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Tuesday, 18 November 2003

Privileges—Select Committee

Minister for Health (Motion of want of confidence)

Questions without notice:

Confidence in Mr Corbell

Visiting medical officer contracts

Canberra Hospital—angiogram waiting list

Canberra Hospital—patient satisfaction survey

Weston Creek child-care centre

Rural leases

Student accommodation

Canberra Hospital—recruitment

School counsellors

Land sale—Harrison 1 estate

Student accommodation

Minister for Health (Motion of want of confidence)

Answers to questions on notice:

Questions Nos 945 and 946

Questions Nos 931 and 932

Question No 997

Question No 1003

Question No 1006

Executive contracts


Development application No 20031944


Territory plan—variation


Legal Affairs—Standing Committee


ACT Health—annual report 2002-2003


Public health system (Matter of public importance)

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Grant of a further rural lease

Human Rights Bill 2003

Housing—rental bonds

Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2003 (No 2)

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Amendment Bill 2003


Under-13 girls hockey team

Death of Mr Kevin Dobson

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2003 (No 2)

Schedule 2: Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2003 (No 2)

Wednesday, 19 November 2003

Tabling of documents


Sentencing laws


Platypus (Ngunnawal) shopping centre

Casual workers—entitlements

Crimes Amendment Bill 2003


Questions without notice:


Economy—Standard and Poors’ rating

Public hospitals—elective surgery

CRASH scheme

Community planning forums

Aged care facilities

Paterson’s curse

ACTION timetables

Annual reports

Hall Primary School


Stamp duty

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Canberra Hospital—angiogram waiting list

Crimes Amendment Bill 2003

Smoking (Prohibition in Enclosed Public Places) Bill 2003

Occupational health and safety awards

Mr Noel Phillip Cheney—award

Affordable housing for low-income earners


CRASH scheme

Anti-smoking legislation

Mr Phil Cheney

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Smoking (Prohibition in Enclosed Public Spaces) Bill 2003

Schedule 2: Smoking (Prohibition in Enclosed Public Spaces) Bill 2003

Thursday, 20 November 2003

Petition: Anti-discrimination legislation

Electoral Amendment Bill 2003 (No 2)

Parentage Bill 2003

Sexuality Discrimination Legislation Amendment Bill 2003

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2003 (No 3)

Building Bill 2003

Construction Occupations (Licensing) Bill 2003

Construction Occupations Legislation Amendment Bill 2003

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Electoral Amendment Bill 2003

Indigenous education

Public housing asset management strategy 2003-2008

Questions without notice:

Code of conduct

Tourism funding


Police—presence in Manuka

Health action plan

Carlaminda Court, Florey

Weed control

Territory Plan—boundaries


Chief Minister—ministerial meetings

Mounted Police

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission


Community housing (Ministerial statement)

Planning system (Matter of public importance)

Public housing asset management strategy 2003-2008

Commonwealth/State/Territory Disability Agreement


Australia—Iraq relations

Paterson’s curse

Legislative Assembly

Youth culture

Answers to questions:

Two storey buildings (Question No 928)

Bushfires—reducing risk (Question No 931/932)

Police and Emergency Services—reports (Question No 936)

Harrison 1 estate (Question No 945)

Land transfers (Question No 946)

Multicultural Affairs—reports (Question No 964)

Education, Youth and Family Services—reports (Question No 970)

Chief Minister’s portfolio—reports (Question No 971)

Police visits to schools (Question No 976)

Police capacity (Question No 977)

Police—deployment to Solomon Islands (Question No 978)

Bushfires—recovery advertisements (Question No 989)

Development incentives (Question No 990)

Syringes (Question No 993)

Consultants (Question No 995)

Consultants (Question No 997)

Consultants (Question No 998)

Consultants (Question No 1001)

Consultants (Question No 1002)

Consultants (Question No 1003)

Consultants (Question No 1004)

Consultants (Question No 1005)

Consultants (Question No 1006)

Consultants (Question No 1007)

Drug overdoses (Question No 1017)

Retail electricity market (Question No 1018)

Department of Justice and Community Safety—accommodation (Question No 1019)

Heritage tourist tramway (Question No 1020)

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (Question No 1024)

Domestic Animals Act 2000 (Question No 1025)

CityScape (Question No 1026)

Prisoners—bail refusals (Question No 1027)

Currong apartments (Question No 1028)

ACT Forests headquarters (Question No 1029)

Water—reticulation losses (Question No 1030)

Unit titling applications (Question No 1031)

Dog attacks (Question No 1032)

Under-age drinking (Question No 1033)

Relief teaching staff (Question No 1034)

Non-teaching staff numbers (Question No 1035)

Internet usage in schools (Question No 1036)

Interest subsidy scheme (Question No 1037)

Year 12 students (Question No 1038)

Teacher quality practices (Question No 1039)

Data Interpretation Service (Question No 1040)

Drug Education Project (Question No 1041)

Fireworks (Question No 1043)

Prisoners—interstate sentences (Question No 1044)

Work and family policy (Question No 1045)

Work and family policy (Question No 1046)

Lifeline—emergency accommodation (Question No 1047)

Ainslie Village (Question No 1048)

Water restrictions (Question No 1049)

Mounted police unit (Question No 1050)

Home burglaries (Question No 1051)

Funding for non-government schools (Question No 1052)

Funding for students with disabilities (Question No 1053)

Weston Park (Question No 1055)

Coppins Crossing (Question No 1056)

Currong apartments (Question No 1057)