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Tuesday 8 March 2005

Legal Affairs—Standing committee


Disability Services—Board of Inquiry

Leave of absence

Optometrists Legislation Amendment Bill 2004

Rural Leases (Ministerial statement)

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Mr Rob Tonkin

Government expenditure

Water—Canberra supply

Bushfires—pine replanting

Budget strategy

Aged care accommodation

Health—elective surgery

Animal pound

ACT Forests—use of herbicides



Personal explanations

Executive contracts

Administrative arrangements

Chief Minister’s Department—annual report 2003-04


Schools—bullying (Matter of public importance)

Personal explanations


Chief Minister’s command performance

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Kaleen north oval

Charnwood community festival


Multicultural ball

Disability services

The Assembly adjourned at 5.06 pm

Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Optometrists Legislation Amendment Bill 2004

Wednesday, 9 March 2005

Petitions: Traffic—Spence.

Car parking—Bunda Street

Lower Cotter catchment—restoration

Smoking in public places


Questions without notice:

Mr Rob Tonkin

ACT Forests—use of pesticides

Gungahlin Drive extension

Budget—GST revenue

Budget—GST revenue



Health—elective surgery


Aged care accommodation

Multicultural community languages grants program

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Health—elective surgery

Animal pound

ACT Forests—use of herbicides

Personal explanations


Personal explanations

Canberra women (Matter of public importance)

Smoking in public places

Order of the day—postponement

Neighbourhood Watch—Isaacs


Disability services

Arts facilities

Namadgi National Park

Public servants

Mrs Vicki Dunne


Canberra Hospital

Thursday, 10 March 2005

Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2005

Long Service Leave Amendment Bill 2005

Education, Training and Young People—Standing Committee

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee


Executive business—precedence

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Bill 2004

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Bill 2004


Questions without notice:

Mr Rob Tonkin

Health—surgery delays

Children—Therapy ACT assessments

Calvary Hospital

Canberra Hospital

Industrial manslaughter legislation

Building and construction industry

Industrial manslaughter legislation

Motorcyclists—annual meeting

Rural leases

Aged care—intermittent care program

Rural leases

Member named and suspended

Rural leases

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Aged persons accommodation

Criminal Code regulations—2005


Territory plan—variation No 209

Territory plan—variation No 248


Transport reform (Ministerial statement)

Sustainable urban development—mandatory benchmarks (Matter of public


Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2005


Canberra Hospital

World’s Greatest Shave 2005

International Women’s Day

Ms Kate Leeming

Health—breast screening

Members’ rights

Human rights

Minister for Health

Phenomics facility

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Schedule 2: Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Bill 2005

Schedule 3: Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Answers to questions:

Drugs—diversion program (Question No 11)

Hospitals—inpatient facilities (Question No 41)

Drugs—treatment services (Question No 66)

Computers—information technology support (Question No 85)

Prisons and prisoners—newsletter (Question No 86)

Computers—information technology support (Question No 87)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—recruitment (Question No 88)

Housing—abused women (Question No 95)

Schools—therapy services (Question No 98)

Disabled persons—tenancy agreements (Question No 99)

Housing—tenancy agreements (Question No 100)

Housing—social landlord scheme (Question No 101)

Housing—crisis accommodation (Question No 102)

Housing—indigenous (Question No 103)

Housing—crisis situations (Question No 104)

Housing—assistance (Question No 105)

Development—Red Hill (Question No 106)

Land—moderate income ballot (Question No 108)

Roads—Horse Park Drive (Question No 109)

Environment ACT—phone calls (Question No 113)

Graffiti—removal (Question No 124)

Roads—parking inspectors (Question No 125)

Roads—carpark prices (Question No 126)

Graffiti—removal (Question No 127)

Roads—traffic infringements (Question No 129)

Public service—induction strategy (Question No 133)

Burringiri Aboriginal Corporation—business plan (Question No 134)

Housing—income limits (Question No 137)

Housing—tenants (Question No 138)

Disabled persons—resources (Question No 139)

Housing—procurement procedures (Question No 140)

Disabled persons—dual disability (Question No 141)

Finance—community connection program (Question No 143)

Housing—property sales (Question No 144)

Housing—additional occupants (Question No 145)

Housing—flat complexes (Question No 146)

Housing—private agreements (Question No 147)

Roads—Gungahlin Drive Extension (Question No 151)

Roads—Fairbairn Avenue (Question No 152)

Police force—off duty speeding fines (Question No 154)

Crime—Inner North (Question No 160)

Environment and conservation—recycling (Question No 166)

Roads—speeding infringements (Question No 167)

Prisons and prisoners—expenditure (Question No 169)

Housing—fixed term tenancies (Question No 175)

Housing—wheelchair access (Question No 176)

Crime—flat complexes (Question No 177)

Development—City West (Question No 178).

Crime—public housing (Question No 179)

Disabled persons—family members (Question No 182)

Housing—single people (Question No 183)

Housing—tenants (Question No 184)

Housing—security of tenure (Question No 185)

Charities—fundraising (Question No 188)

Public service—senior executive service (Question No 192)

Community engagement code of practice (Question No 196)

Insurance—pines (Question No 198)

Roads—parking facilities (Question No 204)

Emergency services—road rules (Question No 205)

Emergency services—road rules (Question No 206)

Development—dual occupancies (Question No 211)

Land Development Authority—advertising budget (Question No 213)