Page 5768 - Week 18 - Tuesday, 10 December 1991

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lane has not been provided for traffic turning left out of O'Hanlon Place onto the Barton Highway as the good sight distance available to drivers turning out of O'Hanlon Place allows drivers to enter the Barton Highway safely from a stationary position. The intersection design is in accordance with accepted traffic engineering practice for wide median transport on rural roads, particularly taking into consideration the change in speed environment at the intersection. As with all intersections in new locations, it will be monitored and if there is any problem it will be rectified.

ACTION Buses - School Hire

MR CONNOLLY: On 26 November Mr Humphries asked me a series of questions about the maximum number of children that ACTION permits to be carried on buses hired by schools. The numbers have previously been given, but the issue that Mr Humphries was looking for, I think, was whether children are allowed to stand. I am advised that for trips within the urban areas children are allowed to stand. So, for schools wishing to charter a bus for a trip within the urban area of Canberra, the maximum number on the bus would be 65; that is, 42 seated and up to 23 standing. But, for charters in the non-urban areas - that is, longer distance charters - it is required that every child have a seat.



MR BERRY (Deputy Chief Minister): Pursuant to section 6 of the Subordinate Laws Act 1989, I present the following subordinate legislation in accordance with the schedule of gazettal notices for regulations, declarations and commencement provisions:

Associations Incorporation Act - Associations Incorporation Regulations -

No. 31 of 1991 (S140, dated 3 December 1991).

Notice of Commencement (S140, dated 3 December 1991).

Door to Door Trading Act - Door to Door Trading Regulations - No. 32 of 1991 (S140, dated 3 December 1991).

Stock Diseases (Amendment) Act - Declarations (2), Section 11(1) and Section 11H(1) (G48, dated 4 December 1991).

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