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Tuesday, 9 December 2003

Petition: Development of Lake Ginninderra foreshores

Health—Standing Committee

Law Reform Commission

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

ACT taxi subsidy scheme (Ministerial statement)

Indoor air quality monitoring

Australian Crime Commission (ACT) Bill 2003

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2003 (No 3)

Questions without notice:

Oz Help mental health program

Inclusion awards

Bushfires—coronial inquiry

Land sales

Aged persons accommodation

Economic white paper

Tourist brochure

Land sales

Education of children with additional needs

Aldi supermarkets—location

Rugby world cup

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Williamsdale quarry

Answers to questions on notice: Question No 1042

Auditor-General’s Report No 10 of 2003

Executive contracts

Direction to Land Development Agency

Community and Health Services Complaints Commissioner

Planning intent

Territory Plan—variation No 130


Economic white paper (Matter of public importance)

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2003 (No 3)

First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2003

Validation of Fees (Cemeteries) Bill 2003

Public Sector Management Amendment Bill 2003


Volunteering ACT

Bus stops

Bus stops

Industrial manslaughter


Educational awards


Mr Terry Hannan

Florey shops

Sailability ACT Inc

Belconnen golf course estate

Wednesday, 10 December 2003

Petition: Motor vehicle parking arrangements

Discrimination (Genetic Status) Amendment Bill 2003

Residential Tenancies (Assisted Tenants) Amendment Bill 2003

Government services in suburban Canberra

Questions without notice:

Stamp duty

East Timor

Bushfires—fuel reduction

ACTPLA document

North Gungahlin—woodland


Education—children with disabilities

Canberra Hospital—budget

University of Canberra

Gaming machine legislation


Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Wells Station estate

Vehicle registration fees

Bus stops

Personal explanations

Government services in suburban Canberra

Corrections Reform Amendment Bill 2003

Griffin Centre

Environmentally friendly fuel

Australia Day ceremonies

Government Procurement (Principles) Guideline Amendment Bill 2003

Gaming Machine (Political Donations) Amendment Bill 2003

Personal explanations


Death of Mr Arthur John West

Fire hydrants

Youth at risk

Glenloch Interchange

Radio for the Print Handicapped

Robert and Wendy Altamore

Callisthenics championships

East Timor

Government services in suburban Canberra

Health promotion awards

Legislative Assembly

Thursday, 11 December 2003


Police numbers

Sentencing Laws

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Bill 2003

Bail Amendment Bill 2003

Civil Law (Wrongs) (Thresholds) Amendment Bill 2003

Criminal Code (Theft, Fraud, Bribery and Related Offences) Amendment Bill 2003

Litter Bill 2003

Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2003

Health Professionals Bill 2003

Nurse Practitioners Legislation Amendment Bill 2003

Dangerous Substances Bill 2003

Status of Women in the ACT—Select Committee


Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Questions without notice:


University sector

Hospital elective surgery waiting list


Neighbourhood planning

Elder abuse issues paper

Families—respite support

Visiting medical officers

Retailing—bulky goods space

Road line markings

ACTION buses

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:


Education—children with disabilities

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee


Bushfire Recovery Taskforce

Bushfires—counselling services

Caring for carers policy

Canberra’s library services and facilities

Disallowable instruments


Out-of-order petition

Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services

Gene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Bill 2003

Community Services and Social Equity—Standing Committee

Neighbourhood planning

Environment—management (Matter of public importance)

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Sitting pattern—2004

Leave of absence

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Road line markings

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Mr Bryan Guest—retirement






Death of Mr Arthur John West












Incorporated document:

Attachment 1: Document incorporated by the Minister for Urban Affairs

Answers to questions:

ACTPLA complaints (Question No 1022)

Housing—seniors (Question No 1069)

Torrens Hindu temple (Question No 1070)

Bambi child-care facility (Question No 1071)

Water restrictions (Question No 1081)

Immigration assistance (Question No 1085)

National Convention Centre (Question No 1087)

Floriade (Question No 1088)

Tourism—visitor numbers (Question No 1090)

Community centres (Question No 1092)

Bushfires—building approvals (Question No 1096)

School safety facilities (Question No 1097)

Department of Justice and Community Safety—relocation costs (Question No 1098)

Treasurer’s Advance (Question No 1103)

Tourism—campaign costs (Question No 1106)

Land sales (Question No 1108)

Ainslie Village (Question No 1111)

Botox treatments (Question No 1114)

Disability services—Gallop Report (Question No 1118)

Paterson’s curse—horse deaths (Question No 1120)

Rental assistance (Question No 1122)

Actew pensioner rebates (Question No 1123)

Housing—refurbishments (Question No 1137)

Respite care (Question No 1138)

Flag use (Question No 1140)

Youth centre projects (Question No 1144)

Community consultation (Question No 1147)

2004 Rally of Canberra (Question No 1150)

Housing stocks (Question No 1155)

Housing—legal proceedings (Question No 1157)

Actew Corporation Ltd (Question No 1160)

Department of Justice and Community Safety—relocation (Question No 1165)

Government patrons (Question No 1170)

Planning—public art (Question No 1181)

Health care cards (Question No 1201)

Superannuation provision account (Question No 1206)

Land—purchases (Question No 1209)

Canberra Hospital—Emergency Department (Question No 1210)

Karralika project (Question No 1211)

Calvary Hospital—security (Question No 1212)

Mental health (Question No 1213)

Watson Hostel and Howard Florey Centenary House (Question No 1214)

Calvary Hospital—child and adolescent mental health team (Question No 1215)

Hospitals—capital works (Question No 1216)

Stamp duty concessions (Question No 1222)