Page 6015 - Week 18 - Thursday, 12 December 1991

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I think Mr Duby has raised an interesting point about cultural facilities on section 19. I believe, Mr Speaker, that that commitment was given in the context of a casino on section 19 and that it does not necessarily apply in the current circumstances. But I can certainly confirm that it is this Government's intention that the whole $19m be used for community facilities.

MR DUBY: I ask a supplementary question to clarify the issue. Does that mean that the $19m will not be spent on cultural activities?

MS FOLLETT: Mr Speaker, I can confirm that it will be spent on community facilities. I think that is the best I can do in the circumstances.

Driver Training Centre

MRS NOLAN: Mr Speaker, my question is addressed to the Chief Minister, I think in her capacity as Minister for economic development. The issue relates to the driver training centre at Sutton Park. In fact, it relates to a report that was commissioned by the former Alliance Government in May 1991. I ask the Chief Minister: When will we in the Assembly and when will the community see the report?

MS FOLLETT: I thank Mrs Nolan for the question. Let me apprise her of the answer. Mr Speaker, following the rejection of a motor racing circuit proposal, the former Government requested a report on the viability of utilising the Sutton Road site in the long term as a full-time driver training centre, and I presume that that is the report that Mrs Nolan refers to. Since coming into office, my Government has agreed to continue that investigation, and we have been considering a number of alternative uses for that site. So, the report that Mrs Nolan refers to, to the best of my knowledge, is not complete and that investigation is ongoing.

In the meantime, Mr Speaker, we have agreed that the site be used for an interim period as a driver training facility and for some very limited motor sport activities. That interim period will continue until the Government has fully evaluated the proposals for the future use of the complex.

MRS NOLAN: As a supplementary question, I ask that we be advised when it is likely that that report will be completed.

MS FOLLETT: Certainly, Mr Speaker. I will take that part of Mrs Nolan's question on notice.

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