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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Standing and temporary orders—suspension

Attorney-General (Motion of censure)

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Privileges—Standing Committee

Emergencies Amendment Bill 2010

Questions without notice:

Alexander Maconochie Centre—lockdowns

Education—NAPLAN testing

Capital works—projects


Questions without notice:


ACT Health—alleged bullying

Appropriation Bill 2010-2011


Executive contracts



Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) (Random Drug Testing) Amendment
Bill 2009

Radiation Protection (Tanning Units) Amendment Bill 2010

Dunlop—shopping and community facilities


Ministerial arrangements

Leave of absence

Questions without notice:

Taxation—change of use

Family and youth services

Budget—community reaction

Taxation—change of use

Budget—goods and services tax


Public housing—Bega, Currong and Allawah flats




Disability services—kinship carers program


Active transport plan

Closing the gap on unmet legal need—the ACT Greens’ 5 point action plan


Neighbourhood Watch

Active transport


Lyneham high school

Canberra and Region Heritage Festival

Anzac Day

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Duties Amendment Bill 2010

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2010

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 (No 2)

Construction Occupations Legislation (Exemption Assessment)
Amendment Bill 2010

Estimates 2010-2011—Select Committee

Privileges—Select Committee

Education, Training and Youth Affairs—Standing Committee

Emergencies Amendment Bill 2010

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2010

Crimes (Sentence Administration) Amendment Bill 2010


Questions without notice:

Taxation—change of use

Planning—sustainable use of building materials

Budget—taxation levels

Health—promotion grants

Appropriation Bill 2010-2011

Standing order 156—advice (Statement by Speaker)

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee (Sixth Assembly)

Financial Management Act—instruments


Legal Affairs—Standing Committee


Planning and Development Act 2007—schedule of leases

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Women—equity of remuneration

Public Accounts—Standing Committee


ACT Planning and Land Authority—workplace injury

Ms Anna Landon

Ms Anna Landon

National walk safely to school day

Ms Anna Landon

Tamil referendum

Canberra Dragon Boat Association

Fusion second-hand clothing store

Catholic schools football

VISACT blind cricket

Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Emergencies Amendment Bill 2010

Answers to questions:

Public service—corporate credit cards (Question No 473 supplementary)

Environment—abandoned shopping trolleys (Question No 554)

Government—payment of invoices (Question No 593)

Government—payment of invoices (Question No 594)

Children—childcare centres (Question No 614)

Emergency Services Agency—sheds (Question No 621)

Legal Aid Office—staffing (Question No 622)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 625)

Environment—conservation measures (Question Nos 626, 629, 642,
643 and 644)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 627)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 628)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 632)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 634)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 637)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 638)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 639)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 640)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 641)

Environment—conservation measures (Question No 645)

Public service—staffing (Question No 647)

Public service—staffing (Question No 649)

Public service—staffing (Question No 660)

Public service—staffing (Question No 662)

Public service—staffing (Question No 663)

Government—committees and working groups (Question No 669)

Government—committees and working groups (Question No 670)

Government—information technology services (Question No 673)

Government—information technology services (Question No 674)

Government—grants programs (Question No 677)

Government—grants programs (Question No 678)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 681)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 682)

Government—regulatory impact statements (Question No 685)

Government—regulatory impact statements (Question No 687)

Government—advertising (Question No 689)

Government—advertising (Question No 690)

Government—advertising (Question No 691)

Government—training programs (Question No 693)

Government—training programs (Question No 694)

Capital works—projects (Question No 696)

Planning—Molonglo (Question No 697)

Planning—Deakin (Question No 698)

Akron—collapse (Question No 699)

Land—rent scheme (Question No 700)

Taxation—stamp duty (Question No 701)

Taxation—change of use charge (Question No 702)

Business—statistics (Question No 703)

Business—fake identifications (Question No 704)

Business—licences (Question No 705)

Roads—John Gorton Drive (Question No 706)

Housing—energy ratings (Question No 707)

Housing ACT—complaints (Question No 708)

Sport—government support (Question No 711)

Sport—grants (Question No 713)

Sport—programs (Question No 715)

National Multicultural festival—cost (Question No 716)

ACTION bus service—vehicles (Question No 718)

Planning—Nicholls (Question No 720)

Environment—street trees (Question No 721)

Environment—firewood (Question No 722)

Housing ACT—dwellings (Question No 724)

Courts—Sentence Administration Board (Question No 727)

Abengoa Solar (Question No 739)

Commonwealth government—employees (Question No 740)

Capital works—expenditure (Question No 741)

Government—motor vehicles (Question Nos 791, 792 and 793)

Disability services—individual support package program
(Question No 814)

Health—autism (Question No 815)

Disability services—unmet need (Question No 816)

Government—advisory bodies, statutory authorities and business
enterprises (Question No 818)

Education—Building the Education Revolution (BER)—projects
(Question No 819)

Government—websites (Question No 845)

Government—websites (Question No 846)

Government—websites (Question No 849)

Government—websites (Question No 852)

Government—websites (Question No 855)

Government—websites (Question No 856)

Government—websites (Question No 857)

Government—websites (Question No 859)

Government—websites (Question No 863)

Calvary Hospital and Clare Holland House (Question No 870)

Public service—staffing (Question No 872)

Business—grants (Question No 873)

Public service—staffing (Question No 875)

Emergency services—training (Question No 878)

Government—regional issues (Question No 884)

Roads—Limestone Avenue and London Circuit (Question No 885)

Roads—footpaths (Question No 886)

Planning—Molonglo (Question No 888)

Environment—noise pollution (Question No 891)

Education—Building the Education Revolution (BER)—costs
(Question No 892)

Planning—Molonglo (Question No 893)

Canberra Hospital—walk-in centre (Question No 895)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—needle and syringe program
(Question No 899)

Canberra Hospital—patients (Question No 900)

Hospitals—treatment interstate (Question No 904)

ACT Health—litigation costs (Question No 905)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—needle and syringe program
(Question No 906)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—rehabilitation programs
(Question No 908)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—population and costs (Question No 909)

Government—motor vehicles (Question No 914)

Government—costs (Question No 917)

Government—costs (Question No 920)

Government—grants programs (Question No 935)

Our City, Our Community brochure (Question No 940)

Roads—parking revenue (Question No 942)

Territory and Municipal Services, Department—accounts
(Question No 943)

Government—departmental costs (Question No 946)

Government—grants programs (Question No 959)

Government—costs (Question No 963)

Government—costs (Question No 964)

Government—regulatory impact statements (Question No 965)

Government—advertising (Question No 970)