Page 5762 - Week 18 - Tuesday, 10 December 1991

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Sports Facilities Coordinator

MR COLLAERY: Mr Speaker, my question is addressed to the Minister for the Environment, Mr Wood. I ask Mr Wood whether he was consulted on, or in any way aware of, the secondment of Mr Peter Conway to a senior position in his department for six months - someone who, on Mr Berry's statement of 5 December, has the principal task of developing and facilitating liaison arrangements with sport and recreation organisations.

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, the sport area is divided between the Minister for Sport, Mr Berry, and me. The bureaucrats work in the Department of the Environment, Land and Planning; but Mr Berry very effectively administers sports policy and all matters relating to sport. It is an arrangement that suits me fine. I would think that the question you ask is predominantly, in any case, a public service matter and not one that would normally come to my attention.

Mr Collaery: Just answer the question; were you consulted?

MR WOOD: I think you have your answer. I would not seek consultation on that matter.

MR COLLAERY: I ask a supplementary question, Mr Speaker. So, I take it, Mr Wood, that, although Mr Conway is responsible to the secretary of your department, on Mr Berry's advice of 5 December, you were not consulted about his "secondment" to a highly paid position in your department?

MR WOOD: You are a bit slow to cotton on, Mr Collaery. I thought I had explained it. I am not consulted on a very large number of matters - in fact, all the matters that Mr Berry so well deals with in sport. If you want me to list them all, I can take you through them. There is a very large range of matters, from the Tuggeranong pool to all sorts of other matters. I repeat: Mr Berry deals with those matters, he deals with them well, and I would not seek consultation.

Training and Development Options for Women

MS MAHER: My question is addressed to the Chief Minister. I believe that the consultancy report on the review of training and development options for women in the ACT was finalised some time ago and passed on to the Minister a couple of weeks ago. Does the Chief Minister intend to make the report public? If so, when; and, if not, why not?

MS FOLLETT: I thank Ms Maher for the question, Mr Speaker. It is not a matter on which I have any information with me in the Assembly today, but I will certainly make inquiries about it and provide Ms Maher with an answer.

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