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Tuesday, 21 October 2003


Platypus (Ngunnawal) shopping centre

ALDI supermarket

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Privileges—Select Committee

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Health—Standing Committee

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2003 (No 2)

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2003

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Coronial inquest—cabinet briefing

SmartStart for kids program

Elective surgery

Bushfires—hazard reduction

Bushfires—briefing for government

Cooleman Ridge—grazing

Bushfires—proposed interview of fire expert


Australian capital region industry plans


Personal explanation

Estimates 2003-2004 and Estimates 2003-2004 (No 2)—Select Committees

Executive contracts

Administrative arrangements


Subordinate legislation

Papers—out-of-order petitions

Financial Management Act—transfer of appropriations

Patient activity data

Occupational Health and Safety Act

Water (Matter of public importance)


Bushfires—hazard reduction

Hospital waiting lists

Hospital waiting lists

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Financial Management Amendment Bill 2003 (No 2)

Schedule 2: Financial Management Amendment Bill 2003 (No 2)

Schedule 3: Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2003

Schedule 4: Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2003

Wednesday, 22 October 2003

Unparliamentary language

Litter (Littering from Motor Vehicles) Amendment Bill 2003

Health and fitness

Responsible and accountable governance

Questions without notice:

Bushfires—coronial inquest

First home owners scheme

Parking levy

Bushfires—volunteer firefighters


Tertiary education—allocation of places

Car parking

Bushfires—hazard reduction

Bushfires—hazard reduction

Aged and disabled people

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Environmental flows

Cooleman Ridge—grazing


Employment conditions for casual workers

Gaming machines in the ACT

Bail (Serious Offences) Amendment Bill 2003


Homosexual couples—adoption rights

Ms Karin MacDonald—sick leave

Homosexual couples—adoption rights

Week without violence

Thursday, 23 October 2003


Platypus (Ngunnawal) shopping centre

Garran shopping centre

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2003 (No 2)

Australian Crime Commission (ACT) Bill 2003

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Amendment Bill 2003

Suspension of standing orders

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Children—mandatory abuse reporting

Public housing

Gold Creek Homestead

Police—levels of service

Canberra-Beijing sister city relationship

Road-to-wellness kits


Currong flats

Oakey Hill trees

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Australian capital region industry plan

Grant of a further rural lease

Pharmacies—establishment in supermarkets

Supplementary answer to question without notice:


Bill of Rights Consultative Committee


Gambling and Racing Commission—community contributions

Gambling and Racing Commission—gaming machines

Indoor air quality monitoring

Lease variations


Patient activity data

Grant of a further rural lease

Multicultural community (Matter of public importance)

Evidence (Miscellaneous Provisions) Amendment Bill 2003

Victims of Crime (Financial Assistance) Amendment Bill 2003


Multicultural Affairs

Skate park in Civic

Greens senators—protest

Trees in Nettlefold Street, Belconnen

National Women’s Media Centre

Occupational health and safety awards

Greens senators—protest

Rugby World Cup match

Canberra-Baghdad sister city relationship

Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Evidence (Miscellaneous Provisions) Amendment Bill 2003 ... 4072

Answers to questions:

Microsoft products (Question No 917)

Superannuation Provision Account (Question No 918)

Private equity investments (Question No 919)

Private equity investments—PTE agencies (Question No 920)

Charities Bill 2003 (Question No 921)

Child abuse and neglect (Question No 922)

Traffic control systems (Question No 923)

Waste storage (Question No 925)

Motor vehicles—wreck removals (Question No 926)

Water restrictions (Question No 927)

Streetlights—hours of use (Question No 929)

Disabled toilet facilities—clubs (Question No 930)

Brindabella Road—landslip risk (Question No 934)

Police response times (Question No 935)

WorkCover (Question No 937)

Childcare (Question No 939)

Custodial grandparents (Question No 940)

Housing—aged persons (Question No 941)

Police activities—public housing complexes (Question No 942)

Canberra Institute of Technology (Question No 943)

Dual occupancies (Question No 944)

Waterless toilets (Question No 947)

Land release (Question No 948)

ACTION bus services (Question No 949)

Emergency surgery (Question No 950)

Bushfire memorial (Question No 951)

Belconnen Remand Centre (Question No 952)

Patients outside the ACT—payments (Question No 953)

Botox injections (Question No 954)

Smoking—sports grounds (Question No 955)

Smoking—sports grounds (Question No 956)

Sharps hotline (Question No 957)

Health Promotion Unit (Question No 958)

Canberra hospitals—ambulance diversions (Question No 959)

Megalo Access Arts—relocation (Question No 960)

Glass centre (Question No 961)

Belconnen pool (Question No 962)

Police reports (Question No 963)

Student numbers (Question No 965)

School exercise programs (Question No 966)

Student numbers (Question No 967)

Housing—managers (Question No 968)

Childcare (Question No 969)

Speeding fines—refunds (Question No 973)

Schools—crime prevention (Question No 974)

Police numbers (Question No 975)

Provisional and learner drivers (Question No 979)

Teachers—stress leave (Question No 980)

Career Education Support Service (Question No 981)

School counsellors (Question No 982)

RecLINK program (Question No 983)

School libraries (Question No 984)

Child abuse and neglect (Question No 985)

Public service—stress leave (Question No 986)

Canberra Airport—maintenance hangar collapse (Question No 987)

Supreme Court—quarterly report (Question No 988)

Attorney-General’s portfolio—communications manager (Question No 991)

Canberra hospitals—syringe distribution (Question No 992)

Skate parks (Question No 994)

Consultants (Question No 996)

Consultants (Question No 999)

Consultants (Question No 1000)

Consultants (Question No 1008)

Consultants (Question No 1010)

Insurance—forests (Question No 1011)

CASA playgroup program—autism (Question No 1012)

Barbeques—installation (Question No 1013)

Housing—community rooms (Question No 1014)

Kingston—tenancy issues (Question No 1015)

Security screen doors (Question No 1016)

Legislative Assembly—committees (Question No 1023)