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Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2005

Cemeteries and Crematoria Amendment Bill 2005

Legal Aid Amendment Bill 2005

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2005

Standing orders—suspension

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Mr Rob Tonkin

Health—breast screening

National Zoo and Aquarium

Building and construction—certifier

ACTION bus service—Bustext

Health—radiation oncology

Environment—lower Cotter catchment

Policing—motorcycle gangs

Women’s sport

Classical music grants

Leave of absence

Executive contracts


Casino Control Act 1988—review


Canberra plan (Ministerial statement)

Celebrate Canberra (Matter of public importance).


Ulysses motorcycle club

Tuggeranong Valley Band

Shaping our territory

Walk Against Want

Canberra Hospital—constituent feedback

Planning system—constituent feedback

Canberra Hospital—constituent feedback

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Standing orders—suspension

Minister for Health

Public Sector Management Amendment Bill 2005

Employment conditions


Questions without notice:


Canberra Hospital—constituent feedback

Hospitals—patient treatment

Community services

Disability services

Territory plan

Emergency services—response protocols

Rural fire services—radio network.

Budget forecasts


Corrective services—prison project

Personal explanations

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Emergency services response

Health—breast screening

Canberra Hospital—patient treatment

Personal explanations

Living wage case (Matter of public importance).

Employment conditions

Statutory office holders

Restorative justice.



Ulysses motorcycle club

Danish royal visit

Charnwood community festival

Linc program

Ice hockey championships

Emergency services

Thursday, 17 March 2005


Tree Protection Bill 2005

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2005

Animal Diseases Bill 2005

Stock Bill 2005

Pest Plants and Animals Bill 2005

Insurance Authority Bill 2005

Health—Standing Committee

Health and Disability—Standing Committee

Standing orders—suspension

Declaration of members’ private interests

Broadcasting guidelines

Executive business—precedence

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders Amendment Bill 2005.

Questions without notice:

Health—radiation oncology

Health—maternity services

Corrective services—prison project

Bushfires—coronial inquest

Student unions—legislation

Law reform—drugs

Rural fire services—radio network.

Emergency services—response protocols

Danish royal visit

Koalas—Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

Hire cars

Tree Protection Bill 2005

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Bushfires—coronial inquest

Health—radiation oncology


Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act—regulations


Territory plan—variation No 246

Territory plan—Variation No 246


Asbestos task force (Ministerial statement).

Economy (Matter of public importance)

Sitting pattern

Utilities Amendment Bill 2005



Defence force

Mr Steve Larkham

Charnwood carnival


St Patrick’s Day

Women’s health

World’s Greatest Shave 2005

Walk against want

Disability services

Ulysses motorcycle club


Incorporated documents:

Attachment 1: Document incorporated by the Minister for the Environment

Schedules of Amendments: Schedule 1:

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders Amendment Bill 2005.

Answers to questions:

Public service—staff and services (Question Nos 67-70)

Public service—staff and services (Question No 75)

Public service—staff and services (Question No 76)

Public service—staff and services (Question No 77)

Public service—staff and services (Question No 78)

Public service—staff and services (Question No 79)

Business ACT—office (Question No 82)

Health—asbestos taskforce (Question No 83).

Bushfires—recovery centre (Question No 84)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—shared responsibility (Question No 89)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—students (Question No 90)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—businesses (Question No 91)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—programs (Question No 92)

Development—City West (Question No 93).

ACTION—services (Question No 94)

Disabled persons—recruitment (Question No 96)

Disabled persons—new employees (Question No 97)

Environment and conservation—greenhouse gas emissions (Question No 107)

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (Question No 110)

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (Question No 111)

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (Question No 112)

ActewAGL—water use (Question No 114)

Water—showerheads (Question No 115)

Environment and conservation—solar heaters (Question No 116)

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (Question No 117)

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (Question No 118)

Birrigai (Question No 120)

Canberra Institute of Technology—roving tutors (Question No 121)

Children—Spence Pre-School (Question No 122)

Women—publications (Question No 123)

Tractors—sales (Question No 128)

Crime—weapon use (Question No 130)

Police force—leave (Question No 131)

Police force—roster (Question No 132)

Transport—public services (Question No 135)

Prisons and prisoners—Quamby (Question No 136)

Disabled persons—employment (Question No 142)

Development—Canberra Centre (Question No 148)

Fireworks—reports (Question No 150)

Water—pressure testing (Question No 153)

Police force—high speed car chases (Question No 155)

Hospitals—nursing home type patients (Question No 156)

Hospitals—ACT Hospice (Question No 157)

Hospitals—interstate patient travel assistance (Question No 158)

Health—suicide (Question No 159)

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (Question No 161)

Education—teachers (Question No 162)

Schools—performance indicators (Question No 163).

Children—custody (Question No 164)

Children—childcare centres (Question No 165)

Courts and tribunals—recognisances (Question No 168)

Sport and recreation—government grants (Question No 170)

Dragway—progress (Question No 171)

Employment and unemployment—programs (Question No 172)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Office—website (Question No 173)1274 Women—status (Question No 174)

Public service—job vacancies (Question No 180)

Disabled persons—dual disability (Question No 181)

Canberra Labor Club—donations (Question No 186)

Education—racism in schools (Question No 187)

Emergency services—single response units (Question No 189)

Police force—advertisement (Question No 190)

Government—ministerial legal actions (Question No 191)

Family Services Unit—move (Question No 197)

Sport and recreation—active after school program (Question No 199)

Sport and recreation—funding (Question No 200)

Sport and recreation—programs (Question No 201)

Sport and recreation—kids at play program (Question No 202)

Planning—recreation strategy (Question No 203)

Emergency services—road rules Question No 207)

Emergency services—communications disruptions (Question No 209)

Seniors—aged care facilities (Question No 210)

Motor vehicles—government fleet (Question No 212)

Bushfires—insurance claims (Question No 214)

Therapy ACT (Question No 217)

Crime—rates (Question No 221)

Crime—prevention (Question No 223)

Motor vehicles—home garaged (Question No 224).

Schools—police calls (Question No 238)

Schools—police calls (Question No 239)

Housing—assistance (Question No 253)

Health—staff memos (Question No 276)

Housing—direct debit payments (Question No 289)

Disability, Housing and Community Services, Department (Question No 326)