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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

ACT housing strategy (Ministerial statement)

Courts construction project update (Ministerial statement)

Zero emission vehicle and climate action summits (Ministerial statement)

Review of work safety compliance (Ministerial statement)

City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Amendment Bill 2018

Disability Services Amendment Bill 2018

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2018

Questions without notice:

ACT Health—SPIRE project

Housing—new housing strategy

Canberra Hospital—Chief Medical Officer

ACT Health—elective surgery

Housing—new housing strategy

ACT Health—joint replacements

ACT Health—non-ACT patients

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—plumbing issues

Government—celebration of International Day of People with Disability

Canberra Hospital—plumbing issues

Light rail—stage 1 update

Canberra Hospital—pharmacy service

Light rail—stage 1 update

Canberra—sister city relationships


Official Visitor (Homelessness Services)—annual report 2017 18


Official Visitor (Disability Services)—annual report 2017-18

Official Visitor (Children and Young People)—annual report 2017-18

Language services policy

Freedom of speech in the workplace (Matter of public importance)


Invictus Games

Veterans ministers round table

ACT Australian of the Year

ACT Boccia


ACT Emergency Services Agency—open day

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Independent Integrity Commission 2018—Select Committee

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Leave of absence

Breastmilk bank

Mental health

Tharwa bridge

Questions without notice:

Taxation—commercial property rates

Public housing—renewal program


Domestic and family violence—services

Public housing—renewal program

Ginninderry—environmental impact statement

Ginninderry—environmental impact statement


ACT Health—public interest disclosure

Mental health—occupational violence


Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—police engagement

Taxis—government assistance

Transport—MyWay agents

Gambling—harm minimisation measures

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Ginninderry—environmental impact statement

Single-use plastics

Commercial property rates

Recreational vehicle tourism

Domestic Animals (Dangerous Dogs) Amendment Bill 2018

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee


Namadgi National Park

Sport—Gungahlin Jets

ACT Telangana Association

Durga Puja

International Day of the Girl Child

National Children’s Week

Hackett Community Association

Belconnen showcase

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Petition—ministerial response: Sunday ACTION timetable—petition 8-18

Greyhound industry transition (Ministerial statement)

Streetlight contract (Ministerial statement)

Discrimination Amendment Bill 2018

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018 (No 2)

Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

Standing orders—suspension

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Independent Integrity Commission 2018—Select Committee

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Drone delivery systems

Cloud storage of Assembly documents

Standing committees

Questions without notice:


Domestic and family violence—digital technology

Education—literacy and numeracy

ACTION bus service—school services

Health—cancer research

Light rail—drivers

Gungahlin—light rail impact

Work safety—government priorities

Canberra Hospital—offsite scanning contract

Canberra Hospital—pharmacy service


Government—waste to energy policy

Housing—affordable rental properties

Housing—affordable home ownership


Housing—residential property approvals

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

ACT Health—SPIRE project

Paper—order to table

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

ACT Health—public interest disclosure


Financial Management Act—consolidated annual financial statements


Subordinate legislation

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—headline indicators reports

Local primary producers (Matter of public importance)

Sentencing Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

Standing orders—suspension

Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting) Bill 2018


Girls takeover parliament

Health—cancer treatment

Woden Valley RSL Sub-branch

Miss Africa Canberra

Youth Dance Festival

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting)
Bill 2018

Schedule 2: Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting)
Bill 2018

Schedule 3: Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting)
Bill 2008

Schedule 4: Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting)
Bill 2018

Answers to questions:

Health—medical research (Question No 1720)

Hospitals—emergency waiting times (Question No 1725)

Government—directorate staffing (Question No 1726)

ACT Health—staff survey (Question No 1736)

Disability services—government support (Question No 1751)

ACTION bus service—MyWay card (Question No 1833)

Emergency services—assaults (Question No 1834)

Emergency services—fines (Question No 1835)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—detainees (Question No 1836)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—drugs (Question No 1837)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—interstate transfers (Question No 1838)

Domestic and family violence—refuge funding (Question No 1839
and 1840)

Housing—rental (Question No 1841)

Business—commercial rental (Question No 1842)

Business—commercial rates (Question No 1843)

Government—rates (Question No 1844)

Roads—accident black spots (Question No 1845)

Access Canberra—numberplates (Question No 1846)

Access Canberra—certificates (Question No 1847)

Rural fire services—vehicles (Question No 1848)

Bushfires—fire towers (Question No 1849)

Land—Indigenous land use agreements (Question No 1850)

ACT Health—interstate recruitment (Question No 1851)

ACT Health—interstate recruitment (Question No 1852)

ACT Health—staff remuneration (Question No 1853)

ACT Health—staff remuneration (Question No 1854)

ACT Health—staff agreements (Question No 1855)

ACT Health—staff agreements (Question No 1856)

ACT Health—staffing (Question No 1857)

ACT Health—staffing (Question No 1858)

ACT Health—staff remuneration (Question No 1859)

ACT Health—staff remuneration (Question No 1860)

ACT Health—staffing (Question No 1861)

ACT Health—staffing (Question No 1862)

Schools—asbestos (Question No 1863)

Schools—asbestos (Question No 1864)

Schools—asbestos (Question No 1865)

Municipal services—drinking water stations (Question No 1866)

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—upgrade program
(Question No 1867)

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes (Question No 1868)

Canberra Hospital—radiology department (Question No 1869)

Canberra Hospital—radiology department (Question No 1870)

Government—meetings (Question No 1871)

ACT Health—workplace culture (Question No 1872)

Health—palliative care (Question No 1873)

Municipal services—fitness circuits (Question No 1874)

ACT Health—cultural training (Question No 1875)

Energy—efficiency (Question No 1876)

Community Services Directorate—data collection (Question No 1877)

Government—respect, equity and diversity training (Question No 1878)

ACT Health—cultural diversity (Question No 1879)

ACT Health—cultural diversity (Question No 1880)

ACT Health—cultural diversity (Question No 1881)

Sport—indoor sports feasibility study (Question No 1882)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Ngunnawal Bush Healing
Farm (Question No 1883)

Sport—ground maintenance (Question No 1884)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—Boomanulla Oval
(Question No 1886)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Land—rural property acquisition

Canberra Hospital—off-site scan analysis