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Tuesday, 3 May 2022


Braddon Park—upgrades—petition 2-22

Braddon Park—upgrades—petition 14-22

Auslan—petition 33-21 (Ministerial response)

Motion to take note of petitions

Appointment of Acting Speaker

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Commissioner of Standards—referral

COVID-19 pandemic response—update (Ministerial statement)

Education—Set up for Success early learning program (Ministerial statement)

High-risk weather season—summary 2021-22 (Ministerial statement)

Housing ACT—application process (Ministerial statement)

Planning—age-friendly city plan (Ministerial statement)

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Economy and Gender and Economic Equality—Standing Committee

Questions without notice:

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit—safety

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit—safety

Lake Tuggeranong—recreational fishing

Health—post-COVID recovery clinic

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit—safety

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit—safety

Education—languages action plan

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit—safety

Motor vehicles—licences and registration

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit—safety

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit—safety

Environment—Healthy Waterways project

Suburban Land Agency—Coombs and Wright

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Lake Tuggeranong—recreational fishing

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit—safety


COVID-19 Emergency Response Act—report 14

Canberra Institute of Technology—annual report 2021

Leave of absence

Employment—conditions and entitlements

Australian Public Service—consultants and contractors


Charnwood—community garden

Kambah—heritage walk

Ginninderra electorate—IT industry

Kambah—heritage walk

Professor Don Aitkin AO—tribute

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Petitions—ministerial responses:

Moncrieff—sludge pit—petition 49-21

Gungahlin—skate park—petition 51-21

Roads—speed limits—petition 1-22

Motion to take note of petitions

Emergency services—acknowledging first responders (Ministerial statement)

World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day
(Ministerial statement)

ACT Health—workplace culture (Ministerial statement)

Education and training—Skilled to Succeed agenda (Ministerial statement)

Environment—World Bee Day (Ministerial statement)

Mental health services—mental health, alcohol and other drug use disorders
(Ministerial statement)

Seniors—Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing (Ministerial statement)

Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2022

Leave of absence

Seniors—Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:



Health—hydrotherapy services



Canberra Institute of Technology—Woden campus

Planning—community consultation


Health services—PET scans

Planning—ACT Planning System Review and Reform Project

Hospitals—elective surgery

Disability—ACT disability strategy

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—neonatal care

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Planning—community consultation

Leave of absence

Defence—defence industry

Transport—bus services


National Domestic Violence Remembrance Day

Florey shops—amenities

Florey shops—amenities

India-Australia Association of Canberra—50th anniversary

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Justice—wrongful conviction reforms (Ministerial statement)

Government—greenhouse gas emissions reduction (Ministerial statement)

Canberra Hospital—expansion (Ministerial statement)


Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—report (Ministerial statement)

Terrorism (Extraordinary Temporary Powers) Amendment Bill 2022

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit—safety

Housing—rental affordability

Education and Community Inclusion—Standing Committee

Questions without notice:

Government—land release

Housing—Winton report

COVID-19 pandemic—school camps

Health—air quality monitoring

Gungahlin—swimming pool

Public housing—Common Ground Dickson

Transport Canberra—bus timetables

Telecommunications—reception black spots

Alexander Maconochie Centre—human rights

Government—multicultural affairs

Waste—Gungahlin recycling drop-off centre

Parking—mobile phone application

Schools—motor vehicles idling

Alexander Maconochie Centre—female detainee programs


Coroner’s report—inquest into the death of Blake Andrew Corney—report
and government response


Our Booris, Our Way review—update

A Step Up for Our Kids—snapshot

Planning, Transport and City Services—Standing Committee

Planning and Development Act—variation No 369 to the Territory Plan

Freedom of Information Act—statement 2022

Planning and Development Act—leases granted

Planning and Development Act—variation No 368 to the Territory Plan

Inspector of Correctional Services—critical incident review—
government response

Justice and Community Safety Directorate annual reports 2020-2021—

ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Agreement 2019-2028—
ACT impact statement 2021

Crimes (Consent) Amendment Bill 2022

Government—land release program

Health and Community Wellbeing—Standing Committee

Education and Community Inclusion—Standing Committee

Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Fair Trading and Other Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2022


YWCA Canberra—Great Ydeas Innovation Breakfast

Icon Water—odour control units

Moncrieff—sludge pit


Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Crimes (Consent) Amendment Bill 2022

Answers to questions:

Government—grants programs (Question No 600)

Government—grants programs (Question No 602)

Canberra Health Services—COVID-19 leave (Question No 625)

Schools—counsellors (Question No 666)

Yerrabi Pond—water quality (Question No 668)

ACT Gambling and Racing Commission—problem gambling incidents
(Question No 669)

Justice—Justice Health strategy (Question No 670)

Housing ACT—residents survey (Question No 671)

Taxation—commercial property rates (Question No 673)

Yerrabi electorate—rates (Question No 674)

ACT Health—policies and programs (Question No 676)

Chief Minister—grants (Question No 677)

Government—act of grace payments (Question No 678)

Government—payment waivers (Question No 679)

Roads—pedestrian safety (Question No 680)

Umbagong District Park—bridges (Question No 682)

Giralang Pond—roadworks (Question No 683)

Consumer affairs—right to repair (Question No 684)

Health—digital record systems (Question No 685)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—mental health services
(Question No 688)

Parks and play spaces—federal funding (Question No 690)

Domestic and family violence—Family Violence Safety Action Pilot
(Question No 691)

Environment—Healthy Waterways project (Question No 692)

Planning—water sensitive urban design (Question No 693)

Environment—Healthy Waterways project (Question No 694)

Government—office of water (Question No 695)

Environment—Lower Cotter Catchment project (Question No 696)

Queanbeyan sewage treatment plant upgrade—Oaks Estate
(Question No 697)

Waste—landfill (Question No 698)

Yerrabi Pond—water quality (Question No 702)

Access Canberra—electrical safety inspections and audits
(Question No 704)

ACT Law Courts—costs (Question No 705)

Environment—pest management (Question No 707)

Drugs—roadside testing (Question No 708)

Crime—infringement notices (Question No 709)

Roads—traffic data (Question No 710)

Government—procurement complaints (Question No 711)

Access Canberra—customer feedback (Question No 714)

Access Canberra—drivers licences (Question No 715)

Access Canberra—services requests (Question No 716)

Access Canberra—transactions (Question No 717)

COVID-19 pandemic—government response (Question No 727)

Water—household usage (Question No 729)

Transport—active travel projects (Question No 731)

Audrey Fagan programs—applicants data (Question No 732)

Western edge—sales (Question No 733)

Transport Canberra—bus drivers (Question No 734)

Municipal services—Gwydir Square shops (Question No 735)

Mental health services—ACT Recovery College (Question No 739)

ACT Policing—spit hoods use (Question No 742)

Mental health services—spit hoods use (Question No 744)

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—spit hoods use (Question No 745)

Children and young people—wellbeing dashboard (Question No 747)

Children and young people—Best Start for Canberra’s Children
strategy (Question No 749)

Children and young people—services connectivity (Question No 750)

Children and young people—research studies and programs
(Question No 751)

Waste—green waste facility (Question No 752)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—security (Question No 755)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—security (Question No 756)

Canberra Innovation Network—conflicts of interest (Question No 757)

Housing ACT—eligibility (Question No 758)

Housing ACT—renewal program (Question No 759)

Environmental Protection Authority—environmental authorisations
(Question No 760)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

COVID-19 pandemic—relief teachers