Page 3945 - Week 13 - Wednesday, 1 December 2021

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Resources are tight, as they are in every sector, so we find this is going to be more efficient.

He concluded:

We will be less responsive to some of the property crime we have been in the past.

Minister, when was this decision made and when was the AFPA notified?

MR GENTLEMAN: I thank Ms Lee for the question. It is important that we continue to resource ACT Policing to do the very best they can. The government has injected record funding into ACT Policing, including almost $35 million to help modernise ACT Policing services and deploy additional staff. It is important that Canberrans have a range of ways of engaging with ACT Policing and reporting crimes.

ACT Policing are not changing the way they respond to crime. That is a very important point here. They are taking operational decisions on how they move their resources around, Madam Speaker. As you have heard from the Chief Police Officer today, they are changing the way that people can interact with ACT Policing to ensure that we can provide on-the-spot responses to those needing assistance.

Ms Lee: Madam Speaker, point of order.


Ms Lee: The second part of my question was: when was the AFPA informed? The minister has not got to that.

MADAM SPEAKER: Minister, do you have more? I think it is in order. He is talking about the decisions Policing is making in responding to reports.

MR GENTLEMAN: Thank you, Madam Speaker. Of course, we do have consultation with the AFPA. ACT Policing consults with them, and I have met with them a number of times recently as well.

Mr Parton: How did that go?

MR GENTLEMAN: It went quite well, Mr Parton, actually. It was a very pleasant conversation. Of course, I have been involved on and off with the AFPA for probably 20-odd years. The interactions between my office and their association are quite good. They give us good, strong advice and they advocate very well for their officers.

MS LEE: Minister, who decides which crimes will not receive a visit from police, and how will those decisions be made?

MR GENTLEMAN: These are operational decisions for ACT Policing. I do not interfere with those operational decisions. I am not the sort of person who would be

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