Page 5901 - Week 18 - Wednesday, 11 December 1991

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Mr Stevenson: Is it currently operating? Are they currently available?

MR BERRY: Yes, it is open and running.

MR SPEAKER: Order, Mr Stevenson!

Assembly Building Lifts

MRS GRASSBY: My question is addressed to you, Mr Speaker. It is about the lifts in this building. Is there anything that you can do about them? There are times when I am sure everyone in the Assembly has waited for five minutes or a lot longer for a lift.

Mr Connolly: Craig and Carmel are still waiting.

MRS GRASSBY: I gather that Craig and Carmel are still waiting. I have the feeling that there is a sixth floor in this building or maybe a B3 that only you know about and that at times the lifts go to either one of these places and stay there. I have the terrible fear that one day the door will open on the fifth floor and I will find one of the attendants looking 10 to 15 years older because he has been in the lift all that time. Could you do something about the lifts, please?

MR SPEAKER: I would like to advise members that this has been brought to my attention previously, as one can assume with the extra two minutes that were given to the ringing of the bells to overcome that delay. It is a considerable expense to vary the lifts - many thousands of dollars. At this time we just do not have the money, and the owners of the building, I believe, are not prepared to do it on their initiative. Unfortunately, you will just have to get up earlier.

Domiciliary Oxygen Service

MR HUMPHRIES: My question is directed to the Minister for Health. Can he confirm that the domiciliary oxygen program is about to exceed, or has already exceeded, its budget for this financial year? If so, what arrangements will the Minister be making to ensure that patients who are presently part of that program will not miss out on domiciliary oxygen for the rest of this financial year?

MR BERRY: The domiciliary oxygen service is a very important service for people who require the provision of medicinal oxygen, and undoubtedly Mr Humphries recalls, from his time as Minister, some difficulties with its provision.

Mr Humphries: Which were rectified in the end.

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