Page 5900 - Week 18 - Wednesday, 11 December 1991

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Career Education

MR STEFANIAK: My question is addressed to the Minister for Education, Mr Wood. The Education Department identified the career education consultant's position as surplus in 1990, as a result of which we will see that role and a work experience coordinator position combined into one. Are you aware that that decision may well reduce the professional delivery of career advice and information in ACT government schools, thus inhibiting the ability of ACT public school students to make informed decisions concerning their career and occupational paths, and will affect the training and development of the ACT public schools career advisers? Does the Minister intend to see through the amalgamation of those two positions or not?

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, I did answer this question, I think, from Mrs Nolan the other day. Can I suggest, Mr Stefaniak, that you look at my answer of one day last week. It will explain the situation.

Psychiatric Facilities

MR STEVENSON: My question is directed to Mr Berry. It concerns patients with severe psychological disturbances that require them to be confined to a ward, possibly because of antisocial or violent behaviour. How many beds are available, and at which hospital or hospitals are they available, for such patients?

MR BERRY: As far as the public hospital system is concerned, the new psychiatric wing at the Woden Valley Hospital - I am trying to, but cannot, recall the date - has been open for some time, and I had the pleasure of opening it. I think Mr Humphries was there; Mr Kaine was there.

Dr Kinloch: We were there, but we cannot remember the date either.

MR BERRY: Does anybody else remember the date?

Mr Collaery: But you were not taken aside and asked to lie down.

MR BERRY: Were you?

Mr Collaery: I was smart enough not to go, Mr Berry.

MR BERRY: A range of services is provided at varying levels of security within the facility, but my recollection is that there are about 32 beds within it.

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