Page 5902 - Week 18 - Wednesday, 11 December 1991

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MR BERRY: He claims that they were rectified in the end. I wonder whether that had anything to do with the $17m budget blow-out which probably happened around the same time.

I am not able to tell Mr Humphries now how much money the domiciliary oxygen service has spent to date. Had he put on notice the question asking for those sorts of details, I would have been happy to investigate the matter and give it to him in writing or, if he had given me an hour's notice, I would have been able to give him the answer now. I am not able to give him the level of detail that he requires, but I can say that the Government will be working to ensure that the provision of oxygen to people who are in need of it will continue and that the Labor Government will be as compassionate in that regard as it is in all others where its social justice focus leads it.

MR HUMPHRIES: I have a supplementary question. I ask the Minister: Will he do me the courtesy of taking my question on notice, then?

MR BERRY: Now that he has asked, I shall.

Tourism Commission Offices

MRS NOLAN: My question is addressed to the Chief Minister in her capacity as Minister for tourism. I understand that the tourism offices in Sydney and Melbourne closed at the end of November. Are we still paying rent on those offices? If so, for how long is that to continue and what is the compensation pay-out required to get out of the leases on both of those offices?

MS FOLLETT: I thank Mrs Nolan for the question, Mr Speaker, and I think again it is very similar to a question that we had previously.

Mr Kaine: I think so, too.

MS FOLLETT: I think so. Mrs Nolan has asked about the Tourism Commission offices in Sydney and Melbourne. It has been well known for some time that there has been the intention to close both those offices and that the reason for that has been in order to concentrate the Tourism Commission's funds and activities on marketing. I think that decision was well taken and I think it will prove to be a cost-effective decision.

Mrs Nolan has asked, in particular, whether the commission continues to pay rent on those offices. I think it might be best if I take that question on notice; but I would like to note in doing so, Mr Speaker, that there are commercial considerations involved for the Tourism Commission. If it is not possible to give Mrs Nolan a high degree of detail

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