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Tuesday, 1 April 2003

Death of Mr Barry Reid

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Construction Practitioners Legislation Amendment Bill 2003

Consumer and Trader Tribunal Bill 2003

Charitable Collections Bill 2003

Questions without notice

Economic white paper

Land development


Land development

Affordable housing


Outdoor education

Community facilities needs assessment

Hospital waiting lists

Hospital waiting lists

Treasurers conference

Economic white paper


Leave of absence

Answers to questions on notice



Executive contracts

Papers and statement by minister

Board of Inquiry into Disability Services—first six-monthly report

Kippax master plan


Gungahlin town centre

War in Iraq (Ministerial statement)

Residential property rating system (Matter of public importance)



Answer to question on notice

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Consumer and Trader Tribunal Bill 2003

Schedule 2: Consumer and Trader Tribunal Bill 2003

Wednesday, 2 April 2003

Sub judice convention—ruling by Speaker


Adoption of children

Adoption of children

Sentencing Reform Amendment Bill 2003

Connors inquiry into education funding

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Treasurer’s Advance

Sustainability agenda

Theft—role of illicit drug taking

Economic white paper

Disability services—complaints mechanisms

Bushfires—Commonwealth assistance

Community housing


Bushfire inquiry

Budget 2003-2004

Loss of noise credit allocation

Community facilities needs assessment

Petitions—out of order

Personal explanation

Connors inquiry into education funding

Offensive words

Public and community housing

Deportation of East Timorese people

Proposed new land rating system

Youth Week celebrations

Yellow box/red gum grassy woodland preservation—north Watson


Thursday, 3 April 2003

Petition: Block 12 section 2 Belconnen

Rates and Land Tax Amendment Bill 2003

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2003

Government Procurement Amendment Bill 2003

Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Amendment Bill 2003

Tertiary Accreditation and Registration Bill 2003

Vocational Education and Training Bill 2003

Animal and Plant Diseases Amendment Bill 2003

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Community Services and Social Equity—Standing Committee

Suspension of standing and temporary orders—consideration of Assembly business

Estimates 2003-2004—Select Committee

Health and Community Care—Standing Committee (Fourth Assembly)

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Health—Standing Committee

Gaming Machine (Cap) Amendment Bill 2003

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Bushfires—Commonwealth assistance

Griffin Centre

Treasurer’s Advance

Sentencing legislation

Severe acute respiratory syndrome

ACT Housing—eviction of tenant

Autism assessments

Education funding

Needle distribution program

Horse Park Drive

Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry

Theft—role of illicit drug taking

Severe acute respiratory syndrome

Answers to questions on notice

Question No 402

Question No 379

Question No 395



Standing order 117—ruling by Speaker

Questions without notice

ACT Housing—eviction of tenant


Report of the review of Public Sector Management Act 1994

Endorsement of Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Amendment Regulations 2003


Justice, options and prevention—working to make the lives of ACT women safe 1362 Estimates 2003-2004—Select Committee

Leave of absence

Legislation (Statutory Interpretation) Amendment Bill 2003

Affordable housing task force

Leave of absence

Legislation—discriminatory references


Answers to questions:

Respite care—funding (Question No 379)

Children—deaths (Question No 402)

Bushfires—mental health effects (Question No 411)

Consultants—use (Question No 415)

Consultants—use (Question No 423)

Water efficient shower heads (Question No 429)

Government—staff interviews (Question No 431)

Tobacco—prosecutions (Question No 438)

Seniors—residential care places (Question No 441)

Economic White Paper (Question No 448)

Capital works (Question No 457)

Burnout activity—police monitoring (Question No 468)

Oncology patients (Question No 474)

Hospitals—interstate patients (Question No 475)

Mirrabei-Gundaroo drives intersection (Question No 479)

ACTION—natural gas powered buses (Question No 480)

Public Transport Futures Feasibility Study (Question No 481)

ACTION—bus services (Question No 482)

Yarralumla Nursery—free plant issues (Question No 484)

TransACT—shareholdings (Question No 493)

Begging and busking (Question No 494)

Wheelchair ramps (Question No 495)

Glebe Park food hall site (Question No 496)

Elder abuse (Question No 497)

Gungahlin Drive (Question No 498)

Youth—Professor de Oliveira (Question No 499)

Australian Hungarian Club (Question No 500)

Finance—contingent liabilities (Question No 501)

Goyder-Dalrymple streets—traffic calming (Question No 502)

TransACT—connection waiting times (Question No 503)

Community Safety Orders (Question No 504)

Bushfires—Deek’s Run restoration (Question No 505)

Library book returns (Question No 506)

Parking signs (Question No 507)

Parking fines (Question No 508)

Football—Kangaroos agreement (Question No 509)

National Dinosaur Museum (Question No 510)

Charity bins (Question No 511)

Lake Burley Griffin—sewerage spill (Question No 512)

Housing—seniors (Question No 513)

Housing—rents (Question No 514)

Housing—expenditure (Question No 515)

Burnie Court site (Question No 517)

Dental health services (Question No 518)

Disabled persons—access works (Question No 519)

Housing—landscape projects (Question No 520)

ACT Housing—tenants (Question No 521)

Public housing assistance (Question No 522)

Housing—maintenance (Question No 523)

Community Enterprise (SPICE) scheme (Question No 524)

ACT Housing—tenant consultations (Question No 525)

National Hockey Centre (Question No 526)

Gorman House and Manuka Arts Centre (Question No 527)

Canberra Stadium—events (Question No 528)

Canberra Stadium—seating (Question No 529)

Canberra Connect—internet links (Question No 530)

Sport and recreation—expenditure (Question No 533)

Sport and recreation—grants (Question No 534)

V8 supercar race (Question No 535)

City Walk sculpture program (Question No 536)

Glassworks project (Question No 537)

Megalo Access Arts relocation (Question No 538)

Rally of Canberra (Question No 539)

Dragway (Question No 540)

Disabled persons—court access (Question No 541)

Magistrates Court (Question No 542)

Kippax Library (Question No 543)

Roads—on-road cycling works (Question No 544)

Belconnen lakeshore refurbishment (Question No 545)

Parkwood Road resource recovery estate (Question No 546)

Canberra Balloon Fiesta (Question No 547)

Canberra Day (Question No 548)

Clean Up Australia Day (Question No 549)

Rugby World Cup (Question No 551)

Land grant requests (Question No 552)

Advertising—costs (Question No 554)

Speed cameras (Question No 557)

Development—replanting burnt areas (Question No 558)

Bushfires—block clearing (Question No 559)

Bushfires—recovery appeal (Question No 560)

Bushfires—damages (Question No 561)

Abortion (Question No 562)

Stromlo Forest temporary landfill (Question No 563)

Transport—accessibility upgrades (Question No 564)

ACTION—statistics (Question No 565)

Belconnen Remand Centre upgrades (Question No 566)

Bushfires—car bodies (Question No 567)

Periodic Detention Centre upgrade (Question No 568)

Public liability insurance (Question No 569)

GIO House and Allara House (Question No 571)

Floriade 2002 (Question No 572)

Civic Library strategy (Question No 573)

Holt, Ainslie and Garran shopping centres (Question No 574)

ACT Government Shopfront—waiting times (Question No 575)

Gungahlin bike path (Question No 576)

Playgrounds—safety upgrades (Question No 577)

ACT Housing—customer service (Question No 578)

Community IT Advisory Group (Question No 579)

Canberra Institute of Technology—Roving Trainer program (Question No 580)

Disabled persons—IT access (Question No 581)

Canberra Institute of Technology—Digital Divide program (Question No 582)

Development—applications and approvals (Question No 583)

Higgins shopping centre (Question No 585)

Canberra Connect—internet links (Question No 586)

State of the Territory report (Question No 588)

Public Service—early retirements (Question No 589)

Bushfires—recovery grants (Question No 591)

Social Plan—budget allocations (Question No 593)

Youth Justice Services (Question No 594)

Poverty report (Question No 595)

Mitchell Resource Recovery Centre (Question No 596)

Erindale Library (Question No 597)

Mugga Lane landfill (Question No 598)

Street lighting (Question No 599)

Bushfires—TransACT restorations (Question No 600)

Parking—ticket costs (Question No 601)

ACTION—operating subsidy (Question No 602)

Land—auctions (Question No 603)

Georgetown Apartments (Question No 604)

Georgetown Apartments (Question No 605)

Narrabundah—land use study (Question No 606)

Emergency Services—Hume helipad (Question No 607)

Australian Federal Police—security arrangements (Question No 608)

Autism (Question No 609)

Gungahlin Childcare Centre (Question No 610)

Emergency Services—Belconnen centre (Question No 611)

Lanyon Neighbourhood and Youth Centre (Question No 612)

O’Connell Centre relocation (Question No 613)

Schools—refurbishment (Question No 614)

Schools—liability for absent students (Question No 615)

Quamby Youth Detention Centre (Question No 616)

Quamby Youth Detention Centre (Question No 617)

Schools—safety facilities (Question No 618)

Transportable Amenity program (Question No 619)

Schools—transportable classrooms (Question No 620)

Woden police station (Question No 621)