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Tuesday, 5 April 2005


Death of His Holiness Pope John Paul II

Naval helicopter crash in Indonesia.

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2005

Questions without notice:

Health—insurance claims

Treasurers conference

Civic Square—redevelopment

Disability services—insurance claims

Crisis accommodation services


Sport and recreation—ovals

Sport and recreation—ovals

Crime—drink spiking


Seniors week

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Disability services


Executive contracts


Housing ACT—service delivery (Matter of public importance).

Appropriation Bill 2004-2005 (No 2)


Select Committee on Estimates—membership

Evatt primary school

Seniors Week

Seniors Week

Environment—salinity treatment

People with hearing impairment

World Transplant Games

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Crimes Amendment Bill 2005

Land (Planning and Environment) (Unit Developments) Amendment Bill 2005

Voluntary student unionism.

Questions without notice:

Mr Rob Tonkin

Health—insurance claims

Disability services

Cycle lanes

Hospital waiting lists

Hospitals—neonatal transfers

Guardian House—demolition

Calvary Hospital—elective surgery.

National Folk Festival—waste management

Disability services—insurance claims


Personal explanations

Voluntary student unionism.


Office of Fair Trading.


Health—radiation oncology

Youth Evolution Art

World rally championship



Statement in Legislative Assembly

Work and family balance

Vocational education and training

Children, youth and family support

Marist College

Thursday, 7 April 2005


Minister for Health and Minister for Planning (Motion of want of confidence)

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Crimes (Child Sex Offenders) Bill 2005

Crimes (Sentencing) Bill 2005

Human Rights Commission Bill 2005

Human Rights Commission Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Estimates 2005-2006—Select Committee

Health and Disability—Standing Committee

Questions without notice:

Mr Rob Tonkin

National Youth Week

Hospital waiting lists

Hospital waiting lists


Actew Managing Director—public comments





Vocational education and training

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Disability services


Privilege (Statement by Speaker)

Personal explanations

Auditor-General’s Report No 1 of 2005

Lifeline Canberra (Matter of public importance)

Estimates 2005-2006—Select Committee

Executive business—precedence

Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2005

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2005

Animal Diseases Bill 2005

Stock Bill 2005


Standing Committee on Estimates.

Greens’ staff

Ms Regan Field

Ms Stephanie Mikac

War Memorial ceremony

Kootara Well promotion

Ms Dianne Bradford

National Youth Week

Valley FM radio station

Seniors Week

Health—radiation oncology

Hospital waiting lists

Schedules of amendments

Schedule 1: Animal Diseases Bill 2005

Schedule 2: Stock Bill 2005

Answers to questions:

Public service—staff and services (Question No 72)

Public service—staff and services (Question No 80)

Birrigai (Question No 119)

Bushfires—recommendations (Question No 149)

Health—mental health (Question No 193)

Health—mental health (Question No 194)

Children—sexual assault (Question No 195)

Emergency services—communications (Question No 208)

Land—leases (Question No 215)

Housing—long term market renters (Question No 216)

Children—autism (Question No 218)

ACTION—dial-a-bus service (Question No 219)

Waste disposal—illegal dumping (Question No 220)

Crime—burnouts (Question No 222)

Motor vehicles—home garaged (Question No 225).

Motor vehicles—home garaged (Question No 226).

Motor vehicles—home garaged (Question No 227).

Motor vehicles—home garaged (Question No 228).

Motor vehicles—home garaged (Question No 230).

Motor vehicles—home garaged (Question No 231).

Motor vehicles—home garaged (Question No 232).

Motor vehicles—home garaged (Question No 234).

Bushfires—hazard reduction (Question No 235)

Bushfires—hazard reduction (Question No 236)

Bushfires—hazard reduction (Question No 237)

Children—abuse reports (Question No 240)

Roads—cycle lanes (Question No 241)

Development—Curtin (Question No 242)

Business—China delegation (Question No 244)

Drugs—diversion program (Question No 245)

Hospitals—inpatient facilities (Question No 246)

Roads—speeding fines (Question No 247)

Roads—speed limits (Question No 248)

Crime—drink spiking (Question No 250)

Policing—Tuggeranong (Question No 251)

Health—breast screening (Question No 252)

Education—indigenous scholarships (Question No 254)

Education—indigenous students (Question No 255)

Australian Technical College (Question No 256)

Education—school-based apprenticeships (Question No 257)

Children—foster carers (Question No 258).

Public service—consultants (Question No 260)

Public service—consultants (Question No 262)

Public service—consultants (Question No 263)

Public service—consultants (Question No 264)

Public service—consultants (Question No 265)

Public service—consultants (Question No 268)

Public service—consultants (Question No 269)

Public service—consultants (Question No 270)

Public service—consultants (Question No 271)

Public service—consultants (Question No 272)

Public service—consultants (Question No 275)

Hospitals—ambulance bypass (Question No 277)

Kangaroos—culling (Question No 278)

ACT Forests—use of herbicides (Question No 280)

Schools—bullying (Question No 281)

Schools—bullying (Question No 282)

Development—multi-units (Question No 284)

Bushfires—pine replanting (Question No 285)

Bushfires—pine replanting (Question No 286)

Social welfare—support services (Question No 287)

Community Housing Canberra (Question No 288)

Children—disabled (Question No 290)

Children—therapy (Question No 292)

Health—asbestos (Question No 293)

Environment and conservation—litter infringements (Question No 294)

Roads—Aikman Drive extension (Question No 295)

Waste disposal—illegal dumping (Question No 296)

Policing—calls (Question No 297).

Roads—Ginninderra Drive (Question No 298)

Business—China delegation (Question No 299)

Environment and conservation—weed control (Question No 300)

Environment and conservation—noise complaints (Question No 301)

Graffiti—complaints (Question No 302)

Roads—parking inspectors (Question No 303)

Roads—Tharwa Drive (Question No 306)

Rallying—complaints (Question No 309)

Emergency services—fire tankers (Question No 310)

Cycling—infringements (Question No 311)

Environment and conservation—watering of public spaces (Question No 313)

Transport—taxi licences (Question No 314)

Horse Farms—agistment agreement (Question No 315)

Housing—loan repayments (Question No 316)

Hospitals—overseas locum recruitment (Question No 317)

Women—action plan (Question No 320)

Housing ACT—staff (Question No 327)

Finance—act of grace payments (Question No 328)

Canberra Institute of Technology (Question No 334)

Nursing homes—disabled residents (Question No 336)

Children—autistic (Question No 337)

Housing—disputes (Question No 338)

National Multicultural Festival (Question No 339)

Freedom of information requests (Question No 340)

Ministerial councils (Question No 341)