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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Schools—Telopea Park—petition No 6-15 (Ministerial response)

Planning—Campbell service station—petition No 8-15
(Ministerial response)


Leave of absence

Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services—
Standing Committee

Vocational education and training (Ministerial statement)

Refugees and asylum seekers (Ministerial statement)

Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2015


Legislative Assembly delegation to Taiwan

Questions without notice:

University of Canberra—public hospital

Political parties—donations


ACT Emergency Services Agency—reform





Industrial relations—public holidays


Auditor-General’s report No 6 of 2015—government response

Auditor-General’s report No 7 of 2015—government response


AP2: a new climate change strategy and action plan for the Australian Capital Territory—government response


Urban renewal (Matter of public importance)

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee


Legislative Assembly delegation to Taiwan

Mal Meninga gala

National broadband network forum

Interschool parliamentary debate

Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lotteries Amendment Bill 2015

Business confidence

Lease variation charge

Adoption processes

Questions without notice:

Canberra Hospital—emergency codes

Child care—Conder Early Learning Centre


Questions without notice:

Canberra Hospital—energy use

Westside village—costs


Community services—west Belconnen



Schools—Coombs primary school


Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Child care—Conder Early Learning Centre

Adoption processes

Health infrastructure program

Inappropriate structure in a school—inquiry


Melba Copland Secondary School

NECA awards

Work experience—Amaris Bailey

Hearing Awareness Week

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Rates Amendment Bill 2015

Spent Convictions (Historical Homosexual Convictions Extinguishment)
Amendment Bill 2015

Executive members business—precedence

Health (Patient Privacy) Amendment Bill 2015

Leave of absence

Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services—Standing Committee

Statement by member

Executive business—precedence

Refugees and asylum seekers—ACT response

Early childhood

Crimes (Child Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2015

Questions without notice:

Canberra Hospital—visiting medical officers

Canberra Hospital—visiting medical officers


Mental health—funding


Transport—ride-share services


ACTION bus service—timetable

Community services—roundtable

Public Accounts—Standing Committee


Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Auditor-General’s report No 5 of 2015—government response

Schools in established suburbs (Matter of public importance)


Alzheimer’s Australia

Belconnen’s 50th birthday

Share the Dignity


National Child Protection Week

Homeless fathers

Canberra Southern Cross Club—grants

ACT training excellence awards 2015

Answers to questions:

Alexander Maconochie Centre—incidents (Question No 428)

Schools—nurses (Question No 438)

Municipal services—infrastructure costs (Question No 446)

Municipal services—street sweeping (Question No 447)

Municipal services—mowing (Question No 449)

Municipal services—community paths (Question No 451)

Compensation—community path accidents (Question No 452)

Municipal services—repair costs (Question No 455)

Trees—removal (Question No 456)

Art—public (Question No 457)

Housing—Narrabundah (Question No 458)

Planning—Narrabundah (Question No 459)

Education and Training Directorate—surveys (Question No 460)

ACTION bus service—patronage (Question No 462)

ACTION bus service—patronage (Question No 463)

Environment and Planning Directorate—consumer research
(Question No 466)

Territory and Municipal Services Directorate—consumer research
(Question No 467)

Environment and Planning Directorate—consumer research
(Question No 468)

Municipal services—playgrounds (Question No 469)

Municipal services—playgrounds (Question No 470)

Municipal services—playgrounds (Question No 471)

Government—small medium enterprise contracts (Question No 473)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 474)

Disability ACT—staff training (Question No 475)

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate— Innovation, Trade and Investment team (Question No 476)

Disability ACT—motor vehicles (Question No 477)

Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs—staff
(Question No 478)

Government—regulatory impact statements (Question No 479)

Health—mental health nurses (Question No 482)

Hospitals—secure mental health unit (Question No 483)

Hospitals—mental health staff (Question No 485)

Emergency services—projects and facilities (Question No 487)

Capital works—funding (Question No 488)

Capital works—funding (Question No 489)

Capital works—funding (Question No 490)

Transport—light rail (Question No 491)

Finance—government loans (Question No 492)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Transport—light rail

Community services—Dropping off the edge report