Page 1638 - Week 06 - Wednesday, 2 June 2021

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Mr Rattenbury thinks that this is good practice; no, it is not. This is a breach. In terms of what I have ever done in this place, or what you have ever done in this place, Madam Speaker, this is a new adventure for us. It sets a precedent for us. Let me tell you: we will roll with this. We will roll with adjourning things and bringing them back on, so that we can all have two bites of the cherry. That is what is happening here.

We have an allocated number when it comes to private members’ business. We stick to that. What is happening today is that the Greens are going to get two bites because Mr Braddock could not get his stuff sorted out in the first place. If he did not get it sorted out, that is not our problem. He should not have to go home, do his homework, get a dressing down from Mr Gentleman, sort it all out behind closed doors and then have another bite of the cherry. That is what is happening today.

The Labor Party, as weak as they are, because they did not want this barney, and they did not want it playing out, having regard to their little love-fest with the Greens, have stitched it up behind closed doors. They said, “We’ll let you bring it back. You don’t need to take up one of your slots. We’ll let you bring it back, as long as you do what we want. As long as you do what we want, we will let you have this.”

Ms Lee: He was schmoozed, wasn’t he?

MR HANSON: He was schmoozed. Remember that we had “Braddock the brave”? “Braddock the brave” is no longer “Braddock the brave”. What is he?


MR HANSON: What is he? “Braddock the backflipper”?

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Hanson! You are on a warning, and you will refer to members in this place by their title.

MR HANSON: I will, Madam Speaker. What else rhymes with “B”? Backflipper?

Mr Gentleman: A point of order, Madam Speaker.

MADAM SPEAKER: No, you will withdraw, Mr Hanson, and you will remind yourself that you are on a warning. You will address people by their name.

MR HANSON: I withdraw, Madam Speaker.

The Greens had a choice today. Did they want to debate Ms Clay’s motion or did they want to debate Mr Braddock’s? That is the way we have done business in this place. Mr Rattenbury has been here for 12 years and you have been here for 12 years. He is a former Speaker; he knows that. You are a Speaker, Madam Speaker; you know that. And the rest of the members in here know that. It is a lot easier to stitch things up behind closed doors in secret deals between the Labor Party and the Greens.

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