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Tuesday, 4 March 2003

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Civil Law (Wrongs) Amendment Bill 2002

National Environment Protection Council Amendment Bill 2002

Confiscation of Criminal Assets Bill 2002

Questions without notice:

Economic discussion paper

Trees in Nettlefold Street, Belconnen

Land development in Gungahlin

Economic discussion paper

Public Transport—Gungahlin

Birrigai Outdoor Education Centre—reconstruction

Birrigai Outdoor Education Centre—relocation

Social plan

Economic discussion paper

Education—class sizes

Ambulance dispatch system


Auditor-General’s Report

Executive contracts

Nominal Defendant (ACT)—2002 Annual Report

Petition—out of order

Real estate industry (Matter of public importance)

Confiscation of Criminal Assets Bill 2002

Indigenous education

Paper and statement by minister


Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Confiscation of Criminal Assets Bill 2002

Schedule 2: Confiscation of Criminal Assets Bill 2002

Wednesday, 5 March 2003

Bushfire Inquiry (Protection of Statements) Bill 2003

Bushfire Reconstruction Authority Bill 2003

Inquiry into preparation for an operational response to January 2003 bushfires—proposed incorporation under Inquiries Act 1991

Questions without notice:





Indigenous housing


Bushfires—prevention advice

Bushfires—availability of aircraft

ACTION—procurement policy

ACTION—procurement policy

ActewAGL—greenhouse gas information

Trees in Nettlefold Street, Belconnen

Indigenous housing


Education—class sizes

Volunteers—workers compensation

Personal explanations

Gungahlin—light rail system

ABC and SBS funding

Bushfires—prevention education

Mental health outreach workers—proposed recruitment


Thursday, 6 March 2003

Charitable Collections Bill 2003

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Appropriation Bill 2002-2003 (No 2)

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Hawkers Bill 2002

Questions without notice:


Select Committee on the Status of Women in the ACT


Canberra Women's Classic Tennis Tournament

Bushfires—submissions to inquiries

Student protests


Domestic assistance services

Bushfires—compensation claim

Bushfires—McLeod inquiry

Child care


National taxation equivalents regime—memorandum of understanding

Subordinate legislation

Questions without notice:

Ambulance dispatch system

ActewAGL—greenhouse gas information

Bus tender

Personal explanation

Chief Minister

International Women’s Day (Matter of public importance)

Cemeteries and Crematoria Bill 2002 (No 2)

Inquiries Act: Board of Inquiry into Disability Services—government response


Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Hawkers Bill 2002

Schedule 2: Cemeteries and Crematoria Bill 2002 (No 2)

Answers to questions:

Day care respite services—Dickson and Narrabundah (Question No 374)

School drug education (Question No 382)

Students at risk (Question No 383)

Inquiry into ACT Education Funding (Question No 384)

Fire prevention programs in schools (Question No 385)

Public housing (Question No 390)

Legislative Assembly—member entitlements (Question No 392)

Telecommunications services—Gungahlin (Question No 395)

ACT Housing—upgrades (Question No 399)

ACT Housing—security audits (Question No 400)

Child care industry (Question No 401)

Paid parking in Belconnen and Tuggeranong (Question No 403)

Dumas Street, McKellar (Question No 404)

Canberra Institute of Technology—heating (Question No 405)

Relocation of Sport and Recreation ACT (Question No 406)

ACT Housing—rental arrears and evictions (Question No 407)

Dalrymple/Goyder Streets intersection (Question No 408)

ACT Housing—stock (Question No 410)

Consultants—use (Question No 412)

Consultants—use (Question No 413)

Consultants—use (Question No 416)

Consultants—use (Question No 417)

Consultants—use (Question No 419)

Consultants—use (Question No 420)

Consultants—use (Question No 421)

Consultants—use (Question No 422) (Supplementary answer)

Consultants—use (Question No 424)

Consultants—use (Question No 425)

Consultants—use (Question No 427)

Solar hot water rebate scheme (Question No 428)

Ministerial travel (Question No 430)

Sports loan interest subsidy scheme (Question No 434)

Confiscated Asset Trust Fund (Question No 435)

ACT Public Service (Question No 436)

Anthony Rolfe Avenue extension (Question No 437)

Government buildings (Question No 439)

Payroll tax (Question No 440)

Emergency Services—response times (Question No 442)

High school development program (Question No 443)

Schools—information technology upgrade (Question No 444)

Police force—response times (Question No 446)

Tourism—visitor numbers (Question No 447)

Board of Inquiry into Disability Services (Question No 449)

Triple S, FM (Question No 450)

Leislative Assembly—committee teleconferencing (Question No 451)

Disability services (Question No 452)

Laptops for teachers program (Question No 453)

Horse Park Drive (Question No 454)

Business grants (Question No 455)

Manuka Oval (Question No 456)

Detainees and remandees (Question No 458)

Women’s grant program (Question No 459)

Bruce Stadium—big screen (Question No 460)

Age cards (Question No 461)

Rubbish collection (Question No 462)

ACTTAB staff numbers (Question No 463)

Disabled persons—service station access (Question No 464)

Parking—Civic (Question No 465)

Disabled persons—swimming facilities (Question No 466)

War protest by school students (Question No 467)

Workplace injuries (Question No 469)

Teacher retention rates (Question No 471)

Bushfires—McLeod inquiry (Question No 472)

Community Information Technology Access Plan (Question No 473)

ACT Public Service—statistics (Question No 477)

ACT Forests—bushfire losses (Question No 478)

Environment—report (Question No 483)

Environment—expenditure (Question No 485)

Environment Protection Authority—complaints (Question No 486)

Youth Legal Referral Service (Question No 488)

Sportsgrounds—upgrades (Question No 489)

War protest by school students (Question No 491)

Multicultural centre (Question No 492)