Page 5854 - Week 18 - Tuesday, 10 December 1991

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existing budget of the department. Notification will be given that this Bill is now law. I do not know how great an education program there will be, but the message will be well expressed through the usual media outlets.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Bill agreed to in principle.

Leave granted to dispense with the detail stage.

Bill agreed to.


Debate resumed from 21 November 1991, on motion by Mr Wood:

That this Bill be agreed to in principle.

MR JENSEN (10.27): This Bill is related to the Air Pollution (Amendment) Bill, as Mr Wood indicated in his introduction speech. It makes similar sorts of provisions in relation to pollution abatement notices. I am not quite sure whether people present realise that, if you wash your motor vehicle in your driveway and the water goes into the stormwater system, you are effectively breaking the law as it stands at the moment. In the strict letter of the law, you are putting material, particularly if you are using soap and other things, into the stormwater system.

What we are concerned about and what we need to be concerned about is the problems associated with urban run-off in the ACT, particularly in our developing suburbs. When self-government commenced the Follett Government introduced an education program, which was subsequently refined during the period of the Alliance Government, in relation to water pollution, and some work was done with builders. We should remember that residents also have a responsibility to make sure that no urban run-off, particularly from piles of soil, gets into the stormwater system.

Members will no doubt recall the comments and concern expressed in the early days of this Assembly in relation to the water clarity in Lake Tuggeranong. Lake Tuggeranong still has a problem, but the situation is much better than it was when the lake was new. The lake has now matured in much the same way as we have seen Lake Ginninderra mature over the years.

However, those of us who live in Tuggeranong see a problem with the lake. A major multinational organisation operates a facility right on the edge of the lake. One just has to go down to the lake on the weekend, as I did for an arts

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