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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 4 Hansard (2 April) . . Page.. 1246 ..

MR WOOD (continuing):

I am aware that there is some agitation in the community housing sector-the social housing sector-about funds and who is getting them. We do not have vast amounts of funds going to those. There are a number of providers. I think you will understand when I tell you I will get back to you with details of those. Those details are readily available. I will get them to you as soon as I can.

MS DUNDAS: Mr Speaker, I have a supplementary question. Minister, you said that this information is readily available. Can you then please explain why community housing organisations in the ACT have not been able to receive this information, even though they have been asking for it for over 12 months ?

MR WOOD: I do not know. You might have something there which says I have denied it. I do not recall that. I do not know why there seems to have been a problem. I am not sure it is the case that there has been a problem around it, but I will respond to you, just the same.


MRS BURKE: My question is to the minister for tourism, Mr Quinlan. On WIN news on 22 August, while launching a short-term campaign to attract people to visit Canberra in late autumn and winter, Mr Quinlan said: "I think we've got enough in Canberra if we did absolutely nothing."

Your do-absolutely-nothing approach to long-term tourism issues, such as the National Convention Centre, the dragway and staging events to attract people to Canberra, has led to the ACT coming dead last in bed occupancy rates for several months. When will you finally make a decision on the National Convention Centre?

MR QUINLAN: In the preamble to that question I think Mrs Burke quoted me correctly, but only in part. The sentiment I was communicating was that we have tremendous facilities and attractions in Canberra if we do absolutely nothing-but.

I think it is-I am not sure of the words I am allowed to use these days because that has got a bit tighter, but "disingenuous"seemed to have currency in the place last year and the year before. I think it is disingenuous to frame a question like that. I refer again to my answer to the Leader of the Opposition's supplementary question and ask you to at least reflect on what I said, as opposed to selectively-

Mrs Burke: But you said it!

MR QUINLAN: Yes, but it was half a sentence and it was followed by an absolute qualifier, which means that what you said would mislead any reasonable hearer. Not only that, Mrs Burke, but the fact that the whole question was based on that means that you did not even ask me a question. You asked me a question on a falsehood.

Mrs Dunne: I have a point of order. Under standing order 58, the member is digressing from the question, which was: when will you make a decision about the National Convention Centre?

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