11 Feb 2020 - 27 Aug 2020 Subject Indexes

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amdts, amendments; ba, bill agreed to; detail, debated at the detail stage; expst, explanatory statement; m, motion; mnrs, ministerial response; mnst, ministerial statement; mso, motion for the suspension of standing orders; psm, paper and statement by minister; perexp, personal explanation; prin, debated at the in-principle stage; q, question; qn, question on notice; refcom, reference to committee; wdrl, withdrawal;



Child protection, 415q

Grants and recipients, 621q

Incarceration rates, 1071q

National apology, 303

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, 165q, 166q, 267q, 914q

Our Booris, Our Way, final report, 271m

Our Booris, Our Way review, government response, 1968m

Reconciliation Week, 1286

Residential rehabilitation facility, 364qn, 828qn

Access Canberra

Data security, 1737q, 2414qn, 2464qn

Drivers licence advice, 1498q

Traffic infringement notices, 2232q

Vehicle registrations, 1887qn, 2427qn

ACT Ambulance Service

Staffing, 2082q, 2417qn, 2468qn

ACT Corrective Services

Intensive correction orders, 1737q

ACT Economy

Economic and fiscal update, mnst, 2245

ACT Emergency Services Agency

Auslan, use during emergencies, 189m

Volunteer compensation, 1236q, 1280q

ACT Fire & Rescue

Firefighters, 2348qn

ACT Health

Accreditation, 825qn

Child sex offences, 1501q, 1502q, 1503q, 1504q, 1621q, 1624q, 1735q, 1745q, 2080q, 2463qn

Contractors, 1185qn

Costs, 2366qn

Dental appointments, 2362qn

Elective surgery, 2360qn

Emergency department performance, 168q

Employment data, 315qn

Endoscopy, 2363qn

Expenditure, 1828qn

Medical training, 161q, 1424qn

Notifiable invoices, 1422qn

Outpatient services, 2364qn

SPIRE project, 150q, 152q, 154q, 157q, 158q, 160q, 167q, 172q, 173m, 366qn, 779m, 914q, 1078q, 1336q

Staff subsidies, 912qn

Women’s Health Service, 2459qn

Workplace culture, 365qn, 368qn

ACT Health and Canberra Health Services

Performance reports, 1856qn

ACT Policing

Antisocial driving, 414q

Domestic and family violence data, 1180qn

Drug and alcohol testing of officers, 2370qn

Drug detection, 856qn

Motorcycle gangs, 413q, 1875qn

Training, 1178qn

ACT public service

Contractors, 1184qn

ACT Revenue Office

Objections, 1439qn

Active travel

Kuringa Drive, 2379qn

Alexander Maconochie Centre

Drone activity, 701qn

Health services, 263q, 915q

Interstate assistance, 702qn

Lockdowns, 701qn

Pacific Islander detainees, 1862qn


Cat containment policy, 2355qn

Deaths, Kuringa Drive, 2417qn

Dogs, 2418qn


Footpaths, 1862qn

Arnel, Mr A

Tribute, 2023


COVID-19, 2077q

Cultural diversity,1859qn

Fitters' workshop, 835qn

Funding, 719qn

Government policy, 1955q, 2468qn

Live in Ya Lounge, 2177, 2182, 2183, 2184

Summer events, 610q


Home owners, 860qn, 861qn

Local artists and performers, 1446qn

Non-residential sites, 858qn

Ashford, Ms L

Condolence, 1459m


Community Men's Shed, 557

Hospitality businesses, 1574


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 576, 1775, detail, 1780, ba, 1781, amdts, 1789

Adoption Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1603, 1937, detail, 1945, ba, 1945, amdts, 2027

Appropriation Bill 2019-2020 (No 2), prin, 281, 815, refcom, 285, detail, 818, ba, 819, amdts, 822

Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1606, 1932, 2000, detail, 2006, ba, 2009, amdts, 2027

Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration (Tissue Donor Acknowledgment) Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 449, 1085, detail, 1093, ba, 1093, amdts, 1140

Building and Construction Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1043, 1396, ba, 1399

Cemeteries and Crematoria Bill 2019, prin, 648, ba, 664, expst, 665

City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1915, 2205, ba, 2208

Confiscation of Criminal Assets (Unexplained Wealth) Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 585, 1682, ba, 1685

Coroners Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 210, 1677, ba, 1682

COVID-19 Emergency Response Bill 2020, prin, 746, 758, 780, detail, 805, ba, 815, amdts, 820

COVID-19 Emergency Response Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 944, 1011, detail, 1023, ba, 1026, amdts, 1035

COVID-19 Emergency Response Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 (No 2), prin, 1308, 1487, ba, 1493

Crimes (Offences Against Vulnerable People) Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 951, 2009, detail, 2017, ba, 2017, amdts, 2028

Crimes (Protection of Police, Firefighters and Paramedics) Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 1099, detail, 1102, ba, 1107, amdts, 1140, 1145, 1146

Education Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1600, 1932, ba, 1937

Electoral Amendment Bill 2018, detail, 2141, 2284, ba, 2290, amdts, 2165, 2330

Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 1536, detail, 1543, ba, 1548, amdts, 1576

Electricity Feed-in (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 2187, 2283, ba, 2284

Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1203, 1781, ba, 1785

Electronic Conveyancing National Law (ACT) Bill 2020, prin, 583, 1027, detail, 1030, ba, 1031, amdts, 1037

Emergencies Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 2040, 2215, ba, 2217

Employment and Workplace Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1314, 1554, detail, 1561, ba, 1563, amdts, 1579

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1199, 1322, ba, 1325

Firearms Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 207, 1107

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 579, 751, ba, 753

Heritage Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 374, ba, 386

Human Rights (Workers Rights) Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 1005, detail, 1010, ba, 1011, paper, 1027, amdts, 1034

Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1310, 2017, detail, 2065, ba, 2066, amdts, 2160

Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2020, prin, 489, 1116, ba, 1129

Land Titles (Electronic Conveyancing) Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 582, 1031, ba, 1031

Loose-fill Asbestos Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 592, 1110

Magistrates Court (Infringement Notices) Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 540, detail, 545, ba, 547, amdts, 563

Mental Health Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1719, 2067, ba, 2072

Motor Accident Injuries Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 205, 298, ba, 301

Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1196, 1482, ba, 1486

Planning and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 947, 1221, ba, 1223

Planning Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 981, 1344, detail, 1348, 2122, 2156m, ba, 2141, 2157, amdts, 2162

Plastic Reduction Bill 2020, expd, 1921

Public Health Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1200, 1380, detail, 1391, ba, 1396, amdts, 1407

Public Health Amendment Bill 2020 (No 2), prin, 1599, 1771, ba, 1775

Public Health (Emergencies) Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 741, ba, 758

Public Interest Disclosure Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 573, 2208, detail, 2214, ba, 2215, amdts, 2320

Rates Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 206, 750, ba, 751

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 212, 237, ba, 244

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1563, detail, 2218, 2253, ba, 2222, amdts, 2321

Royal Commission Criminal Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1471, 1671, ba, 1677

Sexuality and Gender Identity Conversion Practices Bill 2020, prin, 1918, 2222, 2253, detail, 2258, ba, 2263, amdts, 2328

Unit Titles Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 386, detail, 397, ba, 402, amdts, 443

Victims Rights Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1474, 1685, detail, 1693, ba, 1693, amdts, 1698

Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2019, prin, 645, ba, 648

Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 1046, 1548, ba, 1554

Bissett, Mr N

Tribute, 1130


2019-20 budget review, mnst, 279

2020-21 postponement, 1318m, 1370

Arts funding, 315qn, 833qn

Gender clinic funding, 353qn

Roads, 1168qn

Sport, 1169qn


COVID-safe construction sites, 1740q

Reforms, 419q, mnst, 1594


Bushfire and storm season, 1m, 17, 53

Controlled burns, 892qn

Economic impact, 39q

Financial support, 2470qn

Preparedness, 45q

Recovery support, 113m


Protection, 494q

Recovery, 246q


Commercial rates, 763q

COVID-19, 974q, 1069q, 1080q, 1129, 1223q, 1283

Development, 1225q

Disaster recovery, 141m, 175

Fair trading, 1947q, 2084q

Government support, 51q


Chinese community, 302

City precinct renewal program, 872qn

Cost of living, 453m

Flood management, 352qn

Our Bush Capital, 103, 203

Canberra Health Services

Audit reports, 264q, 915q

Budget, 403q, 421q, 1187qn

Contractors, 1185qn

Cost-effectiveness, 408q, 915q

Infrastructure, 1078q

Patient transport, 1149qn

Radiology department, 264q, 831qn, 1152qn

Service improvements, 405q

SPIRE project, 612q, 2389qn

Staff wages, 2239q, 2245q, 2470qn

Staffing, 1150qn

Workforce development committee, 694qn

Canberra Hospital

Air pollution, 1230q

Engineering reports, 1847qn

Expansion, 1956q

Hydrotherapy pool, 342qn, 1426qn

Infrastructure, 1902qn

Precinct, mnrs, 734

Radiology department, 909qn

SPIRE project, 2385qn

Visiting medical officers, 911qn

Canberra Institute of Technology

COVID-19, 966q

Canberra Liberals

Policy, 2157


Community facilities, 343qn

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Employment data, 333qn

Staffing, 1437qn, 1734q

Children and young people

Adoptions, 1436qn, 1849qn, 1850qn

Breach of court order complaints, 1897qn

Care and protection, 256q, 305, 1797qn, 1835qn

Care and protection orders, expenditure, 2434qn

Care subsidy, 2374qn

Kinship carers, 1161qn

Out of home care, 780m

Parental contact, 1282, 1332q, 1334q, 1399, 1738q, 1852qn, 1853qn, 1904qn

Parental support services, 1897qn

Residential care, 1160qn

Respite care, 1851qn

Youth unemployment, 2414qn


COVID-19, 1076q

Community sector

Death cafes, 559

Social compact, 354qn

Volunteering, 425

Community services

Indian community, 1031

Venue hire, 354qn

Wellbeing calls service, 2080q

Community Services Directorate

Contractors, 1186qn

Employment data, 331qn

Coroner's report

Government response, 2085m

COVID-19 pandemic

Access to services, 1166qn

ACT, 1521m

ACT economic response to COVID-19, mnst, 1296

Community consultation, 1165qn

Economy, 1167qn

Health workers, 2090m

Land tax credit, 2404qn

Online education, 1170qn

Safety measures, 1181qn, 1183qn

Stimulus packages, demographic breakdown, 1891qn

Tenant rights, 1172qn

Update, mnst, 938, mnst, 1040, mnst, 1191, mnst, 1303, mnst, 1466, mnst, 1581, mnst, 2034


Ginninderra electorate, 728qn, 896qn

Motorcycle gangs, 420q, 1624q, 1646m

Outlaw motorcycle gangs, 410q

Sexual assault, 36q, 1186qn

Crimes (Sentence Administration) Act

Intensive correction orders review report, 432m, 630

Cultural Facilities Corporation

Appointments, 834qn

Cupitt, Mr D and Mrs V

60th wedding anniversary, 2024

Deane, Mr D

Tribute, 561

Disability services

Accessible car parking, 560

Carer assistance, 768q

Government employment, 846qn

Domestic and family violence

Accommodation, 878qn

Data, 1175qn

Legislation review, 2344qn

Domestic animal services

Dogs, 2372qn

Expenditure, 2427qn


Performance, 406q


2020 school year preparation, 156q, 628q

COVID-19, 967q, 1329q

Early childhood strategy, 722qn

Flexible learning, 411q

International students, 2429qn

IT security, 2072q, 2075q, 2233q

Phonics, 252q, 255q

School cleaners, 498q

Student support, 2074q

Education Directorate

Contractors, 1184qn

Employment data, 326qn

Staffing, 1806qn

Emergency services

COVID-19, 973q

Procedures, 496q


COVID-19, 1495q

Gungahlin, 438

Veterans, 1136


Concessions, 770q

Electricity concessions, 1168qn

Gas connections, 1839qn


Air quality, 217m, 2244m

Bird deaths, 880qn

Climate change, 2086m

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measurement Method) Determination 2020, psm, 631

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Renewable Electricity Target Measurement Method) Determination 2020, psm, 632

Feral horses, 1229q

Ginninderra Creek, 1884qn

Hackett horse paddocks, 2367qn

Hall park upgrade project, 1803qn

Majura nature reserve, 599m

Mugga Lane tip, 1337q, 1839qn

Noise complaints, 881qn

Pest management, 1893qn, 2381qn

Platypus population, 852qn

State of the Environment 2019

Government response, 1509m

Report, 275m, 558

Wombat conservation, 1881qn

Woolworths Landcare grants, 560

World Bee Day, 1132

Yellow box woodland, 2089m

Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

Contractors, 1185qn

Employment data, 323qn

Firefighters, 890qn

Environment Protection Authority

Complaints policy, 1892qn

Evans, Mr G

Tribute, 1133, 1138

Federal government

Territory rights, 2158

Financial Management Act

Consolidated financial report for the December 2019 quarter, 269m


Community fair, 304, 441

Floyd, Mr G

Black lives matter movement, 1286


Community hub management, 2421qn

Foskey, Dr D

Condolence, 923m

Frazer, Mr R

Tribute, 666


COVID-19, 1335q

Gambling harm prevention and mitigation fund, 1415qn, 2073q, 2469qn

Harm minimisation, 1612m, 1659

Personal explanation, 1281

Point of consumption tax, 1823qn

Garner, Mrs V

Tribute, 1572


Maintenance of ovals, 1435qn

Public barbecues, 844qn


Vegetation, 1804qn


2020 safer families policy, mnst, 1588

Achievements, 1696

ACT building levy, revenue, 1847qn

Active travel policy, mnrs, 735

Better suburbs, expenditure, 2371qn

Campaign advertising, appointment of independent reviewer, 643m

Climate change strategy, 1155qn

Community support, 1628q, 1743q

Consultants and contractors, 1864qn, 1866qn

Contracts, 1815qn

COVID-19 plan, 1244m, perexp, 1256

Drug and alcohol harm minimisation policy, 2107m

Energy efficiency rating scheme, 883qn

Environmental protection, 2240q

Essential services, 771q

Fees and charges, 492q, 493q, 627q, 917q

Fuel pricing, 163q

Government priorities 2020, mnst, 63

Health system, 490q

Hygienic paper supplies policy, 1883qn

Invoices, 313qn, 825qn, 829qn

Land release, 1444qn

Lease variation revenue, 2472qn

Mingle program expenditure, 486q

Procurement, 697qn

Promotional materials, 1872qn, 1873qn

Rates assistance, 906qn

Religious freedom legislation, government submission, 626q

Rental bonds, 907qn

Revenue, 710qn, 717qn

Schools policy, 2234q

Services, 2422qn

Small memorials, registration policy, 2378qn

Support for seniors, 170q

Tenancy services funding, 2340qn

Zero emissions vehicles, 868qn


Community, 1134

Sports and recreation fair, 105

Hamblin Wang, Ms S

Tribute, 108


Air pollution, 1232q, 1239q

Children's services, 2349qn

COVID-19, 766q, 768q, 1188qn

Cultural review implementation, 1241m

Elective surgery, 1742q, 1745q

Homebirth trial, 1343m

Hydrotherapy, mnst, 372, 623q, 630q, 695qn, 2382qn

International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, 1404

National Condom Day, 301

Newborn screening, 68, 72, mnrs, 1039

Nurse graduates, 109

Nurse-led walk-in centres, 633, 2337qn

Outpatient clinics, 311qn

Public health directions, 1233q

Safe injecting room, 1428qn

Screening procedures, 1445qn

Specialist services, 2236q, 2238q

Staff qualifications, 1159qn

Testing of quarantined travellers, 1500q, 2413qn, 2463qn

World Cancer Day, 109

Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2019

Amendment to regulations, 270m

Heritage Festival

COVID-19, 1848qn


COVID-19, 764q, 775q, 1807qn

Housing, 1971m


Acute care beds, 1945q

Aged-care assessments, 338qn

Bushfire season preparedness, 871qn

Commonwealth funding, 827qn

Day surgery capacity, 370qn

Elective surgery, 1988m

Emergency department data, 368qn, 618q, 971q

Emergency department performance, 1831qn

Intensive care beds, 767q, 1189qn

Maternity services, 366qn, 421q

North side hospital, 870qn

Outsourced procedures, 907qn

Performance data, 972q

Procedures data, 339qn, 1424qn

Specialist waiting lists, 1335q, 1905qn

Surgical beds and operating theatres, 2356qn

Waiting times, 1741q, 2415qn, 2466qn


Affordability, 480q, 481q, 482q, 485q, 500q, 1187qn, 1756m, 1972m, 2231q

Affordable rental properties, 1173qn

Affordable rental scheme, 893qn

Community, 1327q, 1338q

Concessions, 770q

Redevelopment, 1879qn

Rent arrears, 1070q

Residential rates, 1093m

Tenants Union, 404q

Housing ACT

Building communities program, 2335qn

Commercial tenancies, 877qn

COVID-19 pandemic response, 1953q

Energy efficiency, 1820qn

Expenditure, 2398qn

Information technology projects, 2442qn

Maintenance, 1821qn, 1950q

Sales and maintenance, 1412qn

Shared equity arrangement, 2083q, 2469qn

Tenancy allocation, 2402qn

Tenant records, 1817qn

Industrial relations

Long service leave, 1746m

Penalty rates, 666

Johnstone, Ms LM

Inquest into death, coroner's report and government response, 79m


COVID-19, 1792qn

Kaleen Sports Club

Closure, 1573

Kelly Ms E, Capt RAANC (Retired)

Tribute, 1402


Affordability, 1636m

Curtin horse paddocks, 2369qn

Curtin land swap, 1177qn

Kenny, 2383qn

Sales, 608q, 609q, 628q, 920q

Tax rebate scheme, 1445qn

Valuations, 850qn, 2230q, 2245q, 2470qn


Facilities, 2407qn

Parking, 178m

Recreation facilities, 1156qn

Legislative Assembly


Administration and Procedure, 597m, 740, 1929, 2044m

COVID-19 pandemic response, 758m, 780m, 954m, 1050, 1212m, 1316m, 1480, 2185m, 2190m

Economic Development and Tourism, 374, 1609m, 1611, 1770, 2203

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs, 88m, 98, 1213, 1925m, 1931

Environment and Transport and City Services, 99, 100, 101, 215, 741, 1770

Estimates 2020-2021, 595m, 633m, 761m

Health, Ageing and Community Services, 371, 1206m, 1317, 1723m, 1771, 1972m, 2049, 2192m

Integrity Commission, 2204

Justice and Community Safety, 80m, 97, 599m, 959, 961, 1212, 2204

Justice and Community Safety (scrutiny role), 371, 954, 1049, 1205, 1317, 1480, 1609, 1722, 1925, 2044, 2192

Planning and Urban Renewal, 102, 371, 741, 955, 962, 963, 1769m, 1771, 1931, 2045m

Public Accounts, 1054, 1055, 1067, 1138, 2196m, 2205

Standing, 739, 762m

Convening notice, 2175

Internship, 1284


"Deceived", 510, wdrl, 510

"Duplicity", 1062, wdrl, 1062

"Grubby", 1062

"Lies, lies and lies", 44

"Sordid", 1062

Statement by Speaker, 1289

"You know it is a lie", 502, wdrl, 504

Legislative Assembly chamber, statement by Speaker, 1581

Matters of public importance

Cost of living, 285

Nurse-led walk-in centres, 633

Peaceful protest, 88

Statement by Speaker, 569

Volunteering, 425

Members, leave of absence

Berry, Ms Y, 1745m

Burch, Miss C, 1238m

Cody, Ms B, 140m, 780m, 1471m, 1907m

Dunne, Mrs V, 780m, 985m

Gentleman, Mr M, 607m

Gupta, Mr D-R, 780m

Jones, Mrs G, 1339m, 1581m, 1907m, 2185m

Kikkert, Mrs E, 985m

Lawder, Ms N, 403m, 780m, 1471m

Lee, Ms E, 780m

Ramsay, Mr G, 1745m

Steel, Mr C, 780m

Wall, Mr A, 403m, 1581m

Members' staff, 1954q, 1962q

Ministerial arrangements, 607, 762, 1733

Ministerial statements

2019-20 budget review, mnst, 279

ACT economic response to COVID-19, mnst, 1296

COVID-19 pandemic response, update, mnst, 938, mnst, 1040, update, mnst, 1191, mnst, 1303, mnst, 1466, mnst, 1581, mnst, 2034

Building reforms, mnst, 1594

Economic and fiscal update, mnst, 2245

Government, 2020 safer families policy, mnst, 1588

Priorities, 2020, mnst, 63

Health, hydrotherapy services, mnst, 372

Ministerial delegation, New Zealand, mnst, 569

Ngunnawal language in the Assembly, 1701

Papers, 74, 267, 422, 630, 631, 777, 975, 1011, 1081, 1191, 1240, 1339, 1505, 1630, 1631, 1745, 1962, 2084, 2242

Points of order, 38, 39, 41, 42, 44, 48, 151, 153, 155, 163, 245, 253, 254, 255, 409, 410, 411, 473, 474, 482, 483, 508, 510, 540, 625, 637, 763, 969, 1062, 1074, 1226, 1233, 1253, 1254, 1255, 1256, 1259, 1326, 1327, 1331, 1333, 1392, 1496, 1499, 1619, 1625, 1741, 1742, 1949, 1955, 2075, 2083, 2106, 2230, 2236

Sitting pattern, amendment, 731, 758m, 953m, mnrs, 2032

Standing orders

Amendment, 1049

Order to table, standing order 213A, 174m

Standing order 55, 1289

Suspension, mso, 1, mso, 298, mso, 739, mso, 749, mso, 753, mso, 938, mso, 981, mso, 1011, mso, 1129, mso, 1238, mso, 2185, mso, 2283

Travel by members, 1438qn

Valedictories, 2264, 2274, 2290

Viewing data, 1890qn

Visitors, 17

Warnings, 493, 503, 2150

Legislative Assembly (Petitions)

Active travel policy (Nos 23-19 and 30-19), mnrs, 735

Arts, Live in Ya Lounge (No 21-20), 2177

Canberra Hospital precinct (Nos 29-19 and 32-19), mnrs, 734

Legislative Assembly, sitting pattern (No 4-20), 932, 938, mnrs, 2032

Municipal services

Campbell dog park (No 17-20), 2031

Farrer (Nos 10-20 and 15-20), 1907, 1915

Kingston dog park (No 16-20), 2031

Narrabundah shops (No 3-20), 732, mnrs, 1465

Playgrounds (No 7-20), 933, mnrs, 1911

Water refill stations (No 6-20), 933, mnrs, 1912

Newborn screening (Nos 21-19 and 1-20), 68, 72, mnrs, 1039

Out-of-order petitions

Live in Ya Lounge, financial support, 2183

Municipal services

Campbell dog park, 2033

Kingston dog park, 2033

Schooling during COVID-19, 936

Transport Canberra, Symonston bus services, 1913

Waste, Belconnen facility proposed closure, 2182


Chifley Place (No 2-20), 731, mnrs, 935

Chifley Place (No 28-19), mnrs, 732

Disabled access (No 20-20), 2177


Chisholm (No 9-20), 1291, 1294, mnrs, 1910

Chisholm development (No 12-20), 1908

Coombs peninsula (No 31-19), mnrs, 70

Weston parkland (No 5-20), 1290, 1291, 1295, mnrs, 1717

Schools, online learning (No 8-20), 934, 936, mnrs, 1909

Traffic, management (No 19-20), 2177

Transport Canberra

Bus terminus (No 18-20), 2175

Proposed Turner bus layover (No 11-20), 2176

Symonston bus services (No 14-20), 1909

Wanniassa bus routes (No 27-19), mnrs, 69


Belconnen facility proposed closure (No 23-20), 2178

Proposed Fyshwick facility (No 22-20), 2178

Legislative Assembly (Votes)

Age of criminal responsibility

That Mr Hanson's amendment to Mr Ramsay's proposed amendment be agreed to, 2064

Budget, 2020-2021 postponement

That paragraph (12) of Mr Coe's amendment be agreed to, 1379

That the amendment be agreed to, 1372

Cost of living

That the amendment be agreed to, 474

COVID-19 Emergency Response Bill 2020

That the amendment be agreed to, 815

COVID-19 Emergency Response Legislation Amendment Bill 2020

That the amendments be agreed to, 1026

COVID-19 pandemic response, health workers

That the amendments be agreed to, 2104

Crime, motorcycle gangs

That the amendment be agreed to, 1659

Electoral Amendment Bill 2020

That the amendment be agreed to, 2146

That the amendments be agreed to, 2147

Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

That clause 7 be agreed to, 1545

Employment and Workplace Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2020

That clause 14 be reconsidered, 1561

That clause 32 be reconsidered, 1562

That clauses 106 to 109 be reconsidered, 1562

Government campaign advertising, appointment of independent reviewer

That the motion be agreed to, 644

Government, drug and alcohol harm minimisation policy

That the amendment be agreed to, 2121

Housing, affordability

That the amendment be agreed to, 1769

That the amendment to the proposed amendment be agreed to, 1998

Housing, residential rates

That the amendment be agreed to, 1099

Industrial relations, long service leave

That the motion be agreed to, 1755

Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2020

That this bill be agreed to, 1129

Land, affordability

That the amendment be agreed to, 1646

Lawson, parking

That Ms Le Couteur's amendment to the motion, as amended, be agreed to, 189

Mental health, acute care capacity

That the amendment be agreed to, 1280

Planning Legislation Amendment Bill 2020

That clause 17 be agreed to, 2134

That clause 18 be agreed to, 2134

Planning, Molonglo Valley

That standing orders be suspended, 1238

Public Health Amendment Bill 2020

That the amendment be agreed to, 1395

Sexuality and Gender Identity Conversion Practices Bill 2020

That the amendments be agreed to, 2262

That this bill, as amended, be agreed to, 2263

Social media posts

That Mr Parton be suspended from the service of the Assembly, 1494

Taxation, rates

That the amendment be agreed to, 1521

That Ms Lawder be suspended from the service of the Assembly, 1063

Transport Canberra, network 19

That the motion be agreed to, 511

Trees, proposed planting program

That the amendment be agreed to, 1369

Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin

That the amendment be agreed to, 521

Light rail

Data, 349qn

Review, 344qn, 979m

Stage 2

Cost, 409q

Federal government approvals, 484q

Long service leave

Portability, 189

McClure, Mr H

Tribute, 666

Mental health

Acute care capacity, 1228q, 1231q, 1261m, 1903qn

Admission delays, 836qn

Auslan resources, 685qn

Cannabis, 360qn

Children and young people, 1150qn

Communications, 688qn

Community engagement, 689qn, 691qn

COVID-19, 774q

Data, 685qn

Depression, 667

Facilities, 363qn

Intellectual disability working group, 681qn

Model of care, 1409qn

Nurse training, 682qn

Paramedic training, 676qn

Patient follow-up, 1074q

Patient services, 367qn

Policy review, 684qn

Resources, 677qn

Seclusion data, 687qn

Seclusion rates, 1626q

Services, 674qn, 839qn, 1627q

Step-up, step-down services, 838qn

Suicide prevention, 671qn, 686qn, 724qn

Work plan, 692qn

Youth services, 676qn, 693qn, 837qn

Mental Health Act

Review of the operation of mental health orders, 277m

Motor vehicles

Hail damage, 1447qn

Insurance, 713qn

Registration, 495q, 918q

Multicultural affairs

Awards, 721qn

English language training, 845qn

Jewish primary school, 664

Mother languages, 668

Mundey, Mr J

Tribute, 1137

Municipal services

Accessible toilets, 868qn

Campbell dog park, 2031, 2033

Charity bin removal, 1435qn

Container refund depots, 897qn

Cyclepaths, 2419qn

Farrer, 1907, 1915

Fix my street, 417q, 1837qn, 1885qn

Footpaths, 857qn, 1857qn, 2235q, 2434qn, 2435qn


Projects, 1622q

Stromlo leisure park, 2460qn

Invasive tree roots, 245q, 267q

Kingston dog park, 2031, 2033

Lake Ginninderra, shared paths, 2436qn

Maintenance, 1571

Mowing, 1880qn

Mowing contractors, 1412qn

Narrabundah shops, 732

Ovals, 347qn

Parks, 1411qn

Play space upgrades, 1824qn

Playgrounds, 933, mnrs, 1911, 2364qn, 2380qn

Public toilets, 613q, 920q

Shade sails, 357qn

Shopping centre upgrades, 2377qn

Signage, 356qn

Streetlights, 2394qn

Tree management, 1791qn

Trees, 1226q, 1432qn

Upgrades, 351qn

Water refill stations, 933, mnrs, 1912

National Multicultural Festival

Planning, 1858qn

Preparations, 358qn, 614q

Review, 902qn

Unsuccessful applications, 899qn

Women's safety, 481

Order of Australia

Recipients, 1401


Braddon, 616q, 629q, 920q

Chifley Place, 731, mnrs, 732

Cooleman Court, 1947q

Dickson shops, 2377qn

Disabled access, 2182

Fines, 1433qn

Greenway, 2232q

Gungahlin, 1886qn

Infringements, 129m

Mobility parking arrangements in the ACT, 547m

Revenue, 1878qn

Rivett shops, 703qn

Paynter, Mr J

Tribute, 2025


Artificial grass, 2368qn

Chisholm, 1291, 1294, mnrs, 1910

Chisholm development, 1908

Community access, 1224q, 1237q

Coombs peninsula, 152q, 172q, 1734q

Coombs shops, 890qn

Development, 855qn, 1075q, 2229q, 2432qn, 2433qn

Development applications, 1845qn

Exercise of call-in powers, 1963m

Gasless suburbs, 862qn

Ginninderry, 1848qn, 2412qn

Green space, 1326q

Greenway construction, 1618q

Gungahlin cinema, 1620q, 1906qn

Horse paddocks, 970q

Kippax group centre flooding potential, 1894qn

Lawson, 1854qn

Lease variations, 882qn

Master plans, 1617q, 1620q, 1905qn

McKellar shops, 1855qn, 2412qn

Molonglo Valley, 1238m, 1341m

Number of dwellings, 2390qn

Status of projects, 1834qn

Transmission lines, 864qn, 2410qn

Weston parkland, 1290, 1291, 1295, 1717

Planning and Development Act 2007

Variation No 355 to the Territory Plan, 86m

Variation No 360 to the Territory Plan, 83m

Variation No 361 to the Territory Plan, 1507m

Variation No 367 to the Territory Plan, 81m

Variation No 373 to the Territory Plan, 1343m

Public housing

CCTV cameras, 1494q, 1505q

Investment, 1951q

Leases, 2401qn

Maintenance, 2399qn, 2403qn

Renewal program, 1332q, 1904qn

Supply, 2336qn

Tenants' income, 2396qn

Tenants with disabilities, 1433qn

Public land

Bike tracks, 1739q


Deferrals, 1438qn

Republic of Kiribati

Election of first female Speaker, 1191


Accident black spots, 1861qn, 2413qn

Belconnen, 902qn

Beltana Road, 2384qn

Maintenance, 344qn, 1954q, 2468qn

Projects, 1794qn

Speed cameras, 1812qn

Speed limits, 2380qn

Traffic calming, 1787, 1859qn, 2419qn

Traffic management, 345qn, 356qn, 614q, 1157qn, 2182, 2420qn

Traffic signals, 2377qn

Upgrades, 898qn, 899qn, 1958q, 1962q

William Hovell Drive, 1901qn

William Slim Drive, 2437qn

Road safety

Driver education, 903qn

Salthouse, Ms S

Condolence, 1705m


Attendance during the COVID-19 pandemic, 985m

Bullying, 2392qn

Chaplaincy replacement, 620q, 630q, 921q

Cleaners, 308

Costello review, 1618q, 1630q

COVID-19, 964q, 967q, 968q, 1902qn

Flexible learning program, 1147qn

Gender equality, 851qn

Hazardous materials, 2076q, 2079q

Interstate students, 844qn

Lead paint, 1948q, 1962q

Loss of income, 1325q

Maintenance of ovals, 2372qn

Molonglo Valley, 249q

Online learning, 934, 936, mnrs, 1909

Restorative conferences, 2392qn

Safety, 2406qn

Suspension policy, 251q

Teacher librarians, 2359qn

Throsby, 2390qn


Seniors card, eligibility, 489q

Social media posts

Statement by Speaker, 1463, wdrl, 1464, 1493, 1563

Somes, Mr M

Condolence, 1455m


COVID-19, 969q, 1080q, 1235q

Ovals, 1893qn, 2409qn

Sportsground irrigation, 617q

Swimming pools, 259q, 628q, 1187qn

Suburban Land Agency

Expenditure, 2395qn

Mingle program, 841qn

Programs, 345qn

Sales, 1844qn, 2398qn, 2440qn

Sales agents, 2442qn

Valuations, 1418qn

Tancred, Ms P

Retirement, statement by Speaker, 664


Commercial property rates, 712qn

Definitions, 873qn

Rates, 718qn, 1511m

Tax Reform Advisory Group, 2229q

Tertiary education

Funding, 247q, 248q


COVID-19, 772q

Trade unions

CFMMEU fines, 1738q, 2415qn, 2465qn

Picketing, 2082q


Active travel, 1430qn

COVID-19, 965q

Driver education, 48q, 49q, 50q, 172q

Infrastructure, 1899qn, 2384qn

Integrated network, 1838qn

Liberal Party policy, 107

Maintenance, 2420qn

Park-and-ride facilities, 1429qn

Ticketing systems, 1900qn

Transport Canberra

Assaults, 824qn

Bus data, 348qn

Bus driver training, 1330q, 1339q

Bus lanes, 823qn

Bus layover project, Turner, 2431qn

Bus services, 1695

Bus shelters, 1857qn

Bus stops, 625q, 921q

Bus terminus, 2179

Bus timetable, 309qn

Disability access, 2410qn

Employee expenses, 2359qn

Fare evasion, 703qn

Flexible bus service, 696qn

Ginninderry shuttle bus, 1164qn

MyWay payment system, 883qn

Network 19, 35q, 36q, 37q, 41q, 43q, 44q, 47q, 50q, 261q, 418q, 474m, 608q

Patronage, 706qn, 707qn, 884qn

Symonston bus services, 1909, 1913

Ticketing, 261q


Canopy, 2429qn

Maintenance, 699qn

Proposed planting program, 1349m

Removal, 360qn, 1835qn

Urban forest strategy

Mr Brian Brocklebank, 1693

Van Waterschoot, Mr J

Tribute, 1786


Registration, 1877qn, 2406qn

Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin

Tribute, 511m


Audits, 2356qn

Belconnen facility proposed closure, 2182

Bulky waste collection, 898qn, 1497q, 1889qn

Collection, 1214m

Collection, William Hovell Drive, 2358qn

Green waste services relocation, 1857qn

Hume clean-up, 1959q, 2467qn

Hume collection site, 369qn, 700qn

Illegal dumping, 521m, 1344m

Proposed Fyshwick facility, 2182

Recyclable materials diverted to landfill, 1885qn

Recycling, 1960q, 2355qn, 2428qn


Supply, 1158qn

Weston Creek

Bank closure, 204


Rights, 440

Work safety

Fatal accidents, 107

Mental health, 487q

Regulator, 258q

Young Workers Centre, 439


COVID-19, 1400

Workers compensation

Assets, 1496q

WorkSafe ACT

Foster care investigations, 1428qn

Youth homelessness

Government funding, 1825qn

Youth Justice

Age of criminal responsibility, 2051m