3 Nov 2020 - 2 Dec 2021 Subject Indexes

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amdts, amendments; ba, bill agreed to; detail, debated at the detail stage; m, motion; mfd, motion for disallowance; mnrs, ministerial response; mnst, ministerial statement; mso, motion for the suspension of standing orders; mnc, motion of no confidence; prin, debated at the in-principle stage; q, question; qn, question on notice; refcom, reference to committee; wdrl, withdrawal;


Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body, report, 480m

Aboriginal Tent Embassy, 50th anniversary, 3901

Child placement, 238qn

Children and families advocate, 3707q

Children and Young People Commissioner, 772qn

Closing the Gap, 1172q

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation, 2128qn

Elected body, 2031q

Government policy, 163q

Health funding, 2721qn

Incarceration rates, 2196q, 2500qn

Legal services, 1461q, 1469q, 1546qn, 1775qn, 2126qn, 3786qn, 4159qn

Native title meeting, 2515qn

Our Booris, Our Way, update, 1276m, 3149m

Over-representation of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders in the territory's justice system, government response, 3022m

Reconciliation Day, events, 1467q

Residential rehabilitation facility, 2720qn

Treaty process, 2510qn

We don't shoot our wounded… report, 2511qn, 3070qn

Yarrabi Bamirr program, 1773qn

Youth, 1168q

Access Canberra

Fix My Street, 2701qn

Numberplates, 1185qn, 1796qn

Service levels, 1187qn

Services, 3245q, 3252q, 3500q, 4070q

Working with vulnerable people applications, 1541qn

ACT Ambulance Service

Statistics, 4152qn

ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Performance, 4172qn

ACT Corrective Services

Appointments, 1603q

Commissioner, 2459qn

Corrections officers, training, 774qn

COVID-19, 2606q, 4156qn

Detainee transfers, 2184q, 3601q, 3609q, 4156qn

Induction officers, 2714qn

Management of community sector groups, 4179qn

Ministerial responsibility, 319q

Parole process, 1595q, 2466qn, 2536q

Release process, 2112qn, 2186q, 2189q

Review, 320q, 2461qn, 4146qn

Review implementation, 4170qn

Sentence management officers, 2109qn

Staff health and safety, 2191q, 2713qn, 2730q

Staff training, 2468qn

Staffing recruitment, 2503qn

ACT Emergency Services Agency

Cross-border arrangements, mnst, 2252

ACT Fire & Rescue

Funding, 1072q

ACT Government Campaign Advertising

Acting Independent Reviewer, 3234m

ACT Health

COVID-19 quarantine, 2595q, 3124q

Elective surgery, 3139q, 3141q, 4191q, 4192q

Emergency department, 3134q

Management systems, 3450qn

Management systems review, 3078qn

Nurses, COVID-19, 3449qn

Performance, 3126q

Psychiatry registrars, 1551qn

Workplace culture, 1475m

ACT Heritage Council

Fencing, 4162qn

ACT Insurance Authority

Actuarial staff, 3607q

ACT Integrity Commissioner

Appointment, 1031m

Statement by Speaker, 3145

ACT Policing

Coombs and Wright, 3295

COVID-19, 3010q

Crime Stoppers, 3344q, 4193q

Occupational health and safety, 156q

Resources, 838q, 842q, 3345q, 3346q, 3351q, 3365q, 3944q, 4058q

Staffing, 1759qn

ACT public service

Data security, 3704q

Disability employment, 1191qn

Employment of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 1192qn

Independence, 3448qn

Integrity, 378q, 379q

Leave, 4161qn

Remuneration, 2454qn

Superannuation, 3443qn

Work arrangements, 4061q

Workers compensation premiums, 4148qn

World Public Service Day, 1991

Active transport

Her Way report, 3716m

Active travel

Lawson, 1778qn


Use on light rail, 2102qn

Use on public transport, 1458q


Food, mnst, 1674

Alcohol and other drug use

Harm minimisation policy, mnst, 3097

Alexander Maconochie Centre

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainee transfers, 2713qn

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees, 786qn

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and Pacific Islander employees, 221qn

Accommodation, 2469qn, 2716qn

Admission costs, 2466qn

Alcohol use, 2471qn

Anti-smoking measures, 227qn

Assaults, 235qn

Bakery, 2459qn

Capacity, 233qn, 2464qn

CCTV surveillance, 784qn

Chemical agents use, 232qn, 1452q, 1469q, 2107qn, 2137q

Children residing onsite, 229qn

Community support of former detainees, 236qn

Costs, 773qn

COVID-19, 3711q

COVID-19 quarantine facilities, 4146qn

COVID-19 screening, 4191qn

COVID-19 vaccinations, 2389q

Crisis support unit, 781qn

Cultural programs, 221qn, 2110qn

Dental services, 266qn, 780qn

Detainee award rates, 230qn

Detainee clothing, 226qn

Detainee consultation, 226qn, 233qn

Detainee debt, 2111qn

Detainee earnings, 4156qn

Detainee education and training programs, 776qn, 2108qn, 2113qn, 2461qn, 4144qn

Detainee employment, 219qn, 2122qn

Detainee employment and education programs, 2458qn

Detainee privileges, 237qn, 775qn

Detainee searches, 1795qn, 2195q

Detainees, 2125qn

Detainees with a disability, 223qn

Disciplinary action, 218qn, 232qn, 1451q, 2460qn

Dogs, 4179qn

Drone activity, 2097qn, 4170qn

Drug testing, 2118qn

Drugs, 4157qn

Education and training programs, 219qn, 236qn, 237qn

Emergency procedures, 228qn

Expansion, 780qn

Female detainee programs, 224qn, 2470qn

Female detainees, 2457qn

Fire safety, 777qn, 779qn

Firearms policy, 220qn

Fires, 2465qn

Gaming consoles and games, 2508qn

Guidelines for responding to riots and serious fires, 4155qn

Health services, 222qn, 269qn

Hospitalisation of detainees, 4144qn

Housing assistance, 2463qn

Hunger strikes, 2463qn

ICT facilities, 782qn

Incidents, 75q, 1451q, 2191q, 2715qn, 2730q, 4147qn

Living facilities, 224qn, 227qn

Lockdowns, 231qn

Maximum security, 225qn

Medicines policy, 220qn

Menu, 234qn

Methadone use, 1803qn

Naloxone use, 781qn

Nicotine replacement therapy, 1553qn

Official Visitor program, 850q

Optometry services, 270qn

Oversight committee, 696q, 1216qn, 1552qn, 2713qn

Parental contact, 228qn, 2112qn

Parenting programs, 785qn, 2717qn

Parole process, 2462qn

Podiatry services, 271qn

Programs, 4072q

Property damage and repairs, 2469qn

Public transport concessions, 2121qn

Racism, 290m

Reintegration centre, 2122qn

Remandees, 1780qn

Security, 2534qn

Security patrols, 230qn, 2111qn

Sentence management officers, 2457qn, 2472qn

Service providers, 2119qn, 2714qn, 2718qn

Single-use plastics, 2501qn

Staff disciplinary policy, 783qn

Staff health and safety, 2414m, 4143qn

Staff mental health services, 1792qn

Staff training, 231qn, 234qn

Staff training review, 2465qn

Staffing, 223qn, 235qn, 272qn, 4155qn

Toothbrushes, 4175qn

Transitional release centre, 217qn, 3249q

Visitor searches, 782qn

Visitors, 2471qn

Weapons, 4171qn

Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service, 268qn

Worldview program, 4188qn

Worship facilities, 222qn

Worship services, 781qn


ACT Cat Plan 2021-2031, 2491qn

Animal-friendly netting, 3504m

Breeders licence, 203qn

Cat containment, 469q

Dog ownership, 1209qn

Dogs, 1797qn

Infringement notices, 205qn

Off-leash areas, mnrs, 28

Anzac Day

Commemorations, 837q, mnst, 884

Light Up the Dawn, 1130


Sustainability, 1899


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts programs, 2515qn

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks, 789qn

Canberra Theatre Centre, 966q

Community events, 424

COVID-19, 1407, 2043q, 3963q

Dementia-friendly access, 1080q, 1557q

Funding, 959q, 968q, 1084q, 2038q, 2688qn

Gungahlin, 1713q

Live in Ya Lounge, mnrs, 32

Mandy Martin, mnst, 2266

Phish and Phreak Productions, 759

Recent achievements, 1411

Statement of Ambition, 2790q, 2883q, mnst, 3320

Stronger Than Fiction film festival, 1750

Women in the Arts, 527

Asylum seekers

Anniversary of SIEV X sinking, 3194


Auditor-General's report No 4/2021, government response, 2395m

Australian Defence Force

Funding, 3514m

Australian Human Rights Commission

National inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces, government response, 2210m


55th birthday, 1988, 1990

Community engagement, 2082

Cricket facilities, 4018, 4020

Local Hero awards, 118

Better Regulation Taskforce

Administration, 3799qn


Animals Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 676

Appropriation Bill 2020-2021, prin, 329, 486, 824, detail, (ACT Executive) 1116, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 1118, (ACT Health Directorate) 835, (ACT Local Hospital Network) 828, (Canberra Health Services) 835, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 1063, (Capital works reserve) 1123, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 893, 919, (City Renewal Authority) 1109, (Community Services Directorate) 1001, 1035, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 1113, (Education Directorate) 835, 884, (Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate) 1038, (Housing ACT) 1055, (Icon Water Limited) 1115, (Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission) 1122, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 938, 996, (Legal Aid Commission (ACT)) 1115, (Major Projects Canberra) 1060, (Office of the Work Health and Safety Commissioner) 1117, (Public Trustee and Guardian) 1121, (Superannuation Provision Account) 1038, (Total appropriated to territory entities) 1122, (Total appropriations) 1125, (Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate) 925, (Treasurer's Advance) 1123, ba, 1126

Appropriation Bill 2021-2022, prin, 2824, 3036, 3463, detail, 3837, (ACT Executive) 3834, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 3835, (ACT Health Directorate) 3467, (ACT Local Hospital Network) 3467, (Canberra Health Services) 3467, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3756, (Capital works reserve) 3837, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 3529, (City Renewal Authority) 3830, (Community Services Directorate) 3632, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 3831, (Education Directorate) 3476, (Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate) 3676, (Housing ACT) 3745, (Icon Water Limited) 3834, (Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission) 3837, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 3571, (Legal Aid Commission (ACT)) 3831, (Major Projects Canberra) 3745, 3751, (Office of the Work Health and Safety Commissioner) 3834, (Public Trustee and Guardian) 3836, (Superannuation Provision Account) 3675, (Total appropriated to territory entities) 3837, (Total appropriations) 3837, (Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate) 3558, (Treasurer's Advance) 3837, ba, 3840

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2020-2021, prin, 335, 497, 824, 828, 919, 996, 1035, 1109, 1126, ba, 1127

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2021-2022, prin, 2832, 3036, 3047, 3463, 3528, 3558, 3631, 3675, 3745, 3829, 3840, ba, 3841

Bail Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2400, 3275

Carers Recognition Bill 2021, prin, 1956, 4114, detail, 4121, ba, 4121, amdts, 4138

City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2833, 3421, ba, 3426

Civil Law (Sale of Residential Property) Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 3116, 3154, 3932, ba, 3938

Civil Law (Wrongs) Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 1354, 1930, ba, 1939

COAG Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2268

Corrections Management Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 3714

Courts and Other Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 816, 1693, ba, 1697

COVID-19 Emergency Response Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 (No 3), prin, 41, 355, detail, 363, ba, 365, amdts, 428

COVID-19 Emergency Response Legislation (Check-in Information) Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2269, 2654, detail, 2661, ba, 2664, amdts, 2679

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 126, 738, detail, 741, ba, 742, amdts, 763

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2014, 2272, ba, 2279

Crimes (Policing) Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 3920

Crimes (Stealthing) Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 1085, 2935, ba, 2940

Domestic Animals Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 1444, ba, 1450

Domestic Violence Agencies Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 1914, 2664, ba, 2671

Drugs of Dependence (Personal Use) Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 450

Electoral Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 4092

Emergencies Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 3186, 3892, ba, 3897

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2572, 2674, ba, 2676

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2021 (No 2), prin, 3917

Government Procurement Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 3227

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 123, 446, detail, 449, ba, 449, amdts, 531

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 3325, 3938, detail, 3943, ba, 3944, amdts, 4016

Loose-fill Asbestos Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 1685, 2022, ba, 2026

Operational Efficiencies (COVID-19) Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2573, 2872, 2940, detail, 2944, ba, 2949, amdts, 2953

Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 348, 436, ba, 446

Planning and Unit Titles Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, prin, 44, 692, ba, 694

Planning and Unit Titles Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2971, 3420, ba, 3421

Plastic Reduction Bill 2020, prin, 55, 639, ba, 651

Public Health Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 3230, 3927, ba, 3932

Public Health Amendment Bill 2021 (No 2), prin, 4035

Public Place Names Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 3862

Remuneration Tribunal Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 3328, 3665, ba, 3666

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 674, 1398, ba, 1404

Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2344

Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 (No 2), prin, 3923

Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 1438, 1841, ba, 1846

Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2021 (No 2), prin, 1867

Senior Practitioner Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2018, 2234, ba, 2238

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 819, 1581, ba, 1585

Utilities Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 815, 1249, ba, 1256

Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2021, prin, 2011, 2354, 2356, ba, 2362

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

Disability assessments, 2126qn

Inspector of Correctional Services healthy centre review of Bimberi, government response, 3361m

Psychotropic medications use, 2127qn

Reports, 482m, 2050m, 3153m

Youth workers, 2722qn


Registration, 2699qn

Brindabella electorate

Community engagement, 1757


2021-22 postponement, 2671m

ACT Policing, 857m, 869

Alexander Maconochie Centre, 2885q

Business support, 460q, 2996q, 3013q

Canberra Theatre Centre complex, 2887q

Capital works, 533qn, 589q, 1555q

Children and young people, 3851q

Climate action, 383q

Education, 2880q

Emergency services, 467q, 3017q

Franklin Nature Reserve, 3016q

Gender equity, 2495qn

Health, 3002q

Health funding, 317q, 844q

Infrastructure, 2874q, 2877q, 3001q

National Arboretum and Stromlo Forest Park, 3008q

Parks and Conservation Service, 322q

Public housing, 3006q

Seniors and veterans, 3011q

Small business, 2889q

Transport and active travel, 2893q

Work health and safety, 2886q


Combustible cladding, 157q, mnst, 2341, 2695qn, 3842q

Defects, 1200qn

Industry capacity, 70q

Licensing of trades, 3849q, 4194q

Licensing scheme, 1946q

Proposed developer licensing scheme, 1368q

Quality, 98m, 160q, 1550qn


Controlled burns, 4164qn

Management, mnst, 665

Preparation, 85q, 3841q

Preparation, Brindabella electorate, 3336q

Recovery, mnst, 661, 664


Better Regulation Taskforce, 709q, mnst, 1348, 3250q, 3350q

Canberra Business Woman of the Year award, 425

Chisholm Family Tavern, 656

ChooseCBR, 1700q, 2285q, 2287q, 2288q, 2293q

ChooseCBR scheme, mnst, 1828, 1846q, 1847q, 1849q, 1852q, 1853q, 1854q, 1857q, 1859q, 1860q, 1863q, 1870m

Costs, 4141qn

Report, 4087m

COVID-19, 169q, 2305m, 2602q, 2614m, 3005q, 4142qn

Personal explanation, 1353

Support, 473q, 2878q, 3248q, 3366m

Voucher scheme, 3947q

Byrne, Ms J

Tribute, 653


Community events, 2428, 2430

Cost of living, 2775q, 3602q

Cost of living, government programs, 2806m

Growth, 1077q, 1127, 1558q

Proposed national park city, 1717m

Canberra Health Services

Accreditation, 3075qn

Act of grace payments, 3772qn

Committee, 3079q

Intensive care beds, 3789qn

Personal protective equipment, 3790qn

Staff safety, 3075qn

Staff wages, 3773qn

Canberra Hospital

Emergency patient discharge, 455q

Expansion, mnst, 429, 1273q, 2376q

Master plan, 3953q

Canberra Innovation Network

Employment and business development, 2129qn

Canberra Institute of Technology

Board membership, 1460q

Locations, 1600q

Canberra Liberals

Policies, 654


National Carers Week, 2950


Community recreation park, 965q, 1556q

Sporting and recreation facilities, 2700qn

CEO Sleepout

Charity, 1900


Women's representation, 3761

Chief Minister

Award grants, 262qn

Election, 3m

New Zealand trade mission, mnst, 1993

Chief Psychiatrist

Reports and recommendations, 3078qn, 4057q, 4075q, 4197q

Child and youth protection services

Government response, 1781qn

Review, 1782qn

Children and young people

A Step Up for Our Kids, update, 1276m, 3149m

ACT Policing, 2523qn

Adoptions, 1787qn

Care and protection, 2500qn

Care and protection reforms, 2512qn

Care and protection review, 2712qn

Child protection, 162q

Dillon, Bradyn, coronial inquest, mnst, 1236

Mental health, 3047m

Mental health services, 2473qn

National Youth Week, 3705q

Out of home care, 1279m, 1513, 3775qn

Out of home care education, 1735m, 3778qn

Pregnancy during residential care, 1783qn

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, progress report on implementation of recommendations, mnst, 554

Safe and Connected Youth Program, 2782q


Ceremonies, 3962q, 4074q

Climate change

High-risk weather season, preparation, mnst, 3110

Net Zero Emissions Policy Forum, 3338q

Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, report, 3354m

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act

Review, government response, 4080m


Government support, 128m

Majura Football Club, 2240

Coe, Mr A

Tribute, 521, 529

Commissioner for Standards

Member conduct, 2049

Referral, 1512m

Community corrections orders

Detainees and offenders, 4178qn

Community sector organisations

COVID-19, 2634m

COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, mnst, 3211

Community Services Directorate

Contracts, 535qn

Office for Disability, 248qn

Senior Practitioner, 536qn

Compulsory third party insurance

Claims, 2530qn

Construction industry

National Association of Women in Construction ACT 2020 Awards, 753

Consumer affairs

Right to repair, 2288q


Corflute recycling trial report, 3021m

Court Transport Unit

Vehicle fleet costs, 4147qn


Backlogs, 391q

COVID-19 pandemic

Business, 2677

Car sales, 2599q

Check In CBR app, 1186qn

Condamine Court, 2605q, 3452qn

Disaster payments, 2548, 2556

Economy, mnst, 1323

Government response, 2594q

Health directions, 2771q

Indian community, 1489m, 1517

Indian-Australian community support, government response, 3353m

Land tax credit, 2687qn

Lockdown, mnst, 2558

Multicultural communities, 3859q

Multilingual communication, 2299q, 2731q

Planning and development consultation, mnst, 2845

Public health directions, 4166qn

Racism, 3406m

Racism and abuse against Asian Australians, 1752

Restrictions, 2604q

Safe working arrangements for the ACT public sector, mnst, 2958

Testing centre fees, 3499q, 3503q, 3591q, 3593q, 3596q, 3597q, 3604q, 3610q, 3708q, 3714q, 4074q, 4196q

Update, mnst, 34, mnst, 277, mnst, 567, mnst, 811, mnst, 1231, mnst, 1573, mnst, 1818, mnst, 2161, mnst, 2565, mnst, 2739, mnst, 3090, mnst, 4023

Vaccination rollout, 2597q, 2598q, 2601q, 3240q

Workers and volunteers, 2676


Antisocial behaviour, 697q, 1217qn

Catalytic converter thefts, 2445qn

Clearance rates, 848q

Cycling infringements, 2101qn

Drug driving, 2525qn

Drugs, 766qn

Forensic sexual assault services, 712m, mnst, 2167

Graffiti, 2529qn

Hawker, 4147qn

Illegal dumping, 2527qn

Property Crime Prevention Strategy 2016-2020, final progress report, 185m

Sexual assault, mnst, 1220

Wage theft, 2684qn


Multilingualism, 1466q


Belconnen, 3779qn

Block 1 section 58, Garran, 2398m

Campbell shops, 3797qn

Hawker, 1779qn

Digital technology

Jobs growth, 1659

Dillon, Bradyn

Coronial inquest, mnst, 3304


ACT disability justice strategy, report, 486m

Employment strategy, 81q

International Day of People with Disability, mnst, 4029, 4131

Official Visitor for Disability Services, annual report, 497m

Disability services

Arts, 264qn

Companion Card program, 1206qn

COVID-19 Disability Strategy, 1206qn

Discrimination, Health Services, Disability and Community Services Commissioner, disability complaints, 793qn

Employment strategy, 770qn

Funding, 787qn, 1205qn

Government regulations, 787qn

Government support, 250qn

Housing, 258qn

National Disability Insurance Scheme, 1177q, mnst, 1425, 1526qn, 2405m

Providers, 265qn

Research and development, 250qn

Sport, 256qn


Sexual harassment, 2295q

Domestic and family violence

16 days of activism, 3702q

COVID-19, 1083q

Family Safety Hub, 1787qn, 2480qn

Funding, 1409

Government employee training, 2475qn, 2476qn, 2478qn, 2481qn

Government employee training providers, 2485qn

Government initiatives, 3135q

Legislation, 1161q, 1559q

Legislative reforms, 612m

Online training, 1796qn

Paid leave, 4044m

Safer families levy, 1789qn, 3429qn, 3785qn

Screening tools, 4174qn

Services, 2503qn

Domestic animal services

Dog registration cost, 1537qn

Dogs, 2547

Rangers, 1524qn

Domestic Violence Prevention Council

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation, 4189qn

Progress report, 4079m

Down syndrome

ACT Down Syndrome Association, 756


Delivery drone use, 1589q

Drone use, legislation, 770qn


Drug rehabilitation programs, parole conditions, 766qn

Pill testing, 379q

Duckworth, Mr I

Retirement, 2047


Climate change, mnst, 1823

COVID-19, 1166q

Employment, 2298q, 3490q

Employment and business development, 1193qn

Employment opportunities, 2837

Performance, 697q, 2290q, 2301q

Renewables industry, 2367

Unemployment, 3767qn


ACT Recovery College, 2444qn

Class of 2020, 189

Early childhood, 2383q

Early childhood teachers, 3946q

Financial literacy, 397m

Languages, 214qn

Margaret Hendry School, 1940q, 1941q, 2537q

NAPLAN, 1264q

Public schools, 1974m

Relief teachers, 3341q

School policies, 2065m

Schools performance, 1256q, 1258q, 1259q, 1265q

Staff welfare, 1939q

Students with a disability, 540qn

System review, mnst, 2248

Teachers, 841q, 1260q, 1942q, 2541q, 2879q, 3333q, 3334q, 3337q, 3340q, 3804q, 3955q, 3974m

Trans and gender diverse students, 1375m

Electric vehicles

Charging stations, 4067q


Usage and costs, 3438qn

Emergency services

Government support, 1954q

Rural Fire Services and State Emergency Service, 3143q


Labour hire companies, 2434qn

Portable long service leave schemes, 3177m

Women, 3803qn


Batteries, 1851q

Consumption, 1201qn

Cost, 1066q, 1556q

Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme, 2703qn

Gas consumption, 2442qn

Gas meters, 1540qn

Solar, 605q, 1215qn

Zero Carbon Certification Scheme, 1370q


ACT Landcare, 3554

Air quality, 327m

Australian Pollinator Week, 3554

Big Canberra Battery site, 604q, 1214qn

Bluetts Block, 2242

Bushfire Smoke and Air Quality Strategy 2021-2025, report, 3358m

Climate action, 165q

Climate change, 695q, 3384m

Climate Change Action Plan, 1464q, 1805qn

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act 2010, annual report, 181m

Dredging, 1170q, 1558q, 1559q

Electric vehicles, mnst, 3313, 3315

Electric vehicle charging stations, 384q

Emissions reduction targets, 603q

Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme, 2492qn

Fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty, 1311, 1610m

Green buildings, 1174q, 1559q

Green spaces, 529

Gross pollutant traps, 3433qn

Healthy Waterways project, 71q, 2093qn, mnst, 2337, 2726qn, 3446qn, 4177qn

Holt micro-forest, 2427

International Compost Awareness Week, 1314

Invasive plants, 3238q

Lawson grasslands, 2294q

Lead remediation, mnst, 1578

Monaro Rock quarry, 1848q

Namadgi National Park, mnst, 1996, 2004

Nature, Canberra, mnst, 1417

Single-use plastics, 962q, 2033q, 2046q, 3073qn

Social cost of carbon, 3004q

Swift parrot, 1414

Threatened species, mnst, 2848

Urban vegetation, 597q, 600q, 854q, 1211qn, 1213qn

Water projects, 1798qn

Water quality, 598q, 1215qn, 4180qn

Wombats, mange, 1313

Wood heaters, 2381q

World Environment Day, 1662

World Heritage Day, 1129

World Wetlands Day 2021, 340

Esguerra, Ms I

Tribute, 523

Estimates 2021-2022

Select committee, proposed establishment, 1687m, 3673m

Extinction Rebellion protest

Deployment of services, 2719qn

Fadden Hills Pond

Water quality, 4181qn

Federal budget

Education, 1514

Federal government

Budget, 1261q


Footpaths, 1562, 1567, mnrs, 2552

Florey shops

Delivery vehicles, 1519qn, 2044q, 2541q


COVID-19, 840q


Harm minimisation measures, mnst, 2960

Gender inequality

Gender pay gap, 2793m, 2806

Ginninderra electorate

Community engagement, 761, 3060, 3290

Events, 1658

SMILE nature-based playground, 1412


Traffic management, 1561, 1565, mnrs, 2551


ACT Integrity Commission, 3000q

Assistance for veterans and seniors, 473q, 476q

Business support, 1148m, 1162q, 1180q, 1357q, 1374q

Carers strategy, 543qn

Chief Minister, 2378q

Climate change strategy, 852q

Clubs policy, 77q

Commercial leases, 2129qn

Community engagement, 1078q, 1164q

Complaint resolution, 3453

Data security, 3699q, 3700q, 3865m

Disability employment strategy, 539qn

Disability services policy, 253qn

Discrimination, Health Services, Disability and Community Services Commissioner, 538qn

Document management, 2709qn

Economic management, 73q

E-invoicing, 2225m

Ethical investments policy, 3855q

Fuel pricing, 835q

Future Jobs Fund, 3441qn

Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Code 2020, mfd, 350

Infrastructure projects, 1596q

Invoices, 1519qn

Land purchase, 3858q

Land release, 3015q

Land sales, 1705q, 2537q

Lease arrangements, 2681qn, 4187qn

Ministerial Advisory Council on Women, 1270q

Procurement panels, 1196qn

Procurement policy, 76q, 767qn

Safer families policy, mnst, 1905

Schools policy, 155q

Secure local jobs code, 1196qn

Seniors policy, 151q

Sexual assault prevention and response working group, 1268q, 1269q

Territory-owned corporations, 1169q

Underquoting by developers, 2685qn

Zero emissions vehicles, 3961q, 4075q

Government buildings

Refurbishment and upgrades, 2699qn


Removal, 3846q


Community and recreation needs, 965q

Community council, 420

Multipurpose centre, 389q, 796qn

Policing resources, 843q

Swimming pool, 201qn, 310q, 393q, 707q, 796qn, 3958q

Town centre, 365m, mnst, 3207


ACT Australian Islamic Medical Association, 2429

Assisted reproductive technology, 871m

Autism spectrum disorder, 3619m

Brumby Fitness, 2243

Chief Health Officer's Report 2020, 1471m

COVID-19 vaccination rollout, 601q, 1586q, 1587q, 1588q, 1592q, 1594q, 1607q, 1855q, 2192q, 2536q, 3778qn

Dementia, 982m

Dental, 1703q

Diabetes, 1465q, 1470q

Digital health records, 3598q

Disability services, 260qn

Disability strategy, 792qn

Drug and alcohol treatment services, 273, 274, 275, mnrs, 1563

Eating disorder residential treatment, 420

Eating disorder support services, 3807, 3809, 3810, 3812

Endoscopy, 1087m

Gungahlin Community Health Centre, 2130qn

Health Care Consumers Association, 525

Maternal and child health clinics, 1590q, 1607q

ME/CFS Awareness Week, 1316

Mental health, mnst, 1676

Midwifery services, 2496qn

National Health Co-op, 1989, 2035q

Nicotine addiction, 2723qn

Nurse-led walk-in centres, 158q, 313q, 1367q, 1598q

Nurses and midwives, mnst, 1333

Occupational therapy, 1601q, 2534q

Pharmacy Guild of Australia Intern of the Year award, 1656

Prescription monitoring, 1604q

Public health officers, 3771qn

Quarantine facilities, 1457q

Services, 2895m

Skin cancer, 423, 3253m

Waiting times, 1191qn

Walk-in centres, 386q, 2028q, 2047q

World AIDS Day, 119, 187

Health Records (Privacy and Access) Act

Data security, 3701q

Health services

Workplace culture, mnst, 668, mnst, 3297

Health workers

Occupational violence, 463q


National parks huts, 3857q, 3861q

Hermes, Mr N

Tribute, 1897, 1900

Higgins shops

Bollards, 2136qn, 2456qn


Data, 2527qn

Government support, mnst, 2178

Official Visitors, homelessness services report, 477m

Personal account, 1182

Services, 468q


Emergency department, 3131q

Emergency department performance, 306q, 308q

Funding, 3129q, 3142q

Junior doctors, 102m

Waiting times, 458q, 2998q


Affordability, 952q, 3156m, 3342q

City Renewal Authority, 849q, 855q

COVID-19, 1462q

Demonstration housing project, 2090qn

Funding, 470q

Homelessness, 1944q, 1950q, 2538q

Justice Housing Program, 794qn, 1772qn, 2456qn

Land tax, 2681qn

New housing strategy, 954q

Policy, 407m

Rates, 1542qn

Strategy, mnst, 345, 851q, mnst, 3103

Housing ACT

Complaints, 1948q, 2538q

COVID-19, 2609q

Eligibility, 958q

Energy efficiency, 3065qn

Gordon, 3197

Housing managers, 2448qn

Maintenance, 964q, 1765qn, 1943q, 1949q, 1952q, 2092qn, 2538q, 2539q, 2540q, 3062

Properties, 3065qn

Properties and tenant occupancy, 2453qn

Repairs, 3847q

Vacant property, 466q, 951q, 960q, 968q

Victims of domestic violence, 768qn

Human Rights Commission

Protection of Rights Services Review, 1865m

Industrial relations

Job security, 3712q

Work health and safety, 1716q

Work safety, 1373q

Information Privacy Act

Data security, 3706q, 3709q, 3713q


Mobile phone technology, 213qn

Mobile phone towers, 212qn

Internet services

National broadband network, maintenance and repairs, 771qn

Jamison shopping centre

Traffic management, 3496q


Age of criminal responsibility, mnst, 2004, 2362

Bail conditions, 2110qn

Canberra Community Law, 1624m

Health justice partnerships, funding, 1794qn

Justice reinvestment program, 3431qn

Parole conditions, 765qn

Remandees, 3442qn

Kingston arts precinct

Delivery, 3339q

Kippax group centre

Flood study, 2380q

Lake Tuggeranong

Amenities, 2053m

Community feedback, 3291, 3898

Maintenance, 3445qn

Waste dumping, 1535qn

Water quality, 1210qn, 1544qn, 4154qn


Block 83, Belconnen, 2136qn

Sales, 385q, 795qn

Valuations, 4071q

Lanyon Homestead

Tripadvisor award, 3764


Footpaths, 2711qn

Layt, Mr N

Tribute, 1025


Crimes (Consent) Amendment Bill 2021, 1896, 3904

Religious discrimination, 3594q, 3763

Legislative Assembly

Absence of Clerk, 1031

Assistant speakers, nomination, 33

Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly Members Superannuation Board, membership, statement by Speaker, 2955

Committee report review, response, statement by Speaker, 3419


Administration and Procedure, 151, 287m, 580m, 1034, 1655m, refcom, 1691m, 2019m, 2233, 2350m, refcom, 2583m, 2768

Amendment to resolution, 588m, 1032m, 3119m

COVID-19 2021 Pandemic Response, 4021m

Establishment, 2583m

Membership, 2634m

Drugs of Dependence (Personal Use) Amendment Bill 2021, 453m, 498m, 587, 3816m

Reporting date, amendment, 2579m

Economy and Gender and Economic Equality, 288m, 803m, 1443, refcom, 1565m, 1916, 2050m, 2076, 2354, 3415m

Education and Community Inclusion, 354, 584, 806m, 3415m, 3557, 3829

Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity, 584, 807m, 3416m, 3675

Establishment, 60m

Health and Community Wellbeing, 434, 585, 586, 808m, 2557m, 3455m, 3926, refcom, 4043m, 4043

Justice and Community Safety, 100m, 583m, 585, 2022, 2351m, 2353, 3455m

Justice and Community Safety (scrutiny), 287, 580, 810, 1246, 1581, 1840, 2230, 2593, 2766, 3119, 3457

Membership, 101, 588

Planning, Transport and City Services, 585, 808m, refcom, 1566m, 1610, refcom, 1818m, 2231m, 2234, 2349m, 2593m, 2594m, 2766m, 2769, 2770, refcom, 3090m, 3417, 3456m, 3457, 3459, refcom, 3814m, 3814, 4044

Reporting date, amendment, 2579m

Statement by Speaker, 1292

Public Accounts, 679m, 1247, 1248, 2770, 2771, 3416m, 3557, 3927

Reporting dates, 433m, 2579m

Reports, government response, 821m, 3459m

Conduct, 588, 1442m, 1505, 1903, 3191m, 3263m

Deputy Speaker, election, 13m


"Andrew the adjourner", 1693, wdrl, 1693

"Braddock the backflipper", 1638, wdrl, 1638

"Bullshit", 3577, wdrl, 3577

"Dirty deal", 1641, wdrl, 1641

"Gutless", 2760, wdrl, 2761

"Mate", 1640, wdrl, 1640

"Misled", 2582, wdrl, 2583

"Smart-arse", 3577, wdrl, 3577

"Smearing", 1508, wdrl, 1508

"Spineless", 2760, wdrl, 2761

Unparliamentary, 966, 1000, wdrl, 1000, 2029


Announcement of member to fill casual vacancy, 547

Inaugural speeches, 47, 52, 87, 92, 141, 147, 171, 177

Leave of absence

All members, 4044m

Berry, Ms Y, 1568m, 3230m, 3453m, 3557m

Braddock, Mr A, 3453m, 4076m

Coe, Mr A, 122m

Hanson, Mr J, 1148m

Jones, Mrs G, 3993m, 4076m

Lawder, Ms N, 33m, 2153m, 3733m

Lee, Ms E, 3081m, 3453m, 3557m, 3665m

Milligan, Mr M, 2836m, 2839m

Paterson, Dr M, 3557m

Steel, Mr C, 1065m

Oath of allegiance, 548

Resignation of member, statement by Speaker, 547

Statements, 11

Swearing in, 2

Minister for Corrections, motion of no confidence, mnc, 2733, mnc, 2751m

Ministerial arrangements, 1066, 1585, 2026, 2996, 3235, 3487, 3591

Ministerial statements

ACT Emergency Services Agency, cross-border arrangements, mnst, 2252

Agriculture, food, mnst, 1674

Alcohol and other drug use, harm minimisation policy, mnst, 3097

Anzac Day, commemorations, mnst, 884


Mandy Martin, mnst, 2266

Statement of Ambition, mnst, 3320

Building, combustible cladding, mnst, 2341


Management, mnst, 665

Recovery, mnst, 661


Better Regulation Taskforce, mnst, 1348

ChooseCBR scheme, mnst, 1828

Canberra Hospital, expansion, mnst, 429

Chief Minister, New Zealand trade mission, mnst, 1993

Community sector organisations, COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, mnst, 3211

COVID-19, economy, mnst, 1323

COVID-19 pandemic response

Lockdown, mnst, 2558

Planning and development consultation, mnst, 2845

Safe working arrangements for the ACT public sector, mnst, 2958

Update, mnst, 34, mnst, 277, mnst, 567, mnst, 811, mnst, 1231, mnst, 1573, mnst, 1818, mnst, 2161, mnst, 2565, mnst, 2739, mnst, 3090, mnst, 4023


Forensic sexual assault services, mnst, 2167

Sexual assault, mnst, 1220

Dillon, Bradyn, coronial inquest, mnst, 1236, mnst, 3304

Disability services, National Disability Insurance Scheme, mnst, 1425

Economy, climate change, mnst, 1823

Education, system review, mnst, 2248


Electric vehicles, mnst, 3313, 3315

Healthy Waterways project, mnst, 2337

Lead remediation, mnst, 1578

Namadgi National Park, mnst, 1996

Threatened species, mnst, 2848

Gambling, harm minimisation measures, mnst, 2960

Government, safer families policy, mnst, 1905

Gungahlin, town centre, mnst, 3207


Mental health, mnst, 1676

Nurses and midwives, mnst, 1333

Health services, workplace culture, mnst, 668, mnst, 3297

High-risk weather season, preparation, mnst, 3110

Homelessness, government support, mnst, 2178

Housing, strategy, mnst, 345, mnst, 3103

International Day of People with Disability, mnst, 4029

Justice, age of criminal responsibility, mnst, 2004

LGBTQI+ community, capital of equality strategy, mnst, 3910

Mental health

Mental health nursing, mnst, 3225

World Mental Health Day, mnst, 2855

Minister for Corrections, update, mnst, 3112

Molonglo Valley Community Council, mnst, 2170

Nature, Canberra, mnst, 1417


ACT Infrastructure Plan, mnst, 1568

Age-friendly city plan, mnst, 1432

District level, mnst, 1665

Gungahlin town centre, mnst, 1243

Schools, mnst, 1681

Woden town centre, mnst, 2257

Public housing, renewal program, mnst, 2176

Roads, automated vehicles, mnst, 2839

Rotary Club, 100th anniversary, mnst, 575

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, progress report on implementation of recommendations, mnst, 554

Schools, COVID-19, mnst, 3101

Seniors, International Day of Older Persons, mnst, 2967


Molonglo Valley, mnst, 1667

Recovery plan, mnst, 1339

Trees, urban canopy, mnst, 3218

WorkSafe ACT, young workers strategy, mnst, 3201

Women, status of women and girls in the ACT, mnst, 556

Notice convening meeting, 1

Opposition, leadership, 7

Papers, 13, 14, 95, 96, 180, 324, 325, 396, 476, 607, 711, 856, 1085, 1180, 1275, 1375, 1470, 1608, 1956, 1864, 2050, 2202, 2304, 2394, 2545, 2610, 2792, 2894, 3019, 3146, 3297, 3325, 3352, 3503, 3610, 3714, 3861, 4076

Personal explanations, 2765, 3631, 3765

Points of order, 75, 82, 83, 152, 158, 161, 168, 169, 320, 382, 390, 394, 458, 460, 590, 591, 599, 966, 1000, 1019, 1078, 1079, 1080, 1081, 1163, 1257, 1266, 1304, 1306, 1365, 1389, 1452, 1453, 1497, 1507, 1508, 1511, 1586, 1587, 1600, 1638, 1641, 1699, 1704, 1707, 1710, 1847, 1858, 1941, 1945, 1949, 1951, 1953, 2021, 2027, 2029, 2030, 2054, 2152, 2189, 2190, 2197, 2198, 2201, 2286, 2373, 2374, 2375, 2383, 2386, 2388, 2393, 2583, 2596, 2598, 2607, 2608, 2619, 2639, 2645, 2761, 2765, 2772, 2778, 2779, 2780, 2875, 2884, 2888, 2889, 2997, 2999, 3000, 3007, 3011, 3124, 3127, 3252, 3331, 3332, 3334, 3340, 3344, 3347, 3348, 3492, 3493, 3499, 3592, 3593, 3606, 3842, 3845, 3846, 3856, 3857, 3877, 3945, 3952, 3956, 3957, 3958, 4065, 4066

Privacy, 2076

Proceedings during COVID-19 lockdown, 2577m, 2861m

Program, 285m

Questions without notice, statement by Speaker, 87

Self-government in the territory, 32nd anniversary, statement by Speaker, 1219

Sitting pattern 2021, 59

Amendment, 2578m

Sitting pattern 2022, 3328m, 3666m

Speaker, election, 3m

Standing orders

Standing order 43, 2884

Standing order 46, 1353

Standing order 47, 1353

Standing order 52, 1007, 1389

Standing order 55, 1507

Standing order 81A, 2733

Standing order 113A, amendment, 2580m

Standing order 114, 1455

Standing order 117, 463, 470

Standing order 118, 2889

Standing order 118(b), 1941

Standing order 136, 2650

Standing order 136, ruling by Deputy Speaker, 2651

Standing order 152, 3673

Standing order 172, 435

Standing order 213A, 2392, 2423

Standing order 217, 586, 587

Standing order 223, 588

Suspension, mso, 19, mso, 122, mso, 128, mso, 433, mso, 435, mso, 449, mso, 518, mso, 823, mso, 1127, mso, 1301, mso, 1316, mso, 1414, mso, 1637, mso, 2085, mso, 2673, mso, 2733m, mso, 2751m, mso, 2766m, mso, 3119, mso, 3190, mso, 3191, mso, 3227, mso, 3463, mso, 3745, mso, 3927

Valedictories, 188, 191, 518

Valedictories, 3991, 3993, 3994, 3996, 3997, 3998, 4000, 4001, 4004, 4005, 4007, 4010, 4012, 4013, 4121, 4124, 4126, 4128, 4129, 4132, 4134

Visitors, 561, 1219, 2004, 2337, 2349, 2356, 3846

Warnings, 317, 391, 392, 967, 1263, 1605, 1715, 3604, 3952

Women's caucus, 389q

Legislative Assembly (Petitions)

ACT Policing, Coombs and Wright (No 45-21), 3295

Animals, off-leash areas (Nos 16-20 and 17-20), mnrs, 28

Arts, Live in Ya Lounge (No 21-20), mnrs, 32

Belconnen, cricket facilities (No 46-21), 4018, 4020

COVID-19, disaster payments (No 36-21), 2548, 2556

Domestic Animal Services, dogs (No 9-21), 2547

Fisher, footpaths (No 18-21), 1562, 1567, mnrs, 2552

Gordon, traffic management (No 13-21), 1561, 1565, mnrs, 2551

Government, complaint resolution (No 32-21), 3453


Drug and alcohol treatment services (No 25-20), 274, 275, mnrs, 1563

Drug and alcohol treatment services (No 3-21), 273, 275, mnrs, 1563

Eating disorder support services (No 34-21), 3807, 3809, 3810, 3812

Housing ACT, Gordon (No 44-21), 3197

Melba, recreation area (No 15-21), 3082, 3086, 3089

Municipal services

Cycle lanes (No 25-21), 2547, 2557

Farrer (Nos 10-20 and 15-20), mnrs, 27

Hackett shops (No 12-21), 3081, 3088

Lyons shops (No 41-21), 2956

Out-of-order petitions

Melba, recreation area, 3087

Municipal services, playgrounds, 1220

Phillip, swimming pool, 3813

Planning, Griffith, 2158

Public housing, maintenance, 2555

Sport, Bonner Oval, 2022


Campbell shops (No 21-21), 2736, 2738

Campbell shops (No 40-21), 2736, 2738


Swimming pool (No 42-21), 3808, 3812

Swimming pool (No 47-21), 3808, 3812


Chisholm (No 10-21), 799, 802, mnrs, 2157

Chisholm (No 11-21), 799, mnrs, 2157

Chisholm development (No 12-20), mnrs, 26

Diversity (No 6-21), 1561, 1563, mnrs, 2549

Giralang shops (No 1-21), 273, mnrs, 1321

Giralang shops (No 4-21), 343, mnrs, 1321

Green waste (No 19-21), 1809, 1810, mnrs, 2737

Griffith (No 28-21), 2156, mnrs, 3454

Gungahlin town centre (No 16-21), 2154, 2160, mnrs, 3198

Kippax group centre (No 8-21), 549, 552, mnrs, 1809

Red Hill (No 24-21), 2155, mnrs, 4019

Red Hill (No 29-21), 2245, mnrs, 4019

Play spaces

Fadden Hills Pond (No 27-21), 3082, 3087

Playground fencing (No 30-21), 4017

Public housing, maintenance (No 37-21), 2546, 2555, mnrs, 3908


Disability parking (No 20-20), mnrs, 28

Pedestrian crossings (No 19-20), mnrs, 28

Safety (No 17-21), 1807, 1812, mnrs, 2553

Safety (No 20-21), 1808, 1812, mnrs, 2553

Speed limits (Nos 31-21 and 38-21), 2546, 2556

Schools, language curriculum (No 2-21), 548, mnrs, 1903


Bonner Oval (No 7-21), 1808, 1814, 1817, mnrs, 2554

Nicholls Oval (No 22-21), 2154, 2160, mnrs, 3084

Thoroughbred Park funding (No 24-20), 25, 33, mnrs, 549

Waramanga playing fields (Nos 26-21 and 43-21), 3083, 3085

Transport Canberra

Bus layover (No 11-20), mnrs, 28

Fraser bus terminus (No 18-20), mnrs, 28

Symonston bus services (No 14-20), mnrs, 27


Proposed Fyshwick facility (No 13-20), 121, mnrs, 551

Proposed Fyshwick facility (No 22-20), mnrs, 31

West Belconnen facility closure (No 23-20), mnrs, 28


Indoor sports facilities (No 23-21), 3808, 3810, 3812

Indoor sports facilities (No 48-21), 3907, 3910

Yerrabi electorate

Yerrabi Pond (No 5-21), 798, 800, 801, mnrs, 2157

Yerrabi Pond (No 14-21), 1135, mnrs, 2157

Legislative Assembly (Votes)

ACT Government Campaign Advertising, Acting Independent Reviewer

That the motion be agreed to, 3235

ACT Integrity Commissioner, appointment

That the motion be agreed to, 1032

Active transport, Her Way report

That the amendment be agreed to, 3733

Alexander Maconochie Centre, racism

That the amendment be agreed to, 306

Animals, animal-friendly netting

That amendment 4 be agreed to, 3513

Appropriation Bill 2020-2021

That this bill be agreed to, 1125

Appropriation Bill 2021-2022

That this bill be agreed to, 3840

Australian Defence Force, funding

That the amendment be agreed to, 3528

Bail Amendment Bill 2021

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 3282

Budget, ACT Policing

That the amendment be agreed to, 871

Business, COVID-19

That the amendment be agreed to, 2320, 2633

Business, support

That the amendment be agreed to, 3384

Clubs, government support

That the amendments be agreed to, 141

Committees, amendment to resolution

That the amendment be agreed to, 3123

Committees, establishment

That the amendment be agreed to, 69

Community sector organisations, COVID-19

That the amendment be agreed to, 2654

Cost of living, government programs

That paragraphs (1) to (5) be agreed to, 2823

COVID-19, Indian community

That the amendment be agreed to, 1504

COVID-19 Emergency Response Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 (No 3)

That amendments Nos 1 to 3 be agreed to, 365

Education, teachers

That the amendment be agreed to, 3991

Education, financial literacy

That the amendment be agreed to, 407

Education, public schools

That the amendment be agreed to, 1987

Employment, portable long service leave schemes

That the amendment be agreed to, 3185

Family and domestic violence, legislative reforms

That Mr Rattenbury's amendment No 1 be agreed to, 622

Government, business support

That the amendment be agreed to, 1160

Government, data security

That the amendment be agreed to, 3880

Government Procurement (Secure Local Jobs) Code 2020

That the motion be agreed to, 354

Health, autism spectrum disorder

That Mrs Kikkert's amendment to Ms Davidson's proposed amendment be agreed to, 3631

Health, services

That the amendments be agreed to, 2914

Housing, affordability

That the amendment be agreed to, 3164

Housing, policy

That the amendment be agreed to, 418

Justice, Canberra Community Law

That Ms Lee's amendment to Mr Rattenbury's proposed amendment be agreed to, 1636

Legislative Assembly, conduct

That the motion be agreed to, 1510, 3275

Legislative Assembly, sitting pattern 2022

That the amendment be agreed to, 3332

That the motion be agreed to, 3673

Legislative Assembly, standing orders, suspension

That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would allow Mr Hanson's motion to be debated, 3193

That the motion be agreed to, 2735

Light rail stage 2, select committee, proposed establishment

That the amendment be agreed to, 2872

Mental health, veterans

That the amendment be agreed to, 753

Minister for Corrections, motion of no confidence

That the motion be agreed to, 2153, 2765

Municipal services, mowing

That the amendment be agreed to, 3744

Operational Efficiencies (COVID-19) Legislation Amendment Bill 2021

That clauses 24 to 40 be agreed to, 2948

Planning, Gungahlin town centre

That the debate be adjourned, 1300

Planning, Molonglo Valley

That the amendment be agreed to, 3036

Poverty, government programs

That paragraphs (1) and (3) be agreed to, 2934

Poverty task force

That the motion be agreed to, 511

Public housing, maintenance

That the amendment be agreed to, 981

Yerrabi electorate, Yerrabi Pond

That the amendment be agreed to, 1397

Ley, Mr J

Tribute, 3195

LGBTQI+ community

Capital of equality strategy, mnst, 3910

Events, 1657


Transgender Day of Remembrance, 116

LGBTQI+ events

LGBTQI+ fourth annual conference, 2083

Libraries ACT

COVID-19 safety measures, 4163qn

Light rail

Impact on business, 2386q

Progress update, 606q

Safety poster artwork, 2522qn, 2710qn

Select committee, proposed establishment, 2861m

Stage 2, 2187q, 2776q

Stage 2A, 394q, 464q

Traffic planning, 2371q, 2372q, 2374q, 2382q, 2388q, 2392m, 2423m

Vehicle fleet, 3236q, 3237q, 3239q, 3283m, 3489qn

Light rail fleet

Assembly resolution, government response, 4083m

Light rail stage 1

Environmental impact, 4064q

Light rail stage 2

Economic analysis, 2778q, 2780q, 2785q, 2786q, 2788q, 2790q, 2792q

London Circuit, 3948q


Offences, 1543qn

Maher, Father B OAM

Tribute, 2333

Marshall, Mr J

Tribute, 1308


Recreation area, 3082, 3086, 3089

Melba shops

Land, 2135qn

Mental health

Education, 1205qn

Mental health nursing, mnst, 3225

Mental health officers, 3451qn

National Mental Health Month, 3061

Official Visitors program, 247qn

Services, 1069q, 3768qn

Veterans, 742m

Veterans, correction to the record, 798

World Mental Health Day, mnst, 2855

Mental health services

Consumer feedback, 3136q, 3805q

Mental health, alcohol and other drug use disorders, 4102m

Staffing, 4165qn

Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services

Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services, 336

Milligan, Mr J

Resolution, 1510


Motion of no confidence, mnc, 2139, mnc, 2733, mnc, 2751m

Update, mnst, 3112

Minister for Disability

COVID-19 response, 2608q

Molonglo Valley

Community Council, 511m, mnst, 2170

Community facilities, 591q, 1357q, 1555q, 2391q

Infrastructure, 590q

Molonglo group centre and surrounds, government response, 4091m

Namarag nature reserve, 3349q

Motor vehicles

Registration, 1537qn

Multicultural affairs

Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, 421

Australian Muslim Friendship Organisation, 420

Bangladesh Day of Independence, 655

Civic participation and language schools, 2320m

Community language schools, 2199q

Community language schools review, government response, 4090m

Cultural centres, 3801qn

Eid al-Fitr events, 1517

Events, 760, 1133, 1656, 2086

Hindu community, 2081

India Australia Association of Canberra, 757

Indian agricultural reform protests, 421

International Mother Language Day, 755

Legislation, 1075q

Peace pole, 1307

Sakyamuni Buddhist Centre, 757

Sri Lankan new year events, 1405

World Refugee Week, 2085

Municipal services

Abandoned vehicles, 388q, 396q

Bonner, 1535qn

Canberra Cemeteries, 2041q, 2542q

Canberra Street Art Festival, 2045q

Charnwood shops, 1850q, 2334, 2502qn, 4065q

Community facilities, 594q

Community gardens, 699q, 1523qn, 2089qn, 2490qn

Contracting policy, 1531qn

Cycle lanes, 2547, 2557

Cyclepaths, 206qn, 240qn, 1364q

Drinking water stations, 243qn

Farrer, mnrs, 27

Fix My Street, 1537qn

Fix My Street portal, 2693qn

Footpath obstruction, 3782qn

Footpaths, 245qn, 791qn, 1521qn, 1527qn

Ginninderra, 1131

Glyphosates use, 1456q, 1805qn

Gungahlin Pond, 1522qn

Gwydir Square shops, 2037q, 2047q

Hackett shops, 3081, 3088

Infrastructure costs, 2706qn

Lanyon dog park, 3128q

Local shops, 205qn

Lyons shops, 2956

Mowing, 1542qn, 3734m, 3803qn, 4182qn

Mowing and parks maintenance, 1189qn

Mowing contractors, 4168qn

Neonicotinoid use, 1800qn

Newspapers, 2132qn

Play spaces, 846q, 1802qn

Playground fencing, 3791qn

Playgrounds, 78q, 204qn, 1220, 1799qn, 3783qn, 3794qn

Public amenities, 703q

Public toilets, 3073qn

Resident parking permits, 1776qn

Shopping centre upgrades, 3501q, 3789qn

Shopping centres, 1170q, 2711qn

Skate parks, 3292

Street sweeping, 3782qn

Swimming pools, 1953q, 3242q

Tree management, 1528qn

Tree removal, 1372q, 1804qn, 1805qn

Trees, 241qn

Tuggeranong dog park, 1709q

Yerrabi Pond and Lake Tuggeranong, 3606q

Murrumbidgee electorate

Community events, 2086

Molonglo Valley Community Forum, 1901

Weston Creek, 1749

Naas Valley

Naas Valley bridge, 596q, 710q

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Independent assessments, 1180

Service providers, 2106qn

National Multicultural Festival

COVID-19, 3243q, 3495q, 3503q

National Multicultural Festival 2022

Cancellation, 3903

National Reconciliation Week

Events, 1753

Reconciliation, 1660

Nuclear weapons

UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, 526

Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

Staffing, 1782qn

Olympic Games 2021

Australian equestrian team, 2238

Organ and tissue donation

Acknowledgement, 1455q

Owusu-Ansah, Mr K

ARIA awards, 3764

Palliative Care ACT

Leo's Place, 2332


Campbell shops, 2026q, 2736, 2738

Civic, 2385q, 2731q

Cooleman Court, 72q, 336

Delivery vehicles, 1371q, 1515

Greenway, 707q, 1217qn

Licence plate recognition technology, 1777qn

Limited time, 1547qn, 1548qn

Ownership and management, 1530qn

Revenue, 4176qn


Parkrun, 419

Parks and Conservation

Bushfire recovery work, 955q

World Ranger Day, 2303q

Parks and reserves

Budget, 1538qn, 1761qn

Fadden Hills Pond, 3446qn, 3447qn, 4178qn

Umbagong District Park, 1902, 4167qn


ACT Infrastructure Plan, mnst, 1568, 1918, 2279

ACT Planning System Review and Reform Project, 2698qn, 3494q

ACT Planning System Review and Reform Project update, 3601q, 3610q

Active transport, 1272q

Age-friendly city plan, mnst, 1432

Arts and entertainment precincts, 2694qn

Casey, 1197qn

Charnwood, 1529qn

Chisholm, 321q, 799, 801, 802, mnrs, 2157

Chisholm, correction to the record, 919

Chisholm development, mnrs, 26

Community consultation, 1074q, 2727qn, 2951

Consultation, 1593q, 1607q

Coombs, 1698q, 2137q

District level, mnst, 1665

Diversity, 1561, 1563, mnrs, 2549

Entertainment precincts, 1359q, 1947q

Ginninderry shops, 1207qn

Giralang shops, 273, 343, 2530qn

Green space, 322q

Green waste, 1365q, 1707q, 1714q, 1809, 1810, 1814, 2039q, mnrs, 2737

Griffith, 2156, 2158, mnrs, 3454

Gungahlin, 709q, 851q, 1198qn

Gungahlin cinema, 3951q, 3964m

Gungahlin town centre, 953q, 1183, mnst, 1243, 1293m, 1641m, mnrs, 3198

Holt, 533qn, 2154, 2160, 2528qn

Housing affordability, 3244q, 3246q, 3498q, 3714q, 4192q

Housing choices, 3608q

Kenny environmental offsets site, 2212m

Kippax group centre, 549, 552, mnrs, 1809

Kippax group centre flood study, 792qn

Kippax group centre flooding potential, 1317

Kippax master plan, 2103qn

Land use, 701q

Lawson stage 2 development, 3710q

Lease terminations, 4185qn

McKellar shops, 217qn, 770qn

Molonglo Valley, 3022m, 3488q

Pialligo master plan, 2100qn

Public housing choices, 3793qn

Red Hill, 2155, 2245, mnrs, 4019

Schools, mnst, 1681, 1708q

Sporting facilities, 1453q

Supermarkets, 1067q

Territory Plan, 1267q, 1470q

Territory Plan variations, 2702qn

Territory records, 321q

Transmission lines, 534qn

Tuggeranong town centre master plan, 2095qn

Vacant shops, 956q, 1803qn

Western edge, 3850q

Woden town centre, 1698q, 1706q, mnst, 2257

Woden town centre transport, 1699q, 2707qn, 2729q

Planning and Development Act 2007

Variation No 376 to the Territory Plan, approval, 3364m

Variation No 377 to the Territory Plan, 485m

Play spaces

Fadden Hills Pond, 3082, 3087

Municipal infrastructure standards, 3348q

Playground fencing, 4017


Government programs, 2914m

Poverty task force, 499m

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Paid leave scheme, 3611m

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, 2986m


Blockade Australia, 3555

Prowse, Mr A

Tribute, 3898, 3900, 3901

Public housing

Disruptive behaviour, 381q, 961q, 968q

Maintenance, 969m, 2546, 2555, 3067qn, mnrs, 3908

Renewal program, mnst, 2176

Safety, 700q

Strong Connected Neighbourhoods program, 1545qn

Public Trustee and Guardian

Protection of Rights Services Review, 1865m


Policy responsibilities, 1772qn


Resettlement, 3138q, 3145q

Reid, Mrs M AO

Commemoration, 1310


Ahmadiyya mosque, 1307

National Peace Symposium 2020, 117

Remand centres

Closure, 773qn

Symonston, 776qn

Remembrance Day

Commemorative services, 3314, 3427


Automated vehicles, mnst, 2839

Boboyan Road, 1363q, 1702q

Callaway Crescent, 2095qn

Classifications, 2104qn, 2105qn

Cycle lanes, 3783qn

Disability parking, mnrs, 28

Gungahlin, 3435qn

Maintenance, 246qn, 3436qn

Noise complaints, 1523qn, 2703qn

Pedestrian crossings, 1764qn

Pialligo, 2098qn

Projects, 790qn

Roadworks noise, 2486qn, 3432qn

Safety, 1516, 1807, 1808, 1812, mnrs, 2553

Speed cameras, 2239

Speed limits, 2292q, 2297q, 2546, 2556, 2731q, 3492q

Traffic calming, 768qn

Traffic data, 1534qn, 3798qn

Traffic management, 1175q, 1369q, 1803qn, 2486qn

Well Station Drive, 1711q

Wildlife, 4180qn

William Hovell Drive, 2105qn, 2194q, 2784q, 2894q, 3132q, 3442qn, 3452qn

Rotary Club

100th anniversary, mnst, 575

Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide

Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide, 1474

Royal Family

His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, condolence, 797


Relocation, 3780qn


Air quality, 2787q

Cleaning, 2437qn

Concept of consent, 1534qn

COVID-19, 2774q, 2949, mnst, 3101, 3487q

Employment, 1942q

End-of-year events, 3844

Enrolments, 1263q

Gungahlin, 1071q

Hazardous materials, 309q, 314q, 1271q, 2136q

Infrastructure projects, 311q

Languages curriculum, 188, 548, 652, mnrs, 1903

Maintenance, 168q, 1073q

Miles Franklin Primary School, 3194

Modular learning centres, 381q, 795qn

Remote learning, 2598q

School banking, 2029q

Split classes, 3956q

St Bede's Primary School, 1068q

Sustainability Awards, 119

Tharwa, 79q


Elder abuse and ageism, 1128

International Day of Older Persons, mnst, 2967

Scams on the elderly, 1406

Silver is Gold Festival, 1413

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, 1756

Sentence Administration Board

Decisions, 793qn

Skilled Capital program

Funding, 4151qn

Snedden, Mr A

Retirement, statement by Speaker, 3426


Bonner Oval, 1808, 1814, 1817, mnrs, 2554

CBR Sport Awards, 4062q

Community wellbeing, 1096m

Disability strategy, 767qn

Facilities, 315q, 461q

Grounds maintenance, 1762qn

Gungahlin facilities, 1082q

Hawker District Playing Fields upgrades, 3784qn

Hawker tennis centre, 1081q

Higgins Oval, 3071qn, 4190qn

Holt District Playing Fields upgrades, 3784qn

Maintenance of sports grounds and ovals, 2682qn

Melba District Playing Fields upgrades, 3785qn

Nicholls Oval, 2154, 2160, mnrs, 3084

Swimming pools, 2030q, 2541q

Thoroughbred Park funding, 25, 33, mnrs, 549

Waramanga playing fields, 3083, 3085

Sport and recreation

Dryland ovals, 3881m

Suburban Land Agency

Belconnen development, 4173qn

Revenue, 2891q

Sales, 2433qn


Summernats Sunday School, 523

Sustainable Household Scheme

Suppliers, 3843q

Symphony Park complex

Complaints, 1797qn


Fringe benefits tax, 3773qn

Rates, 2425

Territory rights

Federal government, 2974m

Voluntary assisted dying, 680m, 684, 2200q


Name change, 1198qn

Property sales, 2691qn


COVID-19, 1591q

Traffic infringement notices

Errors, 1190qn


Accessibility, 1178q

Active travel, 153q, 4069q

Bicycle storage, 209qn


Buses, 206qn

Scooters, 1883m, 3251q

Flexible bus service, 1778qn

Latham, 791qn

Molonglo Valley, mnst, 1667

Private vehicle use, 1204qn

Transport Canberra

Bus fleet, 2104qn

Bus layover, mnrs, 28

Bus services, 2702qn

COVID-19, 1361q

Data, 1203qn

Fraser bus terminus, mnrs, 28

Ginninderry shuttle bus, 1208qn, 2103qn

Lawson bus services, 704q, 1549qn

Patronage, 1202qn

Recovery plan, mnst, 1339

Shuttle services, 3788qn

Symonston bus services, mnrs, 27

Ticketing system, 167q, 2882q

Whitlam bus services, 457q

Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate

Contractors, 243qn

Staff qualifications, 243qn


Planting, 2096qn, 4177qn

Removal, 708q, 1360q, 1526qn

Urban canopy, 591q, 712, 729m, 1163q, 1532qn, 1763qn, 2041q, mnst, 3218


Green waste collection services, 3950q

SouthFest, 4059q

Umbagong District Park

Facilities, 3960q

University of Canberra

Commercial development, 3853q, 3856q

Reducing Inequality award, 1132


Bulky waste collection, 474q

Dog waste bins, 1188qn

Green bins, 765qn

Green waste, 1755

Green waste service relocation, 1208qn, 1800qn, 3071qn

Green waste services, 1802qn, 2488qn, 4187qn

Liquid waste, 1199qn

Proposed Fyshwick facility, mnrs, 31, 121, mnrs, 551

Recycling, 1961m

West Belconnen facility closure, mnrs, 28

Westende, Mr L

Condolence, 21m

William Hovell Drive

Community consultation, 3995


Indoor sports facilities, 2241, 3808, 3810, 3812, 3907, 3910


Grants, 3069q

Health services, 1318

International Women's Day, 593q, 760

Leadership, 2076

Safety, 4189qn

Status of women and girls in the ACT, mnst, 556, 561

Women with Disabilities ACT, 1410

Work health and safety

Government priorities, 705q

Psychosocial hazards, 622m, 1862q

Set the standard, report, 3904

Silica dust, 2892q

WorkSafe ACT

Young workers strategy, mnst, 3201

Wrigley, Mr D OAM

Tribute, 2333

Yerrabi electorate

Community engagement, 1026, 1755, 2424

Community events, 338, 657, 756

Duvall, Jonty, parliamentary representation, 1314

Yerrabi Pond, 798, 800, 801, 1136m, 1388m, mnrs, 2157


Climate action, 2079

Education alternatives for at-risk youth, 2498qn

Housing, 216qn

Mental health programs and resources, 2185q

Pregnancy and maternal health services, 1785qn

Vaping products, 2213m

YOGIE Awards 2020, 339

Youth homelessness

Government funding, 2078

Youth justice

Age of criminal responsibility, 80q

Throughcare program, 83q, 86q