interjecting

Ms Berry: The implication was there, Madam Speaker. It is unparliamentary.

MADAM SPEAKER: Members, can we go back to the principles of (1) not interjecting and (2) having a level of respect with regard to comments to other members.

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—police engagement

MR PETTERSSON: I have a question for the Minister for Police and Emergency Services. Minister, why is it so important for ACT Policing to engage and work with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community?

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