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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Planning and Urban Renewal—Standing Committee

Standing orders—suspension

Safer families (Ministerial statement)

ACT Health accreditation update (Ministerial statement)

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018

Casino and Other Gaming Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

Questions without notice:

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes

Planning—Territory Plan


Questions without notice:

Education—skills development

ACT Health—governance

Hospitals—emergency departments

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes

Emergency services—government support

Appropriation Bill 2018-2019

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2018-2019


Financial Management Act—consolidated financial report




National Capital Rally

Evonne Goolagong Foundation

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


Anti-corruption and Integrity Commission Bill 2018

Independent Integrity Commission 2018—Select Committee

Municipal services

Light rail—stage 1 construction

Independent Integrity Commission 2018—Select Committee

Questions without notice:

Land—Dickson land swap

Parks—southern memorial

Budget—childcare funding

Budget—government investment

Courts—building works

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes


ACT Health—proposed organisational changes

Hospitals—waiting times

Domestic animal services—rangers

Budget—light rail

Light rail—disability access

Light rail—Mitchell

Budget—disability services

Budget—Canberra Institute of Technology



ACT Policing annual report 2016-2017—corrigendum

Planning and Urban Renewal—Standing Committee

ACT Children and Young People Death Review Committee—annual report

Municipal services—street sweeping

Education—government investment

Chief Engineer—proposed appointment

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory—casual vacancy


Samoan Independence Day


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Apprenticeships and traineeships (Ministerial statement)

ACT volunteering statement action plan 2018-2021 (Ministerial statement)

Animal Diseases Amendment Bill 2018

Stock Amendment Bill 2018

Prostitution Amendment Bill 2018

Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018

Senior Practitioner Bill 2018

Health, Ageing and Community Services—Standing Committee

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs—Standing Committee

Environment and Transport and City Services—Standing Committee

Health, Ageing and Community Services—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Leave of absence

Ombudsman Amendment Bill 2018

Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Amendment Bill 2018

Questions without notice:

Budget—health funding

Greyhound racing—transition package



Women—government support

ACT Health—workplace culture


ACT Health—proposed organisational changes


Appropriation Bill 2018-2019


Building regulatory reforms—update


Director of Public Prosecutions—strategic review

Access Canberra—review of shopfront services

Auditor-General’s Report No 3 of 2018—government response

Gungahlin strategic assessment—audit

Molonglo Valley strategic assessment—audit



Reconciliation Week


World Environment Day

Australian Anglo-Indian Association ball

Winnunga Nimmityjah—30th birthday

Dr John La Salle—tribute

Mr Steve Krikonis—tribute

Answers to questions:

Canberra Hospital—building works (Question No 884)

ACT Health—consultants (Question No 888)

Canberra Hospital—bed occupancy rates (Question No 1030)

ACT Health—SPIRE project (Question No 1036)

Government—commercial lessees (Question No 1089)

Government—commercial lessees (Question No 1090)

Government—commercial lessees (Question No 1091)

Crime—antisocial behaviour (Question No 1264)

Hospitals—alert system (Question No 1265)

Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre—review (Question No 1266)

Government—notifiable invoices (Question No 1267)

Mental health—adult mental health unit staffing (Question No 1268)

Art not apart festival—rave party (Question No 1269)

ACT Health—data review (Question No 1270)

Mental health—acute care capacity (Question No 1271)

Recycling—demolition material (Question No 1276)

Housing—land title searches (Question No 1279)

Canberra Theatre Centre—courtyard studio usage (Question No 1281)

Building and construction—penalties (Question No 1284)

Land—block 27, Lyneham (Question No 1285)

Roads—intersection upgrades site plan (Question No 1286)

Disability services—CALD support (Question No 1287)

Health—CALD support (Question No 1288)

Environment—CALD information (Question No 1289)

ACT Health—CALD training (Question No 1290)

Government agencies—cultural capability (Question No 1291 and 1293)

Government agencies—cultural capability (Question No 1292)

ACTION bus service—coverage service routes (Question No 1295)

Access Canberra—call centre (Question No 1296)

ACTION bus service—school services (Question No 1297)

Government—centre of data excellence (Question No 1299)

Our Canberra newsletter—publication data (Question No 1300)

Our Canberra newsletter—publication data (Question No 1302)

Government—contractors (Question No 1312)

ACTION bus service—performance data (Question No 1314)

Land—block 30, Dickson (Question No 1315)

Energy—household usage (Question No 1318)

Energy—feed-in tariff cost (Question No 1319)

Energy—consumption (Question No 1320)

Energy—generation capacity (Question No 1321)

Energy—household consumption (Question No 1322)

Energy—feed-in tariff cost (Question No 1323)

Energy—wholesale electricity purchase (Question No 1324)

Light rail—tree planting (Question No 1326)

Education—early childhood (Question No 1328)

Schools—teacher numbers (Question No 1329)

Schools—safe and inclusive schools initiative (Question No 1330)

Waste—strategy (Question No 1331)

Schools—libraries (Question No 1332)

Schools—librarians (Question No 1334)

Education—vocational (Question No 1335)

Schools—libraries (Question No 1336)

Government—men’s sheds (Question No 1337)

Land—block 23, city (Question No 1338)

Land—title system modernisation program (Question No 1339)

Taxation—utilities (Question No 1343)

Public housing—complaints (Question No 1357)

Transport—electric cars (Question No 1361)

ACT Ambulance Service—crews (Question No 1363)

Rural fire services—funding (Question No 1364)

ACT Ambulance Service—fees (Question No 1365)

ACT Ambulance Service—fees (Question No 1366)

ACT Ambulance Service—response times (Question No 1367)

ACT Ambulance Service—fees (Question No 1368)

ACT Ambulance Service—volunteers (Question No 1369)

ACT Ambulance Service—private ambulances (Question No 1370)

ACT Ambulance Service—recruitment (Question No 1371)

ACT Ambulance Service—fees (Question No 1372)

ACT Ambulance Service—fees (Question No 1373)

ACT Policing—recruitment (Question No 1374)

ACT Fire & Rescue—equipment (Question No 1375)

ACT Policing—overtime (Question No 1377)

Government—freedom of information requests (Question No 1379)

Government—vehicle fleet (Question No 1380)

Light rail—business link program (Question No 1447)

Sport—Australian Walking Festival (Question No 1449)

Housing—equitable access (Question No 1453)

ACTION bus service—routes (Question No 1455)

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—staffing (Question No 1456)

Light rail—disabled access (Question No 1458)

Roads—Ashley Drive (Question No 1489)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Health—cancer patients

ACT Health—proposed organisational changes

Land—Dickson purchase

Hospitals—waiting times

Emergency services—communications

Roads—Ashley Drive

Canberra Hospital—accreditation