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Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Chief Minister (Motion of censure)

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Questions without notice:


Industrial relations

Anti-terrorism legislation


Anti-terrorism legislation

Environment—solar cities program

Water—Googong catchment

Budget—public service savings

Gungahlin swimming pool

Industrial relations


Answers to questions on notice:

Question No 567

Question No 534

Personal explanation


Executive contracts

Financial Management Act

Indigenous education performance report


Annual and financial reports


Medicinal use of cannabis (Ministerial statement)

Industrial relations (Matter of public importance)

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Financial Management Legislation Amendment Bill 2005


Land valuations

Land valuations

ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group

Sharability charity bowls day

Recycling—Bokashi bucket

Canberra sporting teams


Monte 24-hour cycle race

Schedules of Amendments:

Schedule 1: Financial Management Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Schedule 2: Financial Management Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Schedule 3: Financial Management Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Petition: Glebe Park development

Guardianship and Management of Property Amendment Bill 2005

Industrial relations

Environment Protection (Fire Hazard Reduction) Amendment Bill 2005

Industrial relations


Questions without notice:

Mental health

Mental health

Land valuations

Aged care accommodation—development application

Education—student grading

Ginninderra school—public consultation

Corrective services—prison project

Land Development Agency




Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Land valuations

Temporary Deputy Speakers


Industrial relations

People living in poverty

Sub judice convention


Karinya House

Wakakirri story dance competition


Statements by Chief Minister and Minister for Planning


Walk for juvenile diabetes

Industrial relations

Wakakirri story dance competition

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Administration (Interstate Agreements) Repeal Bill 2005

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (No 3)

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Statement by Speaker


Sitting pattern

Criminal code (Administration of Justice Offences) Amendment Bill 2005

Criminal Code Harmonisation Bill 2005


Questions without notice:

Mental health

Corrective services


Housing affordability

Multicultural affairs

Multicultural affairs

Community Advocate—selection process

Community Advocate—selection process

Planning and Land Authority

National Gallery of Australia

No waste target

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Land valuations

Personal explanations

High-risk sexual offenders—report

Reporting requirements of insurers

David Harold Eastman



Land (Planning and Environment) Act


Young people’s plan and children’s plan (Ministerial statement)

Industrial relations (Matter of public importance)

Dangerous Substances (Asbestos) Amendment Bill 2005 (No 2)

Affordable housing

Distinguished visitor

Personal explanation


Bushfire memorial

SIEV X anniversary

Mental health


Chief Minister

Mr Allan MacDonald

Australian Railway Historical Society

Family relationship centres

’Round town program

Schedules of Amendments:

Schedule 1: Criminal Code Harmonisation Bill 2005

Answers to questions:

Hospitals—funding (Question No 467)

Health—neonatal death rates (Question No 482)

Education—focus group meetings (Question No 486)

Roads—development advice (Question No 489)

Roads—development advice (Question No 490)

Capital works (Question No 507)

Housing ACT—joint ventures (Question No 516)

Housing—crisis accommodation (Question No 518)

Children—playground safety (Question No 519)

Prisons and prisoners—capital expenditure (Question No 528)

Housing ACT—maintenance (Question No 538)

Keep Australia Beautiful (Question No 542)

Civic Youth Centre (Question No 546)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—disadvantage (Question No 560)

Ginninderra high school (Question No 562)

Ginninderra high school (Question No 563)

Ginninderra high school (Question No 564)

Children—early intervention programs (Question No 565)

Land—direct sales (Question No 566)

Currong Apartments (Question No 567)

ACTION—bicycle racks (Question No 571)

Schools—traffic management (Question No 572)

Roads—safety improvements (Question No 574)

Roads—traffic light upgrades (Question No 577)

Roads—capital expenditure (Question No 580)

Policing—attendance (Question No 583)

Bushfires—management plan (Question No 584)

Red Hill—heritage walk (Question No 585)

Ngun(n)awal—identity and funding (Question No 586)

Alcohol—serving intoxicated persons (Question No 591)

Sport and recreation—strategy (Question No 593)

Insurance—Canberra Racing Club (Question No 595)

Government shopfront—waiting times (Question No 596)

Waste disposal—bin collections (Question No 597)

Lake Tuggeranong foreshore—lighting (Question No 598)

Policing—costs (Question No 599)

Bushfires—mitigation program (Question No 600)

Water—gauging stations (Question No 601)

Education—Gungahlin senior college (Question No 603)

Children—additional preschool hours (Question No 605)

Ngun(n)awal ceremonies (Question No 606)

Arts and letters—festival funding (Question No 609)

Finance—residential rates revenue (Question No 610)

Tourism—ministerial agreements (Question No 611)

Libraries—missing items (Question No 619)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 620)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 621)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 622)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 623)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 628)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 630)

Education—bullying (Question No 634)

Waste disposal—computers (Question No 636)

Finance—pay parking revenue (Question No 637)

Roads—speed cameras (Question No 638)

Social welfare—poverty (Question No 641)

Immigration—multicultural affairs (Question No 642)

Animals—welfare (Question No 643)

Transport—ACTION services (Question No 649)

Transport—ACTION services (Question No 650)

Cycling—Curtin bike path (Question No 651)

Graffiti (Question No 652)

Roads—black spots (Question No 653)

Motor vehicles—obscured number plates (Question No 654)

Animals—impounding (Question No 655)

Motor vehicles—random inspections (Question No 656)

Roads—speed cameras (Question No 657)

Crime—motor vehicle theft (Question No 658)

Transport—ACTION services (Question No 660)

Cycling—community path use (Question No 662)

Cycling—on-road cycle lanes (Question No 663)

Roads—safety strategy (Question No 664)

Roads—street signs (Question No 665)

Libraries—outstanding fines (Question No 666)

Waste disposal—illegal dumping (Question No 667)

Cycling—fines (Question No 669)

Motor vehicles—stolen number plates (Question No 670)

Public service—executive contracts (Question No 671)

Housing—indigenous boarding house (Question No 674)

Animals—pet registration (Question No 675)