Page 1659 - Week 05 - Thursday, 7 April 2005

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(1) In relation to Tharwa Drive between the roundabout at the junction of Drakeford Drive and Tharwa Drive, at least up to and including the junction with Box Hill Avenue at Banks, when will the ACT Government commit to this section of carriageway being upgraded from one lane each way, to two lanes each way, to cope not only with the increase in daily traffic due to growing development in the area, but in order to facilitate evacuation procedures in the event of a bushfire or other disaster;

(2) Will funding be set aside in the 2005-06 budget for this upgrade; if not, why not.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

(1) A feasibility study considering the options for and costs associated with an upgrade of Tharwa Drive from Drakeford Drive to Box Hill Avenue has been included in the draft 2005/06 Capital Works Program.

(2) While no funds will be set aside for construction of any upgrade work on Tharwa Drive in the 2005/06 budget, funding to undertake a feasibility study covering an upgrade of Tharwa Drive will be sought in the 2005/06 budget, subject to the normal budget considerations and approval by the ACT Legislative Assembly.

(Question No 309)

Mr Pratt asked the Minister for Urban Services, upon notice, on 16 March 2005:

(1) Have complaints been made to ACTPLA and DUS in relation to alleged highly disturbing, disruptive and extremely noisy activities undertaken by the Subaru Rally Team on a regular and ongoing basis at a residence in Kambah and the unacceptable and possibly illegal (breach of residential land use policy) activities; if so, what has been done by the ACT Government or its agencies to address the problem;

(2) Have the perpetrators of this activity been warned or fined; if so, when and what was the nature of the offence;

(3) Is this type of activity generally permitted in suburban residential areas, for example large numbers of cars, trucks and groups of people coming and going, testing of racing cars, maintaining a large scale racing car/motor workshop and the operation of such activities from early hours of the morning until late at night; if so, under what circumstances is this allowed and to what level of activity is this confined;

(4) Is it the case that the use of residential land for the purposes of carrying on a profession, trade, occupation or other activity must not cause any noticeable adverse impact on neighbours in the area; if so, why has ‘Team Subaru’ been allowed to carry on its disruptive activities in this area for a such long period of time without having to comply with these requirements despite the workshop being located only some two to three metres from a neighbour’s living room and despite being reported on several occasions to the relevant agencies;

(5) What action has been or will be taken by the ACT Government in relation to this matter to ensure that nearby residents are once again able to comfortably enjoy the peace and amenity of their residences.

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