Page 422 - Week 02 - Tuesday, 18 February 2020

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advocate on their behalf. In such cases, Canberra Health Services may communicate directly with the member rather than through my office.

I just wanted to provide that update to members for their further information, and to say that if members have any concerns about these processes at any time I encourage them to let me or my office know and we will, of course, follow up.

MRS DUNNE: On the follow-up, Madam Speaker, with your indulgence, I ask the minister to table the advice that she referred to in the answer just now, and the previous advice: the advice that she and Mr Rattenbury received after question time in November, and the advice that she received before the question time in November.

MS STEPHEN-SMITH: I will consider the question of whether I can provide the advice subsequent to my answer in question time. I am quite certain that the advice that I received prior to question time was largely verbal advice, advice to my office. I am not sure in what form it is written down, and whether it would be an appropriate thing to table. I do not know what imputation Mrs Dunne is making: that I was intentionally misleading Assembly at the time, and now I am intentionally correcting my intentional mislead of the Assembly? I am simply intending to provide some further information to the Assembly to update the previous information that I had.

I will see what is possible to table, but I reject the imputation by Mrs Dunne that I was in any way intentionally trying to mislead the Assembly in the first place. I was not. I did not need to make this statement. I have done it in good faith to provide further information to the Assembly, and Mrs Dunne is taking a cheap shot.


Mr Gentleman presented the following papers:

Administrative Arrangements—Administrative Arrangements 2020 (No 1)—Notifiable Instrument NI2020-106, dated 12 February 2020.

Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act, pursuant to section 13—Annual reports—Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate—Corrigenda—

2017-2018, dated February 2020.

2018-2019 (Volume 1), dated February 2020.

Auditor-General’s reports—Government responses—Copy of letter to the Auditor-General from the Treasurer, dated 17 February 2020, concerning Report Nos 9/2019—2018-19 Financial Audit—Financial Results and Audit Findings, and 10/2019—Financial Results and Audit Findings.

Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Act—

Pursuant to section 13—

Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Act 2008—Review, dated October 2018.

Government response to the findings of the Review and Audit of the Small and Medium Feed-in Tariff Scheme, dated October 2019.

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