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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Water Resources (Validation of Fees) Bill 2008

Human Cloning and Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2007

Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2007

Gene Technology Amendment Bill 2007

Questions without notice:

Economy—business confidence

Transport—seniors card


Gungahlin Drive extension

Government—investment portfolios


Economy—business confidence


Australian Defence Force Academy

Education—early childhood schools framework


Cultural Facilities Corporation—quarterly report


Roads—drug testing (Ministerial statement)

Federal government—spending cuts (Matter of public importance)

Gene Technology Amendment Bill 2007


Mr Charlie Fletcher

Jewish food festival

Veterans community—wreath-laying ceremony

Environment—Switch to green expo

Business—predatory pricing

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 2: Human Cloning and Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2007

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Bill 2008

Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) (Random Drug Testing) Amendment

Bill 2008

Protection of Public Participation Bill 2008

Personal explanation

Youth Week

Questions without notice:

Australian Defence Force Academy

Balloon festival

ACTION bus service—social inclusion

Alcohol—binge drinking

Legislative Assembly Secretariat—submission to Remuneration Tribunal

Griffin legacy

Constitution Avenue—upgrade

ACTION bus service—Seniors Week

Public service—cuts

ACT public service—recruitment

Vocational education and training


Personal explanation

Older Canberrans (Matter of public importance)

Utilities (Network Facilities Tax) Repeal Bill 2008



Hon John Button

Utilities tax

2020 summit

Legislative Assembly—Liberal Party

Arthritis Awareness Week

Mr Bob Huddleston

Mr Bob Huddleston

Seniors Week

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Legislative Assembly Secretariat—submission to Remuneration Tribunal

Personal explanation

Petition: Planning—Fraser

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Bill 2008

Crimes (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Bill 2008

Firearms Amendment Bill 2008

Planning and Development Regulation SL2008-2

Legislative Assembly—ethics and integrity adviser

Standing orders—suspension

Estimates 2008-2009—Select Committee

Questions without notice:

World Youth Day

Balloon festival

Public housing—Fraser Court

Economy—interest rates

Health system

Public housing—prostitution

Olympic torch relay

Motor vehicles—theft

Insurance—motor vehicle accidents

Canberra Hospital—complaint processes

Tidbinbilla nature reserve

Indigenous education performance report


Personal explanation

Standing orders—suspension

Estimates 2008-2009—Select Committee

Standing orders—suspension

Question Time—imputation of improper motive

Water Resources (Validation of Fees) Bill 2008

Education, Training and Young People—Standing Committee

Estimates 2008-2009—Select Committee

Homelessness (Matter of public importance)


Public housing

Youth homelessness

Estimates 2008-2009—Select Committee

Estimates 2008-2009—Select Committee

Estimates 2008-2009—Select Committee

Youth homelessness

Baringa Child Care Centre

Special Olympics junior national games

Legislative Assembly—Liberal members

Answers to questions:

Environment—noise pollution (Question No 1821)

ACTION bus service—bus shelters (Question No 1828)

ACT Ambulance Service—subscription scheme (Question No 1835)

ACT Ambulance Service—vehicles (Question No 1840)

Hospitals—visiting medical officers (Question No 1844)

Housing ACT—managers (Question No 1849)

Finance—budget estimates (Question No 1851)

Taxis—Nightlink service (Question No 1852)

Bushfires—fire towers (Question No 1853)

Crime—assaults (Question No 1854)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1874)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1876)

Housing ACT—properties (Question No 1878)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1889)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1899)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1900)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1902)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1904)

Health—continence support (Question No 1905)

Housing ACT—aged persons (Question No 1906)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1910 )

Public service—procurement guidelines (Question No 1918)

Nolan Gallery (Question No 1919)

Transport—high speed rail (Question No 1920)

Prices—utilities (Question No 1923)

Alexander Maconochie Centre (Question No 1924)

Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd—sponsorships (Question No 1926)

Housing—Indigenous (Question No 1929)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—funding (Question No 1930)

Environment—weed control (Question No 1935)

Environment—photovoltaic arrays (Question No 1939)

Population—regional migration (Question No 1940)

Hospitals—overtime (Question No 1942)

Health—autism (Question No 1947)

Housing ACT—tenant debt (Question No 1950)

Housing—Fraser Court (Question No 1951)

Housing ACT—complaints management (Question No 1952)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1955)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1956)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1957)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1958)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1971)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1972)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1973)

Roads—animal carcases (Question No 1975)

Our City Our Community brochure (Question No 1976)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1977)

Public service—Indigenous employees (Question No 1978)

Development—approvals (Question No 1980)

Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre (Question No 1981)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1983)

Public service—focus groups (Question No 1984)

Public service—advertising (Question No 1985)

Public service—consulting services (Question No 1986)

Insurance—third party (Question No 1997)

Public service—websites (Question No 2013)

Public service—websites (Question No 2021)