Page 6019 - Week 18 - Thursday, 12 December 1991

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Training Facilities for Water-skiers

MRS NOLAN: My question is directed to Mr Wood in his capacity as Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning. It refers, in fact, to a sport related matter, but I think he is the one who has responsibility. I remind Assembly members that the ACT Sportswoman of the Year named last Friday evening was a barefoot skier. I ask the Minister: Currently, what are the training facilities available for water-skiers, not only for barefoot skiing but also for tournament skiing, and has the Minister received a request for additional training facilities to be made available?

MR WOOD: Are you asking me whether I have?

Mrs Nolan: Yes. What is available and have you received a request?

MR WOOD: I recall that I have seen a letter of this nature pass through my hands. I have referred it to the department for advice, and that is where things are at the moment.

MRS NOLAN: I ask a supplementary question. What are the currently available facilities?

MR WOOD: To my knowledge, the current facility is that large area across Dairy Flat Bridge. I do not know of any other area, within our boundaries, available to water-skiers.


MR STEVENSON: My question is addressed to Mr Berry. The sexually transmitted diseases clinic at Woden, commonly referred to as the STD clinic, has no information on the breakage rate of condoms, I am informed. The AIDS Action Council at Braddon only have information from Choice magazine which is five or six years old. They believe that the failure rate is about one in 10. With such a high failure rate and in view of the fact that the AIDS disease is still raging out of control and with no cure in sight, does Mr Berry believe that current information on the vitally important matter of the testing of condoms should be given to all medical groups who deal with HIV?

MR BERRY: This is a very serious question, and it goes to what Mr Stevenson said this morning about matters sexual. Mr Stevenson, of course, promotes abstinence as the answer to all of the problems. Of course, the promotion of abstinence has not worked over the centuries, and I do not expect that it is going to start working magically now. Condoms are known to be the most effective way, aside from abstinence, to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. There are instances of condom failure, and it is appropriate that the community be advised of the failure rate of condoms.

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