Page 795 - Week 03 - Wednesday, 9 March 2005

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School, the Sri Lankan Sinhala Language School in Canberra, the Standard Chinese School of Australia and the Valluvar Tamil School.

These grants will also assist with the cost of purchasing teaching materials, audiovisual equipment, photocopiers and musical instruments. They will also assist with the training and professional development of teachers so that they can continue to teach our young people.

Mr Speaker, the Stanhope government is committed to the cultural diversity of Canberra. This is yet another way that we can contribute to the health and vibrancy of multiculturalism in the ACT. It is sad and a standing indictment of those opposite that they think about and consider this matter with such mirth, given that we are dealing with the future of our kids.

Mr Stanhope: I ask that further questions be placed on the notice paper.

Supplementary answers to questions without notice

Health—elective surgery

MR CORBELL: Mr Speaker, during question time, Mrs Burke asserted that I had my figures wrong in relation to the number of elective surgery operations from 1 July to the end of January 2005. She said I had an incorrect figure. That is not the case. I am advised that the number of elective surgery operations from 1 July to the end of January 2005 was 4,601 people—

Mr Smyth: But that is for seven months.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Smyth, you are on a warning.

MR CORBELL: That was the second highest on record, only surpassed by the result to the end of January 2004, of 4,695 people.

Animal pound

ACT Forests—use of herbicides

MR HARGREAVES: Yesterday I took two questions on notice and, with your indulgence Mr Speaker, I would like to give those members the answers to those questions.

Mr Pratt asked about the desexing of dogs sold by Domestic Animal Services. The answer is that the pound does comply with all relevant legislation. There is no legislative requirement, however, to sell a dog or cat desexed. I would like to clarify that Domestic Animal Services does not desex dogs prior to sale. All new owners are advised of their requirement to desex their dog or apply for a sexually entire animal permit. All new owners are given a discount voucher, redeemable at most ACT vets, to have their new pet desexed. The Domestic Animal Services shelter complies with the Domestic Animals Act 2000. The Domestic Animal Services fees and charges are set to recover costs.

Mr Speaker, in answer to a question from Mrs Dunne yesterday about herbicides: the answer is as follows: I will now list the chemicals, giving you the common name and the active constituent. Those chemicals are: Roundup biactive, which has 360 grams per litre

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