Tuesday, 10 December 1991


Retailing of new goods



Questions without notice:


Gifted and talented children's programs

Government letters and fridge calendars

Sports facilities coordinator

Training and development options for women

Electricity purchases

President Bush visit - police costs

Elective surgery

Payroll tax

Land tax

Government Service - staff reductions

Federation Square - traffic arrangements

ACTION buses - school hire

Subordinate legislation and commencement provisions

Gambling (Matter of public importance)

Proposed variations to Territory Plan

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

President Bush visit - police costs (Ministerial statement)

Appropriation (Amendment) Bill 1991

Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) (Amendment) Bill 1991

Air Pollution (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1991

Territory Owned Corporations (Amendment) Bill 1991

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1991

Gas Levy Bill 1991

Taxation (Administration) (Amendment) Bill 1991

Postponement of orders of the day

Fire Brigade (Administration) (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1991

Superannuation (Legislation Assembly Members) Bill 1991

Air Pollution (Amendment) Bill 1991

Water Pollution (Amendment) Bill 1991

Lakes (Amendment) Bill 1991

Wednesday, 11 December 1991

Petition: Euthanasia

Payroll Tax (Amendment) Bill 1991

Tourism Commission Bill 1991

Proposed variations to Territory Plan

Crimes (Amendment) Bill (No 4) 1991

Litter (Amendment) Bill 1991

Crimes (Amendment) Bill (No 5) 1991

Appropriation (Amendment) Bill 1991

Distinguished visitors

Questions without notice:

Ministerial travel expenditure

Occupational health and safety

Career education

Psychiatric facilities

Assembly building lifts

Domiciliary oxygen service

Tourism Commission offices

Sports facilities coordinator

School principal and deputy principal appointments

Policy plan changes

Government school funding

Health portfolio expenditure

Respite care

Health services


Conservation Heritage and Environment - standing committee

Workers' Compensation (Amendment) Bill 1991

Workers' Compensation (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1991

Health Services (Amendment) Bill 1991

Proceeds of Crime Bill 1991

Proceeds of Crime (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1991

Credit (Amendment) Bill 1991

Postponement of order of the day

Dog Control (Amendment) Bill 1991

Answers to questions:

Attorney-General portfolio - consultants (Question No 601)

Acton Peninsula Project Working Party (Question No 640)


Thursday, 12 December 1991

Postponement of order of the day

Social Policy - standing committee

Stamp Duties and Taxes (Amendment) Bill 1991

Taxation (Administration) (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1991

Liquor Tax Bill 1991

Liquor Tax (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1991

Casino Control (Amendment) Bill 1991

Questions without notice:

Ministerial travel expenditure

Casino project

Driver training centre

Casino project

Land tax

John Curtain School of Medical Research

Member's facsimile equipment

Member's facsimile equipment

Training facilities for water-skiers


Health budget

Tuggeranong swimming centre

North Building - proposed food outlet

Public housing tenants - eviction process

Youth refuge

Domiciliary oxygen service

Policy plan changes

Economic planning : casino (Matter of public importance)

Land (Planning and Environment) (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1991

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No 3) 1991

Magistrates Court (Amendment) Bill (No 3) 1991

Gaming Machine (Amendment) Bill (No: 2) 1991

Taxation (Administration) (Amendment) Bill (No 3) 1991

Ozone Protection Bill 1991

Crimes (Amendment) Bill (No 7) 1991

Disability Services Bill 1991

Hospital bed numbers

Public Trustee (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1991

Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Bill (No 3) 1991


East Timor

East Timor

Hospital Bed Numbers - select committee

Days and hours of meeting

Answers to questions:

Government Service - age profile (Question No 589)

Chief Minister - interstate visits (Question No 604)

Minister for Sport - interstate visits (Question No 605)

Minister for Health - interstate visits (Question No 606)

Sport portfolio - consultants (Question No 607)

Minister for Education and the Arts - interstate visits (Question No 609)

Minister for the Environment Land and Planning - interstate visits
(Question No 610)

Attorney-General - interstate visits (Question No 611)

Minister for Housing and Community Services - interstate visits
(Question No 612)

Minister for Urban Services - interstate visits (Question No 613)

Treasurer - interstate visits (Question No 614)

Housing Trust - unoccupied properties (Question No 633)

Residential land servicing (Question No 635)

Dog control statistics (Question No 637)

Timber salvage (Question No 639)


Appendix 1: Government Service - staff reductions

Appendix 2: Answers to questions

Appendix 3: Policy plan changes