Page 540 - Week 02 - Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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I just don’t understand how this is acceptable.

I’m so happy someone has the guts to stand up about this and I hope something is finally done.

Well, Paulina, the Canberra Liberals are doing their best. Now we will wait to see what action the Labor-Greens government takes to respond to this issue.

Amendment agreed to.

Original question, as amended, resolved in the affirmative.

Magistrates Court (Infringement Notices) Amendment Bill 2019

Debate resumed from 27 November 2019, on motion by Ms Le Couteur:

That this bill be agreed to in principle.

Mrs Dunne: Madam Speaker, I have a point of order.


Mrs Dunne: Could I seek your guidance, please, in relation to this bill. My understanding is that this bill creates a system whereby fines can be abolished and done away with, and be substituted by a range of other options. I seek your guidance please, Madam Speaker, on whether this is a money bill and therefore more correctly in the purview of the executive.

MADAM SPEAKER: Thank you, Mrs Dunne. This matter was raised as a potential question. My advice to the Assembly is that we have had a long history of bills dealing with penalties being debated in the Assembly. For example, Mr Stefaniak presented an Animal Legislation (Penalties) Amendment Bill in 2005, which also related to other matters. It sought to increase penalties, including financial penalties. In 2013 an opposition member introduced the Payroll Tax Amendment Bill, which would affect the collection of payroll tax.

So the matter of the bills that were affected by the standing orders which you have referenced, Mrs Dunne, is under active consideration by the administration and procedure committee. My advice is that, until that committee, and therefore the Assembly, has a settled position on elements of section 65 and what constitutes a money bill and what therefore applies to the standing orders, I will allow this bill to proceed to be debated by the Assembly.

Mrs Dunne: I acknowledge your ruling, Madam Speaker. This is not to debate that ruling or to question it, but if that is the case—I acknowledge that this is under active consideration—could the Assembly have your guarantee that all of the issues that have been pursued in this area, particularly the ruling that you made last year that Mr Parton’s bill would out of order, will be taken into consideration?

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