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Tuesday, 23 September 2003

Estimates 2003-2004 (No 2)—Select Committee

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Health Amendment Bill 2003

Questions without notice:

Trees in Nettlefold Street, Belconnen

Minister for Health and Minister for Planning (Motion of censure)

Questions without notice:

Fire awareness and education

Health action plan

Housing tenants

Film, television and interactive entertainment industry

Electricity charges

Bushfire season—preparations

Oakey Hill trees

Territory information

Indigenous child protection workers


Executive contracts


Charitable Collections Regulations 2003

Handgun buyback


Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Health action plan

Management of Treasury portfolio (Matter of public importance)

Health Amendment Bill 2003


Mr John Alan McCrory

Ms Roslyn Dundas—fire at home

Fire hazard reduction

Wednesday, 24 September 2003


Garran shopping centre

Hughes shopping centre

Drugs of Dependence Amendment Bill 2003

Crimes Amendment Bill 2003

Dangerous Goods Legislation Amendment Bill 2003

2003-2008 Australian health care agreement

Questions without notice:


Business continuity planning

Bushfires—fuel reduction program

Ministerial code of conduct

Youth support workers in school initiative

Environmental flows

COAG meeting

Disabled people—employment

Community fire units

Housing tenants

Supplementary answers to questions without notice: Bushfires—fuel reduction program

Personal explanations

Answers to questions on notice: Question Nos 843 and 844


Estimates 2003-2004 (No 2)—Select Committee

Paper—out-of-order petition

2003-2008 Australian health care agreement

Safety of young people

Rail services between Canberra and Sydney

Concession scheme on property rates for people on low incomes

Discrimination and gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people

Rail link—Canberra and Sydney

Adjournment: Mr John Hargreaves

Thursday, 25 September 2003

Appointment of clerk

Estimates 2003-2004 (No 2)—Select Committee

Report—government response

Annual Leave Amendment Bill 2003

Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2003 (No 2)

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Estimates 2003-2004—Select Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

2002-2003 annual reports—referral to standing committees

Appropriation Bill 2003-2004 (No 2)

Estimates 2003-2004 (No 2)—Select Committee

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Hospital waiting lists—tabling of data

Planning approvals—conditions

Bushfires—removal of trees

Building approvals

Gungahlin college

Rainwater tanks

Bushfires—restoration of natural assets

COAG meeting

Convention centre

Bushfires—removal of trees

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Business continuity planning

Electricity charges


Indigenous child protection workers

Building guidelines

Answers to questions on notice:

Questions Nos 878 and 885

Question No 875

Leave of absence

Actew Corporation Ltd


Board of Inquiry into Disability Services

Chief Health Officer’s report—2000-2002


Annual reports

Gender imbalance in the delivery of educational services (Matter of public importance)

Health Amendment Bill 2003

Order of business

Animal and Plant Diseases Amendment Bill 2003

Long Service Leave Legislation Amendment Bill 2003


Mr Tom Duncan

Internet—use at schools

Belconnen Australian Rules Football Club


Chief Minister

Minister for Health


Internet—use at schools

Questions on notice

Mr Tom Duncan

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Health Amendment Bill 2003

Schedule 2: Health Amendment Bill 2003

Schedule 3: Health Amendment Bill 2003

Schedule 4: Health Amendment Bill 2003

Schedule 5: Animal and Plant Diseases Amendment Bill 2003

Answers to questions:

Planning—appeals (Question No 821)

Children—foster care (Question No 826)

Firefighters (Question No 828)

Workplace injuries (Question No 835)

Bushfire fuel management plan (Question No 843)

Emergency management plan (Question No 844)

Home and community care funding (Question No 848)

Canberra Hospital—staff assaults (Question No 849)

Public Service—salary packages (Question No 853)

Public relations appointment (Question No 873)

Bushfire Fuel Management Plan (Question No 875)

Police force—staff (Question No 878)

Water leak—Canberra College (Question No 881)

Skate parks (Question No 884)

Waste disposal—refrigerators (Question No 885)

Road repairs (Question No 886)

Emergency accommodation hotline (Question No 888)

Southern Cross Primary School—disabled access (Question No 893)

Community service orders (Question No 897)

Child-care facilities (Question No 898)

Water—Lake Burley Griffin (Question No 901)

Fireworks (Question No 905)

School sport (Question No 906)

Community Advocate (Question No 910)

Job vacancies—PBI benefits (Question No 911)

Detainees and remandees (Question No 912)

Condor—TV black spots (Question No 924)

Woden Library (Question No 933)

Departmental reports (Question No 972)

Consultants (Question No 1009)