Page 6042 - Week 18 - Thursday, 12 December 1991

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performance of the Rally. They have done it over and over again, and I simply want to stand up and express my amazement and my annoyance that they should so rapidly change their view on this important matter.


MR WOOD (Minister for Education and the Arts and Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning) (3.55): Madam Temporary Deputy Speaker, I present the Land (Planning and Environment) (Consequential Provisions) Bill 1991. I move:

That this Bill be agreed to in principle.

The purpose of the Bill is to provide for the necessary consequential and transitional arrangements associated with the - - -

Mr Collaery: Do you support a casino, Michael?

Mr Moore: I have not made my position - - -

Mr Collaery: You would not say, would you? You are a classic wimp.

MADAM TEMPORARY DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order, please! Do you think I could have a little quiet so that I could hear Mr Wood, please.

Mr Collaery: I am sorry, Madam Temporary Deputy Speaker. I was disturbed by a money spider running across the desk.

MR WOOD: Madam Temporary Deputy Speaker, in this place my voice has never been a problem. It is not usually overridden, but - - -

MADAM TEMPORARY DEPUTY SPEAKER: Well, it was being overridden then, Mr Wood. I was finding it difficult.

Mr Collaery: There were eight minutes left for the MPI discussion and Mr Moore chose not to speak. Let the record show that.

Mr Moore: I raise a point of order, Madam Temporary Deputy Speaker. Mr Collaery said, "There were eight minutes left for the MPI discussion and Mr Moore chose not to speak". I think members would be aware that, in fact, I left the chamber for a minute and have now returned, and that Mr Collaery is trying to mislead the house. But, unlike Mr Collaery, I will not move away from the policy upon which I was elected.

MR WOOD: I will continue. While I am enjoying the interplay, I will keep to the business in front of me.

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