Page 5831 - Week 18 - Tuesday, 10 December 1991

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Professor Douglas Whalan, who is the adviser to the Scrutiny of Bills Committee. He truly has an eagle eye. He picks up the most extraordinarily minute detail. He noted that in one of the detailed provisions of this Bill we had referred to Division 2 of the principal Act and he quite correctly realised, as I am sure all members also realised, that it should have been Division 2 of Part III, rather than simply Division 2. So, we are indebted to Professor Whalan for his extraordinary eye for detail. I will be proposing that amendment to clause 3 to fix that up.

MR SPEAKER: Do you wish to move that amendment?

MR CONNOLLY: I do. I move:

Clause 3, page 1, line 10, after "Division 2", insert "of Part III".

Amendment agreed to.

Bill, as a whole, as amended, agreed to.

Bill, as amended, agreed to.

BILL 1991

Debate resumed from 21 November 1991, on motion by Mr Berry:

That this Bill be agreed to in principle.

MR PROWSE (9.02): I would like, right from the outset, to move amendments that I have circulated in my name.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: Not till the detail stage, Mr Prowse.

MR PROWSE: Right. I will foreshadow those amendments. I do apologise, Mr Deputy Speaker; I was just seeing whether you were on the ball.

Very briefly, the situation is that I propose to compliment the Government for presenting this Bill for the members. I think it is most appropriate that the members of the Assembly have a superannuation Bill presented and a superannuation facility provided for them. All members in this community in this day and age have that facility provided for them. I think it would be most inappropriate for members of this parliament, whom I consider to be the most hardworking members in our community, to miss out on something that I think is essential.

It is a protection particularly for those approaching the latter years of their working life. It is also a protection for those further down the line, such as Mr Stefaniak and Mr Humphries, who no doubt will find, from

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